Akainu: This Recruit Is Very Capable, And He Is Really Helpful When Something Happens!

Akainu: This Recruit Is Very Capable, And He Is Really Helpful When Something Happens!


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Travel through the world of pirates, become a Marine recruit Lai Mu, and bind the [Attention] system.

At this time, Sengoku led his men to track down the Golden Lion.

Golden Lion Shiki displays the Lion Fruit ability, making all the marines tremble, and taunts Sengoku's unscrupulous generals.

Sengoku looked ugly.

In response to this situation, Lai Mu gave it a try and took the initiative to board the bow: "Golden Lion, Sengoku Admiral is talking to you? Why are you pretending to be stupid??"

Everyone was stunned.

They all sighed, this recruit is so capable, he will really come to you if something happens!

【Ding! You gain the attention of the Golden Lion and are rewarded with gravity fruits! 】

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001: Start As A Marine And Encounter An Emergency!7 months ago002: The Golden Lion Acquires Two Famous Swords For The First Time!7 months ago003: Golden Lion, Sengoku Admiral Is Talking To You!7 months ago004: Golden Lion Click To Follow! Start The Lottery! [Please Give Me Flowers And Monthly Tickets]7 months ago005: Get The Gravity Fruit! Golden Lion Takes Action!7 months ago006: Fierce Battle! Golden Lion Pays Attention To Lai Mu Again!7 months ago007: At This Moment, Attention That Can Warn Of Danger!7 months ago008: Lai Mu Is On Golden Lion’S Must-Kill List!7 months ago009: The Famous Scene Reappears, The Volcano Of Akainu Erupts!7 months ago010: Akainu Gives A Knife, Golden Lion Breaks Defense7 months ago011: Four Major Fruits, Golden Lion Runs Away!7 months ago012: Set Off And Log Into Marineford!7 months ago013: The Person Testing Lai Mu Is Momousagi!7 months ago014: It Turns Out That We Are Neighbors!7 months ago015: Play With Knives In The Room!7 months ago016: Finally Became A Swordsman! Confused Tea Dolphin!7 months ago017: All Marine Attention, Zephyr's Test!7 months ago018: Battle Zephyr! The Attention Started To Explode!7 months ago019: Observation Haki Is Revealed, Everyone Is Shocked!7 months ago020: Kong, Marshal Marine’S Attention!7 months ago021: Tea Dolphin’S Suggestion, Lai Mu’S Unparalleled Power Sword!7 months ago022: The Battle Is Over, Whitebeard’S Attention Is Received!7 months ago023: Golden Lion’S Invitation To Conquer The Entire Sea!7 months ago024: Whitebeard's Treasure! Auntie Is Ecstatic!7 months ago025: Lai Mu Attracts World Attention!7 months ago026: Lai Muvs Tea Dolphin, Sora Personally Watched The Battle!7 months ago027: Momousagi Thinks Lai Mu Can Handle It! Diamond Draw!7 months ago028: Ultimate! Luxurious Reward Options!7 months ago029: Collect Rewards And The Potential Test Begins!7 months ago030: Everyone Has Their Own Plans For Golden Lion!7 months ago031: The Form Of The Ancient Species Of Terrorjaw Pig! News From Roger!7 months ago032: Kong’S Summons, Lai Mu’S Justice!7 months ago033: Position Confirmed! Aokiji Encounters The Roger Pirates!7 months ago034: I Want To Go To The Battlefield! Akainu Wants To Join Forces!7 months ago035: Arriving At New World, Aokiji Is Seriously Injured!7 months ago036: Sengoku’S Rage! Aokiji Broke His Leg!7 months ago037: Final Conclusion, Because Of The Historical Text!7 months ago038: The Surging Art Wall!7 months ago039: After Obtaining The Historical Text, Roger Is Unable To Fly!7 months ago040: Communication Meteorite, Roger Pirates Are Surrounded!7 months ago041: The Naval Battle Of At Wall! Dorag Is Coming!7 months ago042: Signs Of The Destruction Of The Sky Pirates!7 months ago043: Target Confirmed, All Troops Attack!7 months ago044: Golden Lion Defeated! Meteor Falls From The Sky!7 months ago045: Golden Lion’S Ticket Is Lai Mu’S Life!7 months ago046: Diamond Reward Kamui! The Air Fleet Will Be Sunk Forever!7 months ago047: Kamui! Are You Captain Rocks? !7 months ago048: Golden Lion's Failure! Imprisonment In Kamui Space!7 months ago049: Return, Roger’S Plan!7 months ago050: Word Of Golden Lion's Defeat Spread Across The Sea, Admiral Waiting List!7 months ago051: Lai Mu's Video Plays! Marineford Explodes!7 months ago052: Shock Marineford! Lai Mu's Reputation Soars!7 months ago053: The Ultimate Reward! Top Shanghai! A Pirate Ship Suddenly Surfaced!7 months ago054: Zephyr Takes Action To Snipe Lai Mu! Assist Lai Mu To Become Admiral!7 months ago055: Great Swordsman Slashes! A Knife That Can Sink The Sea!7 months ago056: Breaking News! Lai Mu Is Famous In The Sea!7 months ago057: A News About Joey Boy!7 months ago058: Secret! Marine Can't Tolerate You, That's What I Said!7 months ago059: Give You A Small Warship And Catch Up To Momousagi! Garp Lost!7 months ago060: Sorry, Momonosuke, I’M Afraid You Can’T Be Born!7 months ago061: Encounter With Beasts Pirates! Everyone Is Ready To Fight!7 months ago062: Jack, Your Bounty Has Grown To Ivory?7 months ago063: Got Married In The Cabin? Actually I Come From 800 Years Ago!7 months ago064: A Wonderful Night Begins!7 months ago065: It’S Hard For Me. Which One Of You Is Going To The Right Or Left?7 months ago066: Wanokuni, Kozuki Oden!7 months ago067: Lai Mu Needs To Be A Little More Serious!7 months ago068: The Person Holding Yama Is The One Who Predicts The Emperor!7 months ago069: Sengoku: Doesn’T Lai Mu Know That Sex Is A Steel Knife For Cutting Meat?7 months ago070: Gravity Fruit Awakens? Gravity Knife Hell's Gate!7 months ago071: This Umbrella Is A Good Color, Very Green!7 months ago072: Kaido: What Did You Say? Oden Lost?7 months ago073: Obtain RyūJin Jakka And Head To The Amazuki Family!7 months ago074: Eight Trigrams Thunder Vs RyūJin Jakka!7 months ago075: Everything In The Forest Is Reduced To Ashes, And The Flying Dragon Is Killed In One Rage!7 months ago076: Kill The Flying Dragon And Become The Wanokuni Sword God!7 months ago077: Send Kaido To Meet The Golden Lion! Received Invitation From Whitebeard's Son!7 months ago078: He Is Exactly The Same As Captain Rocks!7 months ago079: Oden Recognized Lai Mu As His Eldest Brother And Apologized To His Sister-In-Law Tianyue?7 months ago080: In Front Of Gion, Look At The Sky And The Moon To See If Your Kung Fu Has Improved!7 months ago081: Tentsuki Teaches Me Personally, And Gion Moves On His Own!7 months ago082: You’Re Not Dead Just Because I’M Lazy! Ancient Weapon Key!7 months ago083: Kaido: Sorry, Captain, I Do Too.7 months ago084: News Exposed Lai Mu’S Evil Deeds, The Headquarters Was In Chaos, Five Elders Called!7 months ago085: Things Have Reached An Irreconcilable Point!7 months ago086: Log In To The Whitebeard Pirate Ship, Conqueror's Most Powerful Fly Swatter!7 months ago087: Collision Between Top Fruits! Break The Sky With One Punch!7 months ago088: Invincibility Grows On Their Faces! Conqueror's Entanglement!7 months ago089: People Are Reminded Of The Fear Of The Battle Of Atvor Again!7 months ago090: Boy! Vigor! Actually Summoned A New Island!7 months ago091: Yamato Is Looking For His Father, And Lai Mu Wants To Help Kaido Raise His Daughter?7 months ago092: Return To Marineford! I Seem To Hear You Calling Me Captain?7 months ago093: The Brain Flower Looks Like Devil Fruit! Surprise Attack On Bullet!7 months ago094: The Pursuit Of The Devil’S Descendants!7 months ago095: I Don’T Like To Fight In My Life, But I Like To Resolve Fights!7 months ago096: This Is Gatling! Bullet's Tragic Experience!7 months ago097: If You Can’T Beat Bullet, Join In! Lai Mu Was Recruited By Five Elders!7 months ago098: That’S Why We Want Him To Express His Attitude!7 months ago099: Five Elders' Proposal!7 months ago100: Release The Golden Lion In Front Of The Five Elders7 months ago