American Comics: Invasion Of The Heavens, Wanda And Gwen Were Shocked

American Comics: Invasion Of The Heavens, Wanda And Gwen Were Shocked


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Su Xiu travels to the world of American comics, mixing the worldviews of Marvel and DC, and various villains emerge in endlessly!

Terror enveloped the land, but he didn't panic at all!

Because he Awakened the ‘Heaven Invasion System’, he can randomly select the natives of this world and go to other worlds to fight. Su Xiu can get a hundredfold increase in the rewards obtained by the superheroes!

Iron Man was infected with the T-virus and moved toward glorious flesh-and-blood evolution.

Thor Thor, armed with twelve talismans, takes on the eternal Rune King mode.

Captain America waved the flag and went to sea, setting off a human rights revolution in the great maritime world and letting freedom dye the sea red.

Thanos: How can peace be done this way?

Original Beyonder: Warhammer Four Peddlers?

O-A-A: I see a higher power!

Su Xiu: You may make a small profit, but I will never lose money!

Eh eh eh?

How did Spider-man become Gwen? Scarlet Witch, what are you doing here? Feilu girl! ..

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1 The Era Of Invasion From The Heavens!5 months ago2 New York, The Awakening Quantum God5 months ago3 Nick Fury: No Way, Absolutely Impossible!5 months ago4 I Can’T Tell The Difference. I Really Can’T Tell The Difference! !5 months ago5 Batman In Action!5 months ago6 Lickers, Biochemical Racing List!5 months ago7 Human Body Modification, The Path For Mortals To Become Gods?5 months ago8 You May Make A Lot Of Money, But I Will Never Lose Money!5 months ago9 The End Of The World Released By Black Widow! ?5 months ago10 Navy Six Styles, A Turbulent Metropolis!5 months ago11 The Red Queen Rebels And Is About To Be Slapped In The Face By Another Biohazard?5 months ago12 Omnic Disaster, The Tyrant Is Out!5 months ago13 A Mortal Body, As Good As A God! !5 months ago14 The Gods Can Do Anything, And The System Can Do Anything!5 months ago15 T Disease Reform, Invasion Of The World Settlement!5 months ago16 New York As The Center Of The Universe?5 months ago17 Skynet! Eyes That Monitor The World!5 months ago18 The First Step In The Transformation Of The Marvel World!5 months ago19 Open The Door! Check The Water Meter! !5 months ago20 First Date With The Female Spider-Man5 months ago21 Su Xiu: I’M Just A Passing Superhero!5 months ago22 An Ordinary Urban Plane?5 months ago23 Twelve Spells, The Choice Between Righteousness And Evil!5 months ago24 Captain America: It’S Broken, Come For Me!5 months ago25 Flying Dragon Rides On The Face, How Can You Lose! !5 months ago26 Nick Fury: No Way! Absolutely Impossible!5 months ago27 Alliance? Gods Do Not Associate With Mortals!5 months ago28 Turn Silence Into Movement! The Creator Who Gives Life To Dead Things?5 months ago29 Uncle Long: In The Furniture Store, I Am Invincible!5 months ago30 Faction Choices! The Righteous Side Of The Weakling? !5 months ago31 Sister Is The Queen! Quetzalcoatl Has Arrived!5 months ago32 What If... Lady Liberty Was Revived In New York?5 months ago33 The Invincible Thor? Pushing The World?5 months ago34 Ancient One: You Call This Magic? !5 months ago35 Coach! I Report It! Someone Is Cheating!5 months ago36 Do You Think This Is C Level? Turn Death Into Life!5 months ago37 Su Xiu: I Can Create Countless Races By Myself!5 months ago38 Evolution Dimension Mephista? The Dormammu Next Door Is Going To Cry!5 months ago39 The Big Ship Of The New Era—Set Sail! !5 months ago40 The Limit Of Power! Abomination Vs Hulk!5 months ago41 Demonized Weapons, Click To Get Them! This Is A New Version Of The Ship!5 months ago42 Go To The Old Street And Ask Dad To Be A Magician!5 months ago43 The Last Hope! Spell Blowout!5 months ago44 Dad: Righteousness Is Not A Place For Evil And Evil!5 months ago45 The God King Goes Berserk! God Declares! The Eternal Spear That Penetrates Tianyu!5 months ago46 System, Him! There Is Actually An Owner! ?5 months ago47 Fill Money Creates Happiness! Infinite Gemsvs Twelve Talismans!5 months ago48 Holy Lord: I Am The Emperor Of This Land! Chaoying: Burn, Score! !5 months ago49 Space-Based Guidance! Dongfeng Express Must Achieve Its Mission!5 months ago50 f**k The Magic! Tony: Cyclops, Shoot Me! ! (Please Support Full Ordering)5 months ago51 Rod Of God! A Master More Terrifying Than The Five Creation Gods! ?5 months ago52 Everyone Was Shocked! ! Time Is Just His Toy?5 months ago53 One Generation After Another, One Generation After Another! Free America Riots Every Day! !5 months ago54 The Hope Of All Mutants! Su Xiu: Choice? I Want Them All! !5 months ago55 Is Too Cruel! All The Gangsters Are Raging, Where Does This Ruthless Person Come From? ! (Please Support Full Ordering)5 months ago56 The Blend Of Blood And Fire! So, Eat Gwen! ?5 months ago57 Su Xiu: I’M Going To Show Off My Cards! ? The Invasion Of The Heavens Begins! ! !5 months ago58 Instead Of Praying To All The Gods In The Sky, It Is Better To Pray To Him! ! The Door To The New World!5 months ago59 Known As The Strongest In The World! Who Is That Thigh?5 months ago60 Kill The Highest Authority? Face The Power Of Nature! ! (Please Support Full Ordering)5 months ago61 His Greatness! His Radiance! ! Devil Fruit Ning Is Not Worthy! ! !5 months ago62 King And General? How Cruel! Magneto: Please Let Me Swear An Oath To Meteor Volcano! !5 months ago63 The Old Father Of The God King Is So Worried! Who Can Reach The Top And Become The King!5 months ago64 Shocked The Navy Headquarters! The Majesty Of The World Government Is Broken! !5 months ago65 Shocked, The Main Line Of The World Collapsed? The First Superhero To Sink! ? (Please Support Full Ordering)5 months ago66 Good Guy, Are You The Illegitimate Son Of The System? Turn On, Unlimited Plunder! !5 months agoVersion 67 Answer Appears! System Upgrade, A Real Invasion Of All Realms! ?5 months ago68 Lord Of The World? Orders From Heaven And Earth, No One Dares Not To Obey! ! !5 months ago69 Sin! Justice! What Is Mutant’S Hope? ?5 months ago70 Beyond The Universe! Let It Burn! ! Phoenix! ! !5 months ago71 Really Scary System! See Him! Like A Grain Floating In The Sky!5 months ago72 Damn It! Do You Dare To Open The Door To The Holy Land? My Kingdom...Died Again...?5 months ago73 The War On Top Begins! A True Legend From The Old Days! !5 months ago74 Everyone Gathered Together! ! Kid, Who Do You Want To Go To Hell! ? (Please Support Full Ordering)5 months ago75 The Epoch-Making ‘Green Angel’! !The Imperial Group? The Most Evil One Appears! !5 months ago76 Mechanical Decay, Flesh And Blood Live Forever! Anti-Devil Fruit Armor! !5 months ago77 Beat Up The Five Old Stars? So, What Is The Name Of This Era...! ?5 months ago78 Countercurrent Time! I'm Walking In The Past And Traveling Into The Future! !5 months ago79 A Leader Beyond The Father? Everyone, Please Give Me The Light! ! !5 months ago80 Is He Going To Die Personally? Who Will Be The Next Backdrop! !5 months ago81 First Time With Alice! He Is The Truth! !5 months ago82 They Are Invading, But You Are Enjoying It As A Capitalist! ?5 months ago83 The Existence That Controls The World? Su Xiu: Sorry, I Don’T Eat Beef! !5 months ago84 His Secret Teachings! Are You Threatening Me?5 months ago85 The Weather Is Getting Cold, Let The Umbrella Company Go Bankrupt~5 months ago86 The Consciousness Of The Universe? Age Of Ultron! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago87 Flesh And Machinery Intertwined! A Real Miracle! Come! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago88 Turn Over The Table! Destroy The World? ? Eat My Crimson Power! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago89 What's Behind The Scenes? Who Dares To Pronounce His Name! Invisible, Invisible And Unacceptable! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago90 Swallow The Sky And Eat The Earth! The Overwhelming Horror! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago91 Mutant Wants To Explode? The Live Broadcast Room Is About To Burst! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago92 Death God’S Inexplicable Gift! Dad, Please Stop Pretending! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago93 Is The God King’S Shock Worthless? Do You Want A Taste Of Heaven? ? (Please Customize The Full Order)5 months ago94 Thor Was Ntred In Person? Odin's Old Tears! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago95 The Leader Of The Eight Demons! ! The Death Date Of Justice? ? (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago96 Your Dad! It's Always Your Daddy! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago97 Eight Immortals On The Cave! The Five Heavenly Emperors! Heaven! Heaven! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago98 Immortal...Heaven...General? The Power That Pushes Across The Entire Nine Realms! ! (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago99 The Bond Between The Sky And The Queen! The Cycle Of Time! Reverse! ! (Please Customize The Full Order)5 months ago100 Final Disaster! The Devil Is Calling! The Last Hope Of The Eight Gates? (Please Order The Complete Order)5 months ago