After Being Spotted By The Vampire School Beauty, I Got Numb

After Being Spotted By The Vampire School Beauty, I Got Numb


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A Blade Of Grass Cuts Off The Sun, Moon And Stars
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[Funny + Upgrade + Sweet + Single Female Protagonist + Redemption + Daily Direction]

[Chapter 2 contains photos of the heroine]

Su Zhe, a sophomore student, is pursued by Lin Shiqing, the cool school belle.

I thought I was lucky, but I didn't expect that I suddenly awakened the system!

The system told Su Zhe an outrageous news - Lin Shiqing was actually a vampire.

And the reason why she chased Su Zhe was because she wanted to suck his blood!

Su Zhe was numb.

The next moment, things took a turn for the better.

[System release task]

[Being sucked by Lin Shiqing once, you can draw a lottery once, and all attributes will be +1]

[To prevent the host from being sucked dry, the host has been given the ability to rapidly regenerate blood]

Good guy, can you become stronger by being sucked?



My name is Lin Shiqing, and I am an Eastern vampire.

In order to complete my "coming of age ceremony", I selected a human being to take my first breath.

But when I was sucking blood, he actually looked like he was enjoying it, even a little bit... wishing for it?

What's even more incredible to me is that he didn't become weak from sucking blood, but instead became stronger.

He even started asking me to suck his blood.

After going back and forth a few times, I just couldn’t suck anymore!

(This book is also known as: "Support That Oriental Vampire to Death", "Online Dating Appears, and the Target Is Actually a Vampire School Beauty", "You Can Become Stronger by Being Sucked, I'm Invincible")

(The self-destruction system is only told to the heroine. If you can’t accept it, don’t enter!!!)

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