American Comics: Behind The Scenes, Natasha Romanoff Was Screwed

American Comics: Behind The Scenes, Natasha Romanoff Was Screwed


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Lin Fan travels through the Marvel world and begins Awakening the god-level behind-the-scenes system!

As long as you do things, you can harvest emotional points!

Start: Lin Fan plans a strange invasion!

When Cthulhu comes to Marvel, Tony Stark's mentality explodes, and S.H.I.E.L.D collapses!

Natasha Romanoff is screwed!

After that, Lin Fan established a foundation to house Cthulhu, wholesale Infinite Gems... and planned a series of events!


Natasha Romanoff: The power you left in me is about to overflow!

Tony Stark: Believe in the Foundation and get eternal life!

Thanos: Infinite Gems Wholesale? Can you even talk about weight? My damn person is stupid!

Celestial Clan: Don’t come over!

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1: People In Marvel, God-Level Behind-The-Scenes System!6 months ago2: Cthulhu Is Coming! Weird Invasion!6 months ago3: Natasha Romanoff Is Screwed!6 months ago4: Tony Stark’S Nightmare!6 months ago5: Kill! The Ancestor Of Vampires!6 months ago6: Twilight! Girl Bella!6 months ago7: Natasha Romanoff Is Dumbfounded! Am I Unclean?6 months ago8: About The Idea Of ​​The Foundation!6 months ago9: Dead City! The Avengers Alliance Is Being Driven Crazy!6 months ago10: Death Sacrifice, Welcome To My God!6 months ago11: Bella Blacken! The Foundation Is Coming!6 months ago12: Young Man, Do You Believe In Light?6 months ago13: Warning From The Foundation!6 months ago14: Kill Everyone In One Instant! Shocking The Avengers Alliance!6 months ago15: Request From Captain America!6 months ago16: Exposing Cthulhu! Avengers Alliance Collapses!6 months ago17: Hydra! Scarlet Witch Is Born!6 months ago18: Natasha Romanoff Is Infected?6 months ago19: Backlash From Cthulhu!6 months ago20: Plan The Keel! Bronze Door!6 months ago21: Panku Treasure Box! The Hand Is Coming!6 months ago22: Dragon Bone Cultivation Method! Become A God Immediately!6 months ago23: Create Emperor Man! Come To The Starry Sky!6 months ago24: Nick Fury’S Ambitions? Seek Death!6 months ago25: The Evil God Heikong! Devour Infinitely!6 months ago26: Humanoid Weapons! Ancient Lost Civilization!6 months ago27: Eight Demons! Iron Man's Nightmare!6 months ago28: Self-Destruction Attack! Tony Is Angry!6 months ago29: Killian’S Plan!6 months ago30: Provocation From Mandarin!6 months ago31: Tony Disappears Again!6 months ago32: Iron Manvs Desperate Warriors!6 months ago33: Tony Blacken! Cthulhu Infection!6 months ago34: Avengers, Come!6 months ago35: Hulk Was Beaten? Stunned Avengers Alliance!6 months ago36: Shocked To Hear About The Evil God! Killian Is Demonized!6 months ago37: Ants, How Dare You Overstep Your Bounds?6 months ago38: Mandarin Was Dumbfounded! There Are Experts Too!6 months ago39: Those Are The Ten Commandments? Mandarin's Heart Is Broken!6 months ago40: Mutant Number Five! Fierce Fighting!6 months ago41: Infection! The Power Of The Evil God!6 months ago42: Thor Thor Is Coming!6 months ago43: Mandarin Falls! Level Sub-God Father?6 months ago44: Ancient One Magician Is Stupid!6 months ago45: Exposed! Thor's Question!6 months ago46: I Am Very Fast, Please Bear With Me!6 months ago47: The Emperor Of Heaven! Expose The Foundation!6 months ago48: Human Beings Cursed By Knowledge!6 months ago49: I Am The Foundation’S Dog!6 months ago50: Panku Treasure Box! Eight Demons!6 months ago51: Kunlun! The Immortal Dragon!6 months ago52: The Evil God Heikong! Human Weapon!6 months ago53: Cursed Blue Is Coming! Surrender, Or Die?6 months ago54: Ancient One Magician Is In A Hurry! She Is Anxious!6 months ago55: Tai Particles! Odin People Are Stupid!6 months ago56: Darkness Is Coming? Tony Is Numb!6 months ago57: Foundation A-Level Member! Emperor!6 months ago58: The Eight Demons Are Coming! End!6 months ago59: Cut Off Scarlet Witch!6 months ago60: Instant Kill! Twelve Zodiac Signs!6 months ago61: Promotion, Level God Father!6 months ago62: The Devil Of The Mountain, Bo Gang!6 months ago63: Infinite Devour! Wakanda Is Desperate!6 months ago64: Avengers, Assemble!6 months ago65: Middle-Earth, Your King Is Back!6 months ago66: The Timeline Is Messed Up? Ancient One Was Dumbfounded!6 months ago67: Heavenly Armor, Combined!6 months ago68: Avengers Alliance Is In Despair! The Foundation Takes Action!6 months ago69: Instant Kill! Got The Cosmic Spirit Ball!6 months ago70: Mortal Body, Comparable To Gods!6 months ago71: Odin People Are Stupid! Are There Any Experts?6 months ago72: Ancient One Magician Is In A Hurry! She Is Anxious!6 months ago73: Dark Natural Disaster Is Coming!6 months ago74: Odin Takes Action? The Nine Worlds Are Shaken!6 months ago75: Gungnir's Gun! Cause And Effect Erasure? !6 months ago76: The Ancient One Magician Takes Action!6 months ago77: The Master Has Arrived! Ancient One Vomits Blood!6 months ago78: Ancient One’S Worry! The Earth Is In Danger!6 months ago79: Sm? Hela Is Numb!6 months ago80: Crush Mjolnir! Famous Scene!6 months ago