American Comics: I Took The Decomposition Machine To Create The Heavenly Father Of All Members

American Comics: I Took The Decomposition Machine To Create The Heavenly Father Of All Members


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Ron took the decomposer and traveled to the world of American comics.

Decomposing equipment can strengthen one's own strength.

When knowing that clothes can break down as equipment.

Frank: Strip it all away!

Daredevil Matt: I think we should not kill him and save it for next time

Magneto: It's time for us Mutants to rise!

Thor: My hammer, I will never disintegrate!

Odin: I heard it can strengthen the body? This is something from my treasure house. Let’s see how much it can be strengthened? If it's not enough, I'll go get some more.

What? Destroyer armor? It’s divided! It’s divided!

Casket of Ancient Winters? It’s divided! It’s divided!

The eternal gun? It’s divided! It’s divided!

All divided! !

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1 Are You Sure This Is Frank? Not Captain America?5 months ago2 Phil Coulson: What A Break! No Privacy At All!5 months ago3 1 Million At A Time? Grab Money!5 months ago4 Phil Coulson Agent’S Gun: Blue!5 months ago5 Finished! He Knows I Know!5 months ago6 If I Said That I Was Just Checking For Astigmatism, Would You Believe It?5 months ago7 Frank: Haha, Get Out!5 months ago8 Matt: Frank, You Are Such A Good Guy!5 months ago9 Little Spider-Man: I Know, You Are Our Fan!5 months ago10 Frank And Purple Man Become Stronger Again!5 months ago11 Woman, I Want To Spend Money On Your Clothes!5 months ago12 If You Don’T Take Action, That Guy Will Run Away5 months ago13 Ziren: Come Out!5 months ago14 Purple Man: Impossible! Absolutely Impossible!5 months ago15 Jessica: Now I Just Want To Give Myself A Big Showdown!5 months ago16 Jessica: Is My Beauty Better Or My Sister’S?5 months ago17 Who Stipulates That If You Touch Something, You Have To Be Responsible?5 months ago18 Frank: His Pants Are Nice, I Want Them~5 months ago19 Daredevil: That Thing Is Really Not Friendly To The Disabled5 months ago20 Go To Mutant Academy To Purchase Goods5 months ago21 Someone Please Don’T Use My Clothes To Do Bad Things!5 months ago22 Bang! It's Going To Swell! !5 months ago23 Defenders Of Great Gains, Empty S.H.I.E.L.D.5 months ago24 Strength Surges5 months ago25 50 Tons! Mutant’S Powerful Equipment5 months ago26 Matt: Familiar Smell!5 months ago27 Heading To Xavier Academy Again, Nick Fury!5 months ago28 Nick Fury And Professor X, Detective Gwen5 months ago29 What Kind Of Hermit Master? I'm The Captain!5 months ago30 Flying Jessica5 months ago31 Self-Righteous Natasha Romanoff5 months ago32 The Big Green Guy Chasing, Galaxy Level!5 months ago33 Ark Reactor: Purple!5 months ago34 Big Purple Pants!5 months ago35 Fight For Big Pants!5 months ago36 We Went To The Same School Together, We Were Girls Together...5 months ago37 Pegasus Meteor Exploding Kun Fist5 months ago38 Frank The Blaster!5 months ago39 Tony: Faco! It Will Break If You Dig It Like This!5 months ago40 Green Will In Big Pants!5 months ago41 Do You Want To Sell This Decomposition Machine? Sell5 months ago42 Nick Fury: The Earth Needs Me To Protect It!5 months ago43 Banner: Am I Wrong?5 months ago44 Let Me Tell You Some Good News. A Cosmic Overlord Is Eyeing The Earth.5 months ago45 Abomination: When I Take Out My Little Abomination, It Weighs Two Kilograms More Than Yours!5 months ago46 Be Decisive When Taking Sides! Level God Father!5 months ago47 What The Hell? Odin Is Dying?5 months ago48 Ancient One, Although I Am Handsome, We Are Not Suitable For Each Other.5 months ago49 The Future Is Controlled By The Strong5 months ago50 Book Of Cagliostro5 months ago51 Odin Knows5 months ago52 The Battle For The Crown Prince Comes Early5 months ago53 What Are You Looking At? Call Daddy!5 months ago54 My Hammer!5 months ago55 Thor: Hammer God? Impossible! Absolutely Impossible!5 months ago56 All Dressed In Purple!5 months ago57 Thor, Your Father Is Dying.5 months ago58 Thor Growing Up, Odin Leaving Asgard5 months ago59 Frank: I Think Your Dad Shouldn’T Have To Die.5 months ago60 Black Lace5 months ago61 Strong Body, Various Postures5 months ago62 Tony Transformed His Armor, Thor Regained His Divine Power5 months ago63 Roaring Loki, Coming Odin5 months ago64 Casket Of Ancient Winters, Pink Artifact, The Origin Of The Universe!5 months ago65 Thor Feeling His Father’S Love, Carol Returning5 months ago66 Angry Carol5 months ago67 Arrogant Loki, Carol Making A Scene In S.H.I.E.L.D.5 months ago68 What Are Your Thoughts On Educating Children? Gangnir Is Enchanted With Healing, Allowing Him To Recover While Fighting.5 months ago69 The Awakened Leek… Apocalypse, S.H.I.E.L.D Was Thrown Off The Roof Of The Building5 months ago70 What A Strong Human Being! Such A Weak Devil5 months ago71 The Origin Of Destiny, The Sealed Loki5 months ago72 Thor: Uncle Luo5 months ago73 Frank Prepares To ‘Capture’ Vampires And Werewolves5 months ago74 The Four Tonys Arrived Quickly, And The Vampires Were Surrounded5 months ago75 Emperor Weishan’S Sacred Sword5 months ago76 Snake Shield, The Ranch Of Hate5 months ago77 Black Braised Eggs, Hydra Is Not A Talent.5 months ago78 Riot On The Nail, Ghost Rider5 months ago79 Looking At Each Other Affectionately, Bondage Play5 months ago80 Millions Of Symbiotes At Your Disposal!5 months ago81 The ‘God’ Who Is About To Return? Leading Party5 months ago82 Vampire Detector, Hundreds Of Green Equipment5 months ago83 Pepper Strengthening, Upgraded Decomposer5 months ago84 Loki: Brother, Let’S Get The Tesseract! Seventh Carol5 months ago85 Frigga: Nothing With One Eye Is A Good Thing!5 months ago86 Loki: Can You Stay Away From Me, You Octopus Face!5 months ago87 The Earth Is Full Of Holes5 months ago88 Gift Crab! Why Is That Hole So Big? !5 months ago89 Loki: Thor, You Have Changed, You Will Abandon Me!5 months ago90 Professor X: Eric! Stop It You Bastard! (Happy New Year To Everyone, It’S The Second Day Of The Lunar Month But It’S Not Too Late)5 months ago91 The Outrageous Supernatural Powers On Earth5 months ago92 Loki: God-King Takes Turns, Come To My House Today!5 months ago93 Loki Comes To The Decomposition Shop5 months ago94 Ancient One’S Doubts, A Stronger World5 months ago95 Kneel Down, Awakening’S Phoenix Force5 months ago96 Loki Two Days Later5 months ago97 People Who Are Not Under Control Are The Source Of Danger5 months ago98 Steal The Soul From Death?5 months ago99 Ancient One And The Goddess Of Death, Lovers?5 months ago100 The Ill-Fated Queen5 months ago