American Comics: Cthulhu, The Supreme God, Was Reversed By Wanda

American Comics: Cthulhu, The Supreme God, Was Reversed By Wanda


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Lin Fan travels through the Marvel world and becomes Azathoth, the leader of Mephista!

The beginning was reversed by Miss Wanda!

Starting from the creation of Gherroth, the Star of Judgment, Lin Fan gradually invaded the Marvel world and created a great era of suppression!

Wanda: Lin Fan, the power you left in my body is about to overflow!

Ancient One magician: Thank you Mr. Lin for giving the Lord in Yellow the power, and I am willing to devote my faith to our god!

Thanos: Infinite Gems Wholesale? I'm stupid!

Celestial Clan: Don’t come over!

Goddess of Vengeance: I am willing to become a vassal of my master. Please give me your orders!

OAA: Compared to little friend Lin Fan, I feel ashamed!


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1: Head Of Mephista! Cthulhu Supreme God!7 months ago2: People Are In Marvel, But They Are Reversed By Wanda!7 months ago3: The Water Is Too Deep And You Can’T Control It!7 months ago4: Py Deal With Wanda!7 months ago5: Zombie Universe! Lin Fan’S Plan!7 months ago6: Star Of Judgment, Gherroth!7 months ago7: Wanda’S Decision! People Want It~7 months ago8: Are You Being Pushed Back Again?7 months ago9: New World! Are There Any Experts? !7 months ago10: Infinite Gems! God's Mining Field!7 months ago11: Timeline Changes? Ancient One Is Stupid!7 months ago12: Ancient God! Dialogue With Mother Goddess Gaea!7 months ago13: Timut Of The Celestial Clan! The Chaos Of The Ancient Gods!7 months ago14: Py Transaction With Gaea Mother Goddess!7 months ago15: Fooling! What A Fool!7 months ago16: Soul Gem! Talk To The Furies!7 months ago17: Py Deal With The Nemesis!7 months ago18: Greedy For My Body? Show Off Your Skills, Not Your Body!7 months ago19: Original Reality Gem! Apocalypse Universe!7 months ago20: Battle Against Ethan From The Celestial Clan!7 months ago21: Build The Plank Road Openly, And Use It Secretly!7 months ago22: Ethan Is Numb! Are There Any Experts?7 months ago23: Original Reality Gem! Got It!7 months ago24: Sword Kills The Gods! The Gods Are Shocked!7 months ago25: Alithem Is Coming! Lin Fan Is In Danger?7 months ago26: Expel The Observers! Not Convinced?7 months ago27: I'm Going Very Quickly, Please Bear With Me!7 months ago28: The Great Mother Goddess! Gauze Nicholas!7 months ago29: Don’T Talk About Martial Ethics! Nemesis Is Stupid!7 months ago30: King Of Ghouls! Outer God Apocalypse!7 months ago31: Coming To Kamar-Taj! Conquer The Ancient One?7 months ago32: The Nuclear Bomb Is Coming! Avengers Alliance Destroyed?7 months ago33: Mortal Body, Comparable To Gods!7 months ago34: Head Of Mephista! Needless To Say Great!7 months ago35: Transform Timut! The Mother Goddess Gaea Fell?7 months ago36: Transcend Multi-Universe! The Origin Of God!7 months ago37: Eternals! Lin Fan’S Plan!7 months ago38: Tony Awakening! Self Gem?7 months ago39: Gem Activated! Tony's Guess!7 months ago40: Stop! Stop Fighting!7 months ago41: Loki? He Is Actually Adopted!7 months ago42: Tai Particles? Ancient One's Decision!7 months ago43: Parsing The Original Reality Gem!7 months ago44: Self Gem! Plot Against Mephitus!7 months ago45: Ancient One Surrenders! The Lord In Yellow!7 months ago46: Hastur, The Nameless One!7 months ago47: Anti-Thor Armor! Tai Particles!7 months ago48: Darkness Is Coming! RagnaröK!7 months ago49: God’S Artifact! Lin Fan’S Plan!7 months ago50: Galaxy Dance Troupe! Cosmic Spirit Ball!7 months ago51: The Joker Is Actually Me?7 months ago52: Instant Kill! Analyze The Power Gem!7 months ago53: Your Mother Is Dead! Your Dad Did It!7 months ago54: He Loves Me So Much, I Cried To Death!7 months ago55: The Land Of Nothingness! Collector Is Stupid!7 months ago56: Original Power Gem!7 months ago57: The Dark Elves Are Coming! The Earth Is In Danger!7 months ago58: Destroyer Armor! Odin Is Worried!7 months ago59: This Blow Penetrates The Stars!7 months ago60: Armor Of God! The Malekiths Are Stupid!7 months ago61: Planning The Heavens? Ancient One Was Stunned!7 months ago62: Reality Gem, Activated!7 months ago63: Lord Of Hell! Talk To Dormammu!7 months ago64: Darkness Is Coming! RagnaröK!7 months ago65: Mephitus Arrives! The Supreme Artifact!7 months ago66: Lin Fan Was Reversed Again!7 months ago67: Master, Please Give Your Slaves All Your Orders!7 months ago71: The Lord In Yellow! Dormammu Has Fallen!7 months ago72: I Am The Lord Of Darkness! The Gods Were Dumbfounded!7 months ago73: Siege And Kill Mephitus! Don’T Talk About Martial Ethics!7 months ago74: Lin Fan Takes Action! Instant Kill!7 months ago75: The Gods Perish! The Wrath Of Yellow Clothes!7 months ago76: The Old One! Yog-Sothoth!7 months ago77: RagnaröK! The Gods Have Fallen!7 months ago78: Hell Breaks Loose! Lin Fan’S New Goal!7 months ago79: Judge Alithem! The Earth Is In Danger!7 months ago80: Timt Vs Alitham!7 months ago81: Kill Alitham! The God Has Fallen?7 months ago82: Reversal Of Infinite Time And Space! The Lord Of The Yellow Robe!7 months ago83: The Celestial Clan Has Fallen! The World Is Shaking!7 months ago84: Alitham’S Trump Card!7 months ago85: The People Of Alitham Are Stupid! !7 months ago