American Comics: Jar Merchant, Gwen The Bearded Spider

American Comics: Jar Merchant, Gwen The Bearded Spider


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Ron traveled to the world of American comics.

Ben thought about learning magic with Stephen.

But I got the jar system, and the jars can contain items from all over the world.

By selling a jar, he would get a chance to draw items from all over the world.

From then on, he embarked on the road of selling cans.

Iron Man: What the hell are Autobots? Why is he tougher than my steel armor?

Pepper: The Rescue Armor is very good, I like it very much!

Thor: My daughter-in-law... why is my hammer with you! ? And 1.2.3... so many!

Banner: I like this Tiger Charm very much. Without Hulk, I can finally have a romantic relationship with Betty!

Gwen: Is this a Kryptonian template? Luo, are you Superman? So we are the most suitable couple...

until one day.

Ron drew a two-dimensional character...

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(Thank You Guys For Your Support!)about 2 months ago18 The Second Career Scrollabout 2 months ago19 Sharpshooter, Bumblebee? ? ?about 2 months ago20 Car? That's The Autobot! (Thanks To Yanzu For His Support)about 2 months ago21 Ten Draws In A Row, The Second Dimension Enters Reality! (Additional Update For Mr. Yanzu Who Supports Me!)about 2 months ago22 I Will Protect Lord Ron!about 2 months ago23 Lovely Ye Cang, Sauna Massageabout 2 months ago24 Blatantly Opening A Backdoor For Stephenabout 2 months ago25 Ghost Swordsman Doll, Symbioteabout 2 months ago26 Item: Tiger Whip! Sorry The Goods Are Sold Outabout 2 months ago27 Medieval Magician Comes Into Reality!about 2 months ago28 Is This Nm Called An Ordinary Person? !about 2 months ago29 There Are Many People Here, Let’S Find A Place With Few Peopleabout 2 months ago30 Am I A Part Of Your Game?about 2 months ago31 A Mediocre And Terrifying Hammerabout 2 months ago32 Lord Ron, Have You Seen It?about 2 months ago33 Mjolnir?about 2 months ago34 S.H.I.E.L.D In Actionabout 2 months ago35 Stephen's Three Consecutive Attacks, Single-Handedly Fighting Thor's Goblin?about 2 months ago36 The Wretched Goblin Who Can Throw Explosive Bombsabout 2 months ago37 Stephen, Lying Down Again, You Are Everything To Meabout 2 months ago38 Pepper: I Have Never Been So Speechless In My Life!about 2 months ago39 We Physically Integratedabout 2 months ago40 Blacken Is Three Times Stronger, Bumblebee Shapeshifting! (Thank You For Your Support!)about 2 months ago41 Bumblebee: It Turns Out To Be The Bastard Of The Decepticons!about 2 months ago42 Sir Ron, The Night Is Still Longabout 2 months ago43 Ten Consecutive Blows! Giant Of Light!about 2 months ago44 Captain America Was Discovered, Ye Cang Wanted To Open The Canabout 2 months ago45 Three Ways, I Am Iron Manabout 2 months ago46 So, Gwen, You’Re Not Coming Home Tonight?about 2 months ago47 I'm Going To Change Into A Battle Suit, You're Not Allowed To Peek! (Thanks To Yan Zu For His Support!)about 2 months ago48 Ron! You Lied To Me!about 2 months ago49 Blues Banner Falling From The Skyabout 2 months ago50 The Hatred Of One Against Manyabout 2 months ago51 Bumblebee, Evenly Matched (Thanks To The Boss For The Tip!!!)about 2 months ago52 Tailed Beast Jade Bombardment Of Abominationabout 2 months ago53 Nine-Tailed Fox: I Am The Most...Huh?about 2 months ago54 Nine-Tailed With Clear Eyes, Ancient Oneabout 2 months ago55 Space Magic, Mirror Spaceabout 2 months ago56 Time Gem, Narutoabout 2 months ago57 Mephista Potential, George’S Little Treasuryabout 2 months ago58 Stephen: Captain America, Captain America’S Patriot Song, Have You Heard Of It?about 2 months ago59 Phil Coulson: It Can Only Be Said That The Ingredients Are Very Complicated!about 2 months ago60 Sauta, The Bull-Headed King, Purple Light! (Feel Sorry!)about 2 months ago61 Three Jars, One Purple And Two Green!about 2 months ago62 The Sharpshooter’S Purple Skill! The Whole Body Is Transformed Into An Ark Reactor!about 2 months ago63 Destiny Coin, Resurrection!about 2 months ago64 Sir Ron, Punish Ye Cang! Pierce In Actionabout 2 months ago65 Godzilla! Kaleidoscope! Something’S Wrong With Gwen?about 2 months ago66 The Manhattan Bridge Was In Trouble, The New Superhero! (40,000-Word Update! Please Subscribe!)about 2 months ago67 Clingy Big Guy, Gwen Lashes Out Ten Times In A Row! (40,000 Words Of Updates, Please Subscribe!)about 2 months ago68 Explosive Gwen! Overwhelming Negative News! (Updated To 40,000 Words, Please Subscribe!)about 2 months ago69 Should A Good Person Be Held At Gunpoint? (40,000-Word Update! Please Subscribe!)about 2 months ago70 Dragon Ball, Ancient One And The Attacked Stephenabout 2 months ago71 Live, Attack New Yorkabout 2 months ago72 Confused Tony, Gwen On Trialabout 2 months ago73 Two Giant Beasts Arriving! Atomic Breath!about 2 months ago74 Hulk Vs. King Kong, Missiles Are Coming!about 2 months ago75 Rub Nuclear Explosion With Bare Hands, 7 Dragon Ballsabout 2 months ago76 Come Out, Shenlong! Death Is Coming!about 2 months ago77 A Different Death Than Expected, Tony, Will You Be Bound By The Rules?about 2 months ago78 Even If You Die! Purple Level! Upgrade!about 2 months ago79 Soul Judge Ring! Nick Fury Is Scared!about 2 months ago80 You Can Always Trust Bron! King Kong’S Big Hammer!about 2 months ago81 I Want To Drink, But Wine Is Flammable! Powerful Bloom Template!about 2 months ago82 Replenish Your Body As Early As Possible! Having A Dark Face Really Affects Your Luck!about 2 months ago83 Mutant World Gate! Drive With Yakura!about 2 months ago84 Ye Cang, Really Unnecessary! Let’S Explore The Mutant World Together?about 2 months ago85 Magnetic Control! Creator God?about 2 months ago86 The Ogamon Who Can’T Shut Up, The Monster Gorzan!about 2 months ago87 Odin’S Brother? Son? Your Circle Is So Chaotic!about 2 months ago88 The Escaped Golzan! Gwen The Hammer Godabout 2 months ago89 Satellite Ray! Flame Dragon!about 2 months ago90 Is This Tony Stark? Transform Into A Yaksha King?about 2 months ago91 Armor Summoner, Flame Dragon Fights For You!about 2 months ago92 They Are Just Ordinary Gems, Frost Elfabout 2 months ago93 Why Didn’T Anyone Remind Me That This Would Be Live? Gwen’S Career Scroll!about 2 months ago94 Ye Cang’S Tiger Talisman! Tekken Garp Template!about 2 months ago95 The Top Powerhouse Without Devil Fruit, Fist And Bone Impact!about 2 months ago96 Thor, Who Lost His Wife, Enters The Gate Of The World!about 2 months ago97 X-Men, The Missing Nuclear Bombabout 2 months ago98 Beast: Wolverine! A Psychic Power More Powerful Than Charlesabout 2 months ago99 Infinite Gems! Charles Is About To Be Possessed Other's Body!about 2 months ago100 Woman, Give You A Chance To Follow Me! Damn f**k! Two Bastards!about 2 months ago