American Comics: Behind The Scenes, Black Widow Is Broken

American Comics: Behind The Scenes, Black Widow Is Broken


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Yuanshen Meiman Daqin
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People in Marvel, open the behind-the-scenes black hand system!

As long as you plan various events behind the scenes, harvest the emotional value of others, and draw rewards from the heavens and the world!

Novice draws one shot in a row ten times into the soul!

Lin Fan: "Supernatural beasts? Armored warriors? This is the rhythm of the light and shadow war!"

Just when Iron Man was attacked by the whip!

Lin Fan released the supernatural beast to get in, and then sent Feng Hawkman backhand to contain the supernatural beast, shocking the audience!

Since then, an organization named Shadow World and ERP was born!

The Marvel plot is completely messed up!

Iron Man: "Magneto? Control metal? I'm a fucking idiot!"

Hulk: "Demon Bogang? Are you GG or MM?"

Natasha Romanoff: "Whoa, it's going to be fucked!"

Thanos: "Saiyan? Isn't it just a monkey! Poof...vomit blood and fall to the ground.jpg"


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1: People Are In Marvel, The Behind-The-Scenes System!6 months ago2: The Villain Died Of Talking Too Much! Supernatural Beast!6 months ago3: Black Rhino Armor Fit! Congratulations To The King!6 months ago4: The Cave Is Transformed Into A Dream, A Long Dream! Break!6 months ago5: Good Fight, Don't Fight Next Time!6 months ago6: Stud Draw Card! This Is A Big Gamble!6 months ago7: One Shot Into The Soul! What The f**k, The Golden Legend?6 months ago8: Come Cheat, Come Sneak Attack! Don't Talk About Wude!6 months ago9: Iron Manvs Daolong! Dark Killer!6 months ago10: Hydra Hail! Tony's Mentality Is Broken!6 months ago11: Zen Seal! So Scary!6 months ago12: Armor Warrior! You Call This An Ordinary Person?6 months ago13: Tony, Tony, I'm Your Daddy...6 months ago14: Shock Brought By Any Door!6 months ago15: Perspective Ability? Then I'm Not Sleepy Anymore!6 months ago16: Don't Ask, Just Pick It Up!6 months ago17: No Initiative, No Rejection, No Responsibility!6 months ago18: Obaday Breaks Out! Tony's Rage!6 months ago19: Diamond Level Lucky Draw! One Shot Into The Soul!6 months ago20: Green Lantern Ring? It's Not Green!6 months ago21: The Hammer Falling From The Sky!6 months ago22: Pierce, Do You Remember Hydra?6 months ago23: You Have Something Of Me Inside You!6 months ago24: What's Wrong With Being A Dog? Woof Woof!6 months ago25: It's Just The Master's Task!6 months ago26: You Call This A Human Being? Thor Is Stupid!6 months ago27: That's All For Thor? I Think It's The Hammer God!6 months ago28: Satellite Transmission? Isn't This Bifrost!6 months ago29: Yanlong Xia Xinnan! Successor To The Emperor!6 months ago30: Shocked! Thor's Unspeakable Secret!6 months ago31: Thirty Years In Hedong, Thirty Years In Hexi!6 months ago32: Beat Thor! The Name Of The Erp Emperor!6 months ago33: Bah! You Are A Glutton!6 months ago34: Fbi! Open The Door!6 months ago35: Thor Is Not Immune To Lightning? Laughing!6 months ago36: Are You Thor? I Return God King Odin!6 months ago37: The Water Is Deep! Dddd!6 months ago38: I Don't Want You To Think, I Want Me To Think!6 months ago39: Children Only Make Choices, Adults Want Them All!6 months ago40: The Joker Is Myself! Phil Coulsonemo!6 months ago41: Did You Do It On Purpose, Or By Accident?6 months ago42: Shocked To Hear About Level God Father! RagnaröK!6 months ago43: Daddy Loves Me Again? Loki's Mentality Is Broken!6 months ago44: Old Driver, Take Me! Look Wet!6 months ago45: One Call From The Top, One Hundred Thousand Soldiers Respond!6 months ago46: The Director Of The Stewed Egg Is Dumbfounded! Destroy It!6 months ago47: Dragon Beast! Create An Army Of Supernatural Beasts!6 months ago48: If You Don't Bring Employees, You Can Only Work Until You Die!6 months ago49: Give It A Go, Turn A Bicycle Into A Motorcycle!6 months ago50: Loki's Backstab! It Hurts, It Hurts!6 months ago51: The Fall Of The God King? Crashed Thor!6 months ago52: Thor, You Don't Want Your Mother To Be Sad, Do You?6 months ago53: The Holy Lord Is Making A Comeback? Destroy It!6 months ago54: Anti-Necromancer Armor? Tonyemo's Gone!6 months ago55: Women Only Affect The Speed Of Cultivation!6 months ago56: Shura Armor! Bei Miao Was Moved And Cried!6 months ago57: I'll Be Fast, Bear With Me!6 months ago58: Green Lantern Ring Vs God King Odin!6 months ago59: Py Deal With Loki! Ice Treasure Chest!6 months ago60: The Threat From The Shadowlands! Dongshan Visits!6 months ago61: Tony People Are Stupid! Please Meet Lin Fan!6 months ago62: Barbie Q! Ancient One Magician Is At Your Door!6 months ago63: Talk To Ancient One! This Is Another Price!6 months ago64: Make Me A Little Brother? Tony: Need To Pay More!6 months ago65: Demon Lord Armed Form! Raise The Gun And Shoot!6 months ago66: Emperor Armor? I Report Him Cheating!6 months ago67: Ice And Fire Two Heavens! Become Shura!6 months ago68: Loki: The Joker Is Myself?6 months ago69: The Destroyer Strikes! The End Of The Emperor!6 months ago70: Xinan's Emperor Yan Form! Odin Visiting?6 months ago71: Lin Fan Appears! Talk To God King Odin!6 months ago72: Odin Breaks The Defense! Your Heart Is So Dark!6 months ago73: The Battle Of New York Begins! Silver Super!6 months ago74: Nick Fury's Solicitation? Climb For Grandpa!6 months ago75: Attacking Iron Man! I Want To Hit Ten!6 months ago76: Stop Pretending, I'm Showing My Cards!6 months ago77: Backup Hidden Energy, Start!6 months ago78: Control Metal? Tony's Mentality Is Broken!6 months ago79: The Hulk Is So Big, Natasha Romanoff Can't Fit It!6 months ago80: Molesting Meizhen! Captain America's Ass!6 months ago81: The Five Elements Unify, The Emperor Comes!6 months ago82: Sir, Times Have Changed!6 months ago83: The Water In This Matter Is Too Deep, You Can’T Control It!6 months ago84: Whitewash Is Three Points Weaker, Blacken Is Three Times Stronger!6 months ago85: Are There Still Masters On Earth? Thanos Is Stupid!6 months ago86: The Emperor Of Destruction Is Born! The Ancient One Is Visiting!6 months ago87: Thanos Is Coming? The Timeline Is Messed Up!6 months ago88: Py Deal With Ancient One Magician!6 months ago89: Tony: Joker Is Me?6 months ago90: Wakanda Forever! Thai Pants Are Hot!6 months ago91: What Does Catching Iron Man Have To Do With Me, Tony?6 months ago92: Ancient One: Those Who Play Tactics Are Dirty!6 months ago93: Doctor Strangeemo!6 months ago94: Flesh And Blood Suffer, Machinery Soars!6 months ago95: Pua Ancient One Magician! Master Lin Is Online!6 months ago96: You Like Biting, Right? Bite Mine!6 months ago97: It’S Small, But Also Very Cute!6 months ago98: The Boss Wants To See Me? Tony Is Ecstatic!6 months ago99: Nephew, I Am Your Godfather!6 months ago100: Isn’T It Bad To Be A Dog? Woof Woof Woof~6 months ago