After Breaking Off Relations, I Awakened My SSS-Level Talent

After Breaking Off Relations, I Awakened My SSS-Level Talent


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[Invincible high martial arts + no forgiveness + decisive killing + starry sky race hegemony + passionate and extraordinary]

Against the background of Blue Star high martial arts, void cracks, and invasion of fierce beasts, Yang Ling was reborn and returned to the cold and bloodthirsty home he once was.

In the previous life, this family tortured me, the real young master, to death for an adopted son and fake young master.

In the last moment of my life, I was being PUA in various ways, trying to please these stupid and arrogant "family members". It was not until I died tragically that I really saw everything clearly!

So the first thing he did on the first day of his rebirth was to decisively sever ties with his "blind" and biased family members.

But he didn't expect that he would awaken his SSS god-level talent as soon as he left this suffocating and cold "home".

From then on, he opened his own invincible and powerful road step by step, killing through the entire high martial arts world.

Those who bullied me, insulted me, hurt me, and harmed me in the previous life will pay back with interest in this life! !

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Chapter 1 On The First Day Of Rebirth, I Chose To Sever Ties With My Biased And “Blind” Family!11 days agoChapter 2 Let Him Go, No One Cares About Him!11 days agoChapter 3 Rapid Improvement, Exciting!11 days agoChapter 4 Successfully Condensed The First Gold Battle Pattern!11 days agoChapter 5 Certified Warrior, Attracting Attention!11 days agoChapter 6 We Must Find Him And Bring Him Back!11 days agoChapter 7 Tianlongling, The Most Vicious Criminals!11 days agoChapter 8 Mysterious Holy Object, Quenching Elf Fire!11 days agoChapter 9 My Former Friend Is In Danger, Thunder Takes Action!11 days agoChapter 10 If I Can’T Stand You Anymore, I’Ll Slap You In The Face!11 days agoChapter 11 The Most Beautiful Girl In No. 18 Middle School, The Genius Su Huanxue!11 days agoChapter 12 Come And Question Me, Kneel Down And Break Your Hands, And I’Ll Let You Go Home!11 days agoChapter 13 Finally, Chen Ruomei, A Third-Rank Warrior, Is About To Take Action!11 days agoChapter 14 I Am Serious. No One Can Come Today!11 days agoChapter 15 This Strike Was Fatal!11 days agoChapter 16: Complete Break, Goodbye We Are Enemies!11 days agoChapter 17 The Road Ahead Is To Practice, Practice, And Practice Again!11 days agoChapter 18 Shuchuan Talent Training Camp11 days agoChapter 19 You Have Temporarily Left Yuanguang City Recently11 days agoChapter 20 Super Trusted Friend "Ice Phantom Snow Shadow"11 days agoChapter 21 Life Is Full Of Encounters11 days agoChapter 22 Warrior Forum, Searching For Relevant Information11 days agoChapter 23: Having Dinner Together, And Having A Tacit Understanding?11 days agoChapter 24 Su Huanxue Makes An Appointment To Travel Together11 days agoChapter 25 Chen Ruomei Is Relieved That Our Haoxuan Has Grown Up!11 days agoChapter 26: Shuchuan Mountains And Rivers List11 days agoChapter 27 Zhang Yunxi Is Such A Chatterbox11 days agoChapter 28 In This Life, I Must Be At The Front!11 days agoChapter 29: Reporting, Ranking First In The Preliminary Exam?11 days agoChapter 30: Absorb The Life Core Of Low-Level Fantasy Beasts And Condense Telekinetic Battle Patterns!11 days agoChapter 31 Tianjiao Girlfriend Yan Youchu? Someone Else Started To Perform!11 days agoChapter 32 What Does It Have To Do With You If I Discipline My Useless Brother?11 days agoChapter 33: The Battle Between The Psychics! A Complete Victory!11 days agoChapter 34 A Strange Feeling, Someone Is Watching Me!11 days agoChapter 35 The Master’S Aura Makes Your Blood Boil!11 days agoChapter 36 Stress Test, Elimination Begins!11 days agoChapter 37 At A Glance, The Test Difficulty Doubled!11 days agoChapter 38 Warriors Must Break Through Fear And Move Forward Courageously!11 days agoChapter 39: Surging Fighting Spirit And A Stronger Heart!11 days agoChapter 40 Simulated Spacetime, Void Crack On Liuguang Island11 days agoChapter 41 Taking The Lead, Immersed In The Storm!11 days agoChapter 42: Charge Ahead, But Someone Behind Is Trying To Ambush You?11 days agoChapter 43 A Tall And Burly Young Man Over Two Meters Tall, Luo Yongheng!11 days agoChapter 44 Rushing Directly Into The Crack, This Is Too Powerful!11 days agoChapter 45: In The Void Crack, There Is A Lot Of Killing!11 days agoChapter 46 He Alone Raised The Difficulty Of The Entire Assessment!11 days agoChapter 47: Earth-Based Saint-Level Kung Fu, The Heaven-Supporting Technique!11 days agoChapter 48 Finally They Reacted, And Everyone Who Rushed In Was Stunned!11 days agoChapter 49 Facing A Group Of Third-Order Ferocious Beasts, The Pressure Is Indeed Much Greater!11 days agoChapter 50: One Punch, Smashing The Third-Level Beast Directly!11 days ago