American Comics: Wife Wanda Becomes Omniscient And Omnipotent

American Comics: Wife Wanda Becomes Omniscient And Omnipotent


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Lu Chen traveled to American comics and was already surrounded by dangers. He also became a blind man and started straight into hell.

Fortunately, according to the law of conservation of matter, if you lose something, you will gain something.

He gains the ability to continuously become stronger, becoming stronger by sleeping and drinking water.

In order to find someone to take care of him, Lu Chen went to the black market to buy a wife. He couldn't see it anyway, so she could use it.

Unexpectedly, I married Wanda and came back. Unexpectedly, it was still a water well and the sheets were always wet.

"Tony, are you still using a mecha? I can already crush Vibranium with my bare hands."

"The Flash, you are as fast as a turtle in front of me!"

"Dormammu, lift your head and look into my eyes."

Hela appears? Asgard you three and I seven!

Thanos is coming? Which one do you want, sword or bread... The second son must not be kept!

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001: Lao Lu, Do You Want A Wife Or Not?4 months ago002: Buying A Woman On The Black Market, A Stunning Beauty!4 months ago003: The Woman Is Wanda? In-Depth Communication4 months ago004: This Water Is Serious Water! (Please Give Me Flowers And Comment Votes)4 months ago005: The Four Major Physical Beasts Upgrade, The Terrifying Ability!4 months ago006: Subterranean Termites Can See It. Is This A Blind Person?4 months ago007: Tony Shows Up And You Look For Wanda4 months ago008: Lu Chen Opened His Eyes, There Was Something Inside!4 months ago009: They Miss Your Mouth!4 months ago010: Blind Boxing? Real Or Fake!4 months ago011: Tony Is Curious, What Is He Doing?4 months ago012: Everyone Is Laughing, Only Natasha Romanoff Is Sweating4 months ago013: Top 10 Superheroes, Beauty Rankings4 months ago014: Spider-Gwen? Peter Parker's Excitement!4 months ago015: How Did He Know About Such A Private Matter!4 months ago016: After A While, If You Want To Take The Next Step, You Have To Spend Money!4 months ago017: The Female Superhero Ranks 2Nd In Terms Of Appearance. If You Don’T Agree, Come And Argue!4 months ago018: Captain America Vs Iron Man!4 months ago019: 3 Million Questions, Discover Wanda!4 months ago020: Lu Chen And Tony Meet (Asking For Flower Comment Votes)4 months ago021: My Wife Is Wanda? (Please Give Me Flowers, Please Give Me Flowers)4 months ago022: Call Me Dad (Please Ask For Flowers, Comments And Monthly Votes)4 months ago023: Lorna’S Smile, Gwen’S Curiosity4 months ago024: Ms. Ancient One, You Don’T Want Your Descendant To Have An Accident, Right?4 months ago025: Fishing For Law Enforcement, Leading To Modu4 months ago026: Ancient One Is The Fish4 months ago027: The Conversation Failed, Will You Be Sent Away By The Ancient One? (Please Give Me Flowers And Comment Votes)4 months ago028: Find Someone To Explain It To You.4 months ago029: Communicate With The Trinity God, Emperor Weishan!4 months ago030: Gather The Wool And Gather It On The Gods (No One Is Watching?)4 months ago031: Fooled The Ancient One4 months ago032: Are You Sick?4 months ago033: Maintain Core Competitiveness, God Begs Me To Give Me Magic Power4 months ago034: Maxwell’S Demon, Upgrade Again!4 months ago035: I Am Not Your Believer, We Are Just Cooperating!4 months ago036: Applause In The Library, Bold Wanda!4 months ago037: Stealing Other People’S Things And Making Them Grateful?4 months ago038: Summon The Devil By Name! What's The Devil's Name?4 months ago039: Capture A Demon! (Please Give Me Flowers And Comment Votes)4 months ago040: You Are The Real Devil!4 months ago041: The Strength Soared Rapidly, And A Big Devil Came!4 months ago042: Powerful Demon4 months ago043: Advance To The Great Magician And Gain Demon Transformation!4 months ago044:How Can It Be So Big!4 months ago045: Spoiler Alert, You Have A Daughter!4 months ago046: Pepper Potts Looks Dissatisfied4 months ago047: If You Don’T Admit Your Mistake, I’Ll Eat You!4 months ago048: Build The Dimensional Gate, The Devil’S Counterattack!4 months ago049: The Devil Comes To Sakura Country, Mountains Of Corpses And Seas Of Blood!4 months ago050: Global Shock, Captain America’S Despair4 months ago051: Scorn From S.H.I.E.L.D!4 months ago052: Kill The Demon, Captain America's Shock!4 months ago053:My Name Is Stephen! Crazy To Attract Hatred!4 months ago054: You Mutated Bastard!4 months ago055: Demonic Body, Evolve Again!4 months ago056: Damn It! He's Ten Times More Cruel Than Hulk4 months ago057: A Little Uncomfortable, Swollen...Itchy4 months ago058: Sorry, The Nissan Area Will Temporarily Suspend Updates!4 months ago059: Put All Together, It’S Not As Big As Others.4 months ago060: Do You Use This To Test Cadres?4 months ago061: Isn’T It Inappropriate For You To Recruit Two Girls? (Please Subscribe)4 months ago062: I Just Rub It And Write Inside My Body (Please Subscribe, I Don’T Want To Cut It)4 months ago063 I Thought I Was Cool Enough, But You Were Showier Than Me!4 months ago064: Physical Test, Tony’S Shock4 months ago065: Spider-Gwen Appears, The Beauty Saves The Hero!4 months ago066: The Meeting Of Two Spider-Men4 months ago067: Spider-Gwen’S Identity Exposed4 months ago068: Surrender Or Die4 months ago069: What Level Do You Deserve To Be Called Master?4 months ago070: Gwen Is Jealous And Shows Off Her Figure4 months ago071: Jin Bin’S Treasure, A Huge Harvest!4 months ago072: Lu Chen Is The One Ranked, Gwen Is Shocked4 months ago073: A Man Must Be A Man!4 months ago074: Gwen’S Openness And Intimacy4 months ago075: Test Your Body Strength With Missiles4 months ago076: Odin Is Dying, The Plan Is Ruined?4 months ago077: Treating Odin, I’M Asking You If You Accept It!4 months ago078: Lu Chen’S Way To Become Stronger, The Possibility Of A Second Transformation!4 months ago079: Magic Combined With Technology, A New Path4 months ago080: If You Want To Destroy The World, I Will Accompany You4 months ago