All People Change Their Jobs: I Can Enslave Everything

All People Change Their Jobs: I Can Enslave Everything


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The game is here, and humans enter the era of job transfer for all.

Su Wu traveled to a parallel world and became a slave master at the age of 18.

Awakened SSSSS-level dual talents.

Obtained super slavery skills.

Enslaved the nine-tailed god Ahri on the spot.

From then on.

All bosses, professionals, and NPCs targeted by him were enslaved.

The previous second was still a desperate god.

The next second, they were already crawling at his feet.

Respectfully and gently said: "My Lord!"


Demon Lord: "Why! I became your slave as soon as I came out? Isn't this blood sacrifice in vain?"

Invincible Bone King: "Nani! I... have... a master?"

Elf Queen: "Great Lord! Your maid prepared some desserts for you!"

Ancient Heroic Queen: "Master! The enemy has been slaughtered by our army!"

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Chapter One: Hidden One, The Enslaver Enslaves Everything!13 days agoChapter 2: Enslavement And Transfer Of Divine Envoys! Invincible Nine-Tailed Fox!13 days agoChapter 3: Enslave The Ghouls! Exclusive Drop!13 days agoChapter 4: Tomb Corpse Demon! First Upgrade!13 days agoChapter 5: Hellfire Hound! Demon Summoning Array!13 days agoChapter 6: Demon Queen Morgana! Who Am I And Where Am I?13 days agoChapter 7: The Invaded Novice Copy! Upgraded To The Blood Test!13 days agoChapter 8: Big Upgrade Of Monster Legion! Alternative Way To Gain High Experience Points!13 days agoChapter 9: Quickly Reach Level 5! Can You Also Farm?13 days agoChapter 10 Emergency Mobilization! The Hunt Begins!13 days agoChapter 11: Enslave The Enemy Leader! The Only Orange Item!13 days agoChapter 12: Waste Disposal Methods! The Savior Is Su Wu!13 days agoChapter 13: An Extremely Rich Harvest! Sssss-Level Highest Evaluation!13 days agoChapter 14: Hero's Medal! A Reward That Money Can't Buy!13 days agoChapter 15 Recruitment Of The Empire Special Talent Service Center! Secret Reward!13 days agoChapter 16: Resurrection Talent And Transposition! Imperial Exchange!13 days agoChapter 17: Earn 1.9 Billion Gold Coins! Qizai Gourd Seeds And Azure Rice!13 days agoChapter 18: Continuous Upgrades! Massive Experience!13 days agoChapter 19: Ahri Upgrades! Enslaves The Goblin Chieftain!13 days agoChapter 20 Ahri Upgrades! The Fangs Of The Orange Armor Goblin!13 days agoChapter 21 Brother Wu! We Listen To You!13 days agoChapter 22: Hell Difficulty! Gourd Seeds Sprouted!13 days agoChapter 23 Goblin King Gobmei! Devouring Evolution!13 days agoChapter 24: Pepper-Scented Necklace! Sacrifice Gobmei's Breeding Garden!13 days agoChapter 25: Crazy Idea! No Chopsticks Allowed Unless Su Wu Comes!13 days agoChapter 26: Improving The Level Of Slavery! Electric Mage And Soul Mage!13 days agoChapter 27 Everything Is Ready! Su Wu's Experience Pack!13 days agoChapter 28: The Empire's Fury! The Trial Begins!13 days agoChapter 29: Raid On Mizutani Base! Witch Sakai Mizuko!13 days agoChapter 30 Gobmei Evolves! The Temple Of Slavery And Job Transformation!13 days agoChapter 31: Speed ​​War! Emergency Rescue!13 days agoChapter 32 Emergency Destruction Procedure! Magnitude 8 Earthquake!13 days agoChapter 33: Returning Triumphantly! Su Wu Has Become A Hot Commodity!13 days agoChapter 34 Skill Growth And Talent Gain! Qiankun Network!13 days agoChapter 35: Will You Accept The Small Job Transfer Temple? Quickly Advance To Level 30!13 days agoChapter 36: Exclusive Promotion Strategy For The Only Hidden Profession!13 days agoChapter 37: The Maximum Number Of Consecutive Clears Of A Dungeon! Added To The Dungeon Blacklist!13 days agoChapter 38: Thundering Valley! Judgment Of Justice!13 days agoChapter 39: The Battle Situation Reversed In An Instant! Enslaving The Dajiang Guild!13 days agoChapter 40: Enslave The Minotaur Lord! Build A Minotaur Warrior Legion!13 days agoChapter 41: Waving Flags And Shouting! All Parties Are Taking Action!13 days agoChapter 42: Imprisonment Of Light! Fighting Spirit Overwhelms The Entire Venue!13 days agoChapter 43: My Dear! Please Spare His Life!13 days agoChapter 44: The Promise Of The God Of War Of Shenxia! An Alternative Way To Become Invincible!13 days agoChapter 45: Having A Son Like This! I Have No Regrets In Death!13 days agoChapter 46 The Limit Of Experience Value! The Third Job Feature!13 days agoChapter 47: Heading To The Moon! Upside-Down Space13 days agoChapter 48: The Trial Begins! The Goblin Queen's Army Attacks!13 days agoChapter 49: World-Class Boss Blazing Evil Fox!13 days agoChapter 50: Enslaving The Evil Fox, The Fire Spirit's Nest And The Volcanic Eruption!13 days agoChapter 51 Rewards 100,000 Attribute Points! Breaking The Historical Record!13 days agoChapter 52: Iron Pig Of The Iron Wall! Stormy Tiger King13 days agoChapter 53: A New High! Rules Of Choice!13 days agoChapter 54: Skill Synthesis! The Third Guarding Area!13 days agoChapter 55: The Third Guarding Giant Fortress Hal! Methods To Defeat The Enemy!13 days agoChapter 56: The Third Hidden Mission! Upgrade Your Talent!13 days agoChapter 57 Horrible Hal! Never Allow Su Wu To Live!13 days agoChapter 58: Stupid To The Extreme! The Second Level Begins!13 days agoChapter 59: The Greatest Humiliation To The People Of Shenxia! The Evil God Servant!13 days agoChapter 60: Invincible! Enslaving All!13 days agoChapter 61: Shocking Changes! The Blue Star Professionals Joint Committee Is In A Panic!13 days agoChapter 62: The Bloodthirsty Scarab! Escape With All Your Might!13 days agoChapter 63: The Last Step! Talent Upgrade!13 days agoChapter 64: Longevity Pills! Six Paths For Students In The Academy!13 days agoChapter 65: Return In Triumph! Super Reward!13 days agoChapter 66 Wu Qiqi! Sky Bow 2 Fertilizer Making Apparatus13 days agoChapter 67: 60 Years Old But 18 Years Old In Mentality! Communication Talent!13 days agoChapter 68: Adding Lucky Anchovies! Second Job Change!13 days agoChapter 69: Occupational Exclusive! Life Enslaver13 days agoChapter 70: The Dean Of Jiuyou College Of Shenxia Academy! Three Assessment Tasks!13 days agoChapter 71: Trial Of Life! Capture Disaster Skills!13 days agoChapter 72: The Core Of Alienation! The Limit-Breaking Well!13 days agoChapter 73: Homecoming! Reporting From The Academy!13 days agoChapter 74: Directional Teleportation! The Big Fish Emerges From The Water!13 days agoChapter 75: Level 50 Disaster Spirit! Chaos Begins!13 days agoChapter 76: A 920-Magnitude Earthquake? Everything Was Gone In Less Than A Second!13 days agoChapter 77: The Destroyer's Title! Wu Hou's Cup Is Broken!13 days agoChapter 78: How To Enslave The Copy! You Have An Exclusive Task!13 days agoChapter 79: Killing Yorick With The Azure Ice Axe! The Dark Blue Destruction!13 days agoChapter 80: The Fighting Arena Of The Knights Of The Round Table! Do You Really Think I'm Made Of Clay?13 days agoChapter 81: Attack And Defense Changed In An Instant! Death Is Frustrating!13 days agoChapter 82: Upgrade Your Talent! Baron Title!13 days agoChapter 83: Anubis's Styx! Sssss-Level Refining Materials!13 days agoChapter 84: Enslaving The Blind Horus! Upgrade! Upgrade!13 days agoChapter 85: Morgana's New Life! Upgraded Talents!13 days agoChapter 86: Shenxia Academy's Apology! Just Tell Me How Many Levels You Want Me To Reach!13 days agoChapter 87: My Destiny Flying Sword Taotie! Tens Of Millions Of Attribute Points!13 days agoChapter 88: Crush The Eye Of Horus! Save The Lady Of Thorns!13 days agoChapter 89: Missiles All Over The Screen! The Illusory Army Of The Golden Ogre!13 days agoChapter 90: Inissa's Two-Dimensional Cage! The Final Boss: Yu Nie Barbie!13 days agoChapter 91: I Beat My Son And Now I Am Here! Scare Away The Mysterious Playboy!13 days agoChapter 92: The Location Of The Golden Hall! The Poison Of Sin Breaks Out!13 days agoChapter 93: A Lot Of Gains! The Principal Has No Rights!13 days agoChapter 94: Looking For The Owner Of The Supreme Grocery Store! Go To The Trial Site.13 days agoChapter 95: Catram Temple! The Light In You Is Comparable To The Sun!13 days agoChapter 96 How Can Light And Evil Be In League With Each Other! Take You To Level Up!13 days agoChapter 97: Klee Went From Being Arrogant To Crying! What Happened?13 days agoChapter 98: Upgrading! Let's Start Installing It!13 days agoChapter 99: No Matter What! Great Pirate Cartram Roars To The Sky!13 days agoChapter 100: Offering From Pirates! Light Takes Action!13 days ago