American Comics: The Foundation’s Inventory At The Beginning Shocked The World

American Comics: The Foundation’s Inventory At The Beginning Shocked The World


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Liu Ye, a certain sound editor, accidentally traveled to the extremely dangerous Marvel world and became an ordinary person.

The key is that this is a Marvel world that is about to be invaded by countless anomalies!

Fortunately, Liu Ye has activated the system. As long as he makes videos and publishes these abnormal information videos, he can get countless rewards!

Then the entire Marvel world went crazy.

A sculpture that will break all living things if it is out of sight?

A shy person who will be hunted to the ends of the earth just by looking at him?

Looking at the lizard that is immortal and can continue to evolve, countless powerful superheroes have fallen into autistic isolation.

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001 Everyone Guessed Wrong, This Is Not Magic At All6 months ago002 Don’T Just Post These Words, Let’S See What This Monster Looks Like!6 months ago003 As Long As You See His Face, You Will Be Killed By It?6 months ago004 Any Creature That Sees Its Face Will Be Killed By It At All Costs6 months ago005 Now I Doubt That Even A Nuclear Bomb Can Cause It Harm!6 months ago006 Is This Level Of Abnormality Just The Tenth Place?6 months ago007 Is This Thing Well-Intentioned? I Thought All Anomalies Were Scary Monsters6 months ago008 S.H.I.E.L.D, Which Has Always Been In Control Of Everything, Is Actually Controlled By Someone Else!6 months ago009 In This Place Full Of Plague, There Is Such A Clean Existence6 months ago010 He Actually Doesn’T Know What The Plague Refers To? Then Didn't He Kill People Randomly?6 months ago011 How Will They Deal With The Plague Doctor? So Nervous!6 months ago012 These Abnormal Containment Objects Are Really Weirder Than The Last.6 months ago013 Is That Sculpture Really Here? My Goosebumps Are Rising!6 months ago014 You Must Look Directly Into The Eyes Of The Evil Spirit, Otherwise It Will Kill You!6 months ago015 There Seems To Be A Very Interesting Thing Living Inside That Statue.6 months ago016 It Is Said That Angels Are All Hermaphrodites? Like To See What It’S Like!6 months ago017 You Are Blaspheming My Faith! I'm Going To Sue You!6 months ago018 Not Only Does It Have Powerful Firepower, It Can Also Fly Into The Sky!6 months ago019 Now Just Keep Quiet And Wait For The Foundation To Take In Wan Yu Angel6 months ago020 Let Me See Your Face, I Don’T Believe What Kind Of Baby You Are6 months ago021 This Foundation Really Doesn’T Give People Any Time To Breathe.6 months ago022 We Contained The Anomaly With Only Two People, But The Foundation Had To Mobilize All Personnel6 months ago023 This Looks Too Painful! That Agent’S Eyes Are About To Pop Out!6 months ago024 Is The Man With Wings Dead? Is There Still A Need To Save?6 months ago025 Although Courage Is Commendable, This Is Just Sending Death.6 months ago026 Is The Foundation Too Strong? It Can Contain Such Terrifying Monsters?6 months ago027 Why Should I Believe You? What Is Your Purpose?6 months ago028 It’S Nothing Like What I Imagined! Feeling Full Of Evil6 months ago029 Is This The Power Of Abnormal Contained Objects? It’S Simply A Dimensionality Reduction Blow!6 months ago030 Where Did He Get His Weapons? The Chainsword Is So Cool Too!6 months ago031 No Tricks Work, It’S Really Disappointing6 months ago032 Ancient One Does Not See Your Value At All, You Should Be The Next Sorcerer Supreme!6 months ago033 Is This The Occupying Mask? That Man's Body Was Corroded!6 months ago034 How Could The Majestic Asgard God Be Tempted By A Mask!6 months ago035 I Like To Help Others And Fulfill Their Inner Wishes6 months ago036 If It Appears In The City, We Will All Die!6 months ago037 The Leader Of This Foundation Really Surprises People Constantly.6 months ago038 Turns Out To Be A Heart-Warming Containment Object? What A Surprise!6 months ago039 It Seems That My Evaluation Of This Containment Object Is Biased, But It Is Indeed Going To End.6 months ago040 I Shouldn’T Be So Unlucky, Right? This Should Be Just An Ordinary Record, Right?6 months ago041 Is It Tony Stark Again? Why Did This Unlucky Guy Encounter An Abnormal Containment Object Again?6 months ago042 Tony, You Damn Guy, Don’T Let Anything Happen To You.6 months ago043 Tears Can Create Monsters, He Must Be Very Powerful, Right?6 months ago044 Dr. Banner, It’S Time For You To Appear6 months ago045 At Such A Critical Time, It Got Stuck!6 months ago046 Tony, You Are A Hero And We Will Always Remember You!6 months ago047 This Is Too Weird! The Cute Little Bear Creates A Killing Machine!6 months ago048 Isn’T He From Professor X? Why Did You Join The Foundation?6 months ago049 What Kind Of Pattern Will These Three Bears Follow? Will One Be Stronger Than The Other?6 months ago050 Can That Stupid Iron Man Defeat The Weapons Of The Gods Of The Universe?6 months ago051 If It Is So Strong, Why Does It Run Away?6 months ago052 Why Is The Person Who Blows The Immortal Lizard Silent? Do You Still Want To Compete With Shy People?6 months ago053 The Stronger It Is, The Stronger My Immortal Lizard Army Will Be!6 months ago054 Is There Really No Way To Stop This Monster?6 months ago055 A Ball Of Snot? Is This Your Last Struggle?6 months ago056 Can Abnormal Containment Objects Affect The Other Side Of The Galaxy?6 months ago057 This Indescribable Person Actually Left Ronan Powerless To Resist?6 months ago058 No, Is It Possible That The Resident Evil Crisis Is About To Happen In Reality?6 months ago059 What Exactly Does The Foundation Want To Do? Run To Another Universe To Solve The Zombie Crisis?6 months ago060 Another Universe Is Full Of Living Human Flesh, What Are You Waiting For?6 months ago061 I Thought I Was As Smart As Me In Another Universe, But I Turned Out To Be A Complete Idiot!6 months ago062 Such A Powerful Zombie Was Killed So Easily By An Individual? Isn't This Too Outrageous?6 months ago063 Could It Be That This Conspiracy With Momo Really Created A Space?6 months ago064 I Will Create A World Without Pain And War!6 months ago065 The Fact That The Foundation Allows Him To Exist Like This Shows That He Must Be Exceptional.6 months ago066 How Could A God On Earth Be So Ridiculously Powerful?6 months ago067 If It Is Cognitohazard, It Should Have Already Started To Affect Us6 months ago068 Does This Devourer Of Worlds Also Have Cognitohazardous Effects? "6 months ago069 Tony, You Are The Light Of Mankind! Comparing With Gods In A Mortal Body!6 months ago070 This Spaceship Really Surprises People Constantly.6 months ago071 Is This A Reality Bender? It's Simply Too Scary6 months ago072 This Ultron Is Not Perfect At All! And He Is Very Hostile To Humans!6 months ago073 It’S So Rare That Hulk Can Become So Rational6 months ago074 Ultron Must Not Be Sure About Zhao Zena’S Ability, So He Conducted The Experiment6 months ago075 That Is The Devourer Of Realms! Did He Think That The Devourer Of Worlds Would Only Kill Deadman Types?6 months ago076 That’S The Mysterious Person From The Foundation. Why Didn’T He Stop Zhao Zena!6 months ago077 I Can’T Wait To See Your Frightened Expression Before You Die!6 months ago078 Just Laugh, You Son Of A Bitch, You Can't Make It6 months ago079 I Really Don’T Understand Why You Want To Protect That Monster6 months ago080 This Reality Warper Is So Powerful That It Can Wipe Out Many Agents In An Instant6 months ago081 They Are Just A Group Of Puppets, Without Any Value6 months ago082 The Reality Warper Is Coming! Can These Agents Really Handle It?6 months ago083 Why Is Tony Here Again? I Have A Bad Feeling!6 months ago084 Item Cannot Be Calmed And Cannot Be Contained, So It Will Be Executed Immediately!6 months ago085 Tony, If You Want To Know The Answer To Your Question, Come With Me6 months ago086 Wouldn’T His Conscience Hurt If He Did His Two Daughters Like This?6 months ago087 Are You Satisfied Now? You Really Made A Contribution To The Foundation This Time6 months ago088 I Just Want To Say, Don’T Look For Answers You Don’T Dare To Know.6 months ago089 So Is This What This Manor Really Looks Like? All Made Of Twisted Living Flesh?6 months ago090 Is This The Mastermind Behind All This? It's Different From What I Imagined6 months ago091 Even Magneto Can’T Hurt This Monster At All?6 months ago092 Can The Dimensional Wall Be Broken And People From The Marvel Universe And Dc Universe Meet?6 months ago093 Stop Using Your Little Toys Immediately, Otherwise, I Will Let The Moon Collide With The Earth6 months ago094 There Are Already Enough World-Destroying Monsters, There Is No Need To Add Another Dormammu6 months ago095 Why, Are You So Sad That You Failed Again?6 months ago096 Maybe It Is A Warrior Defending The Earth? If You Are In Danger, You Will Wake Up!6 months ago097 What, Tough Guy Tony, Are You Crying?6 months ago098 I Remembered, The Boss Of The Foundation Has Turned Into Ashes6 months ago099 Have You Noticed That This Dragon Looks Very Tired?6 months ago100 Imagination Is Gradually Weakening, And Our Power Is Becoming Weaker And Weaker.6 months ago