At The Beginning, He Scolded The Principal And Awakened The Strongest Sun God.

At The Beginning, He Scolded The Principal And Awakened The Strongest Sun God.


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[Funny + Hot-blooded and cool text + Sun God System + Infinite Skills + Ferocious Beasts]

When he woke up, Lin Yang traveled to a world where ferocious beasts were raging, Blue Star.

In Blue Star, everyone has a certain probability of awakening their superpowers and becoming a powerful and powerful person.

However, the success rate of Lin Yang's awakening after traveling through time is only one thousandth...

Just when Lin Yang was complaining about the cheating game, the Sun God Altar System appeared!

[Task: scold the principal at the awakening ceremony]

[Reward: Obtain the original sacrifice, awaken the god system]


[Task: Let the school beauty kiss you forcefully]

[Reward: Obtain the advanced sacrifice, the black-eyed red-haired brother, and unlock the A-level earth skill - Desert Burial]


[Mission: The strongest man comes to the academy and fucks him!]

[Reward: Obtain two advanced sacrifice pillars and unlock the S-level thunder skill - Qilin]


Lin Yang: "I am a sunny and cheerful boy, a sunny and cheerful boy~~"

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Chapter 1 The Success Rate Of Awakening Is One In A Thousand, The Sun God Altar System18 days agoChapter 2 Awakening Of The Strongest God System, The Sun God!18 days agoChapter 3 This Classmate, Don’T Let Him Be Robbed By Other Schools!18 days agoChapter 4 A Palm Thunder Shocked The Whole Audience!18 days agoChapter 5 There Is A Turning Point. Teacher, Have You Awakened Any Strange Attributes?18 days agoChapter 6 Amazing Power, Top Universities Offer An Olive Branch?18 days agoChapter 7 Parents Are Shocked, The Vice-Dean Comes To Recruit18 days agoChapter 8 Another God-Type Genius, Your System Is Poisonous, Right?18 days agoChapter 9 New Identity, Flame Of God18 days agoChapter 10 Being Admitted To A Top University In Advance Shocked The Whole School!18 days agoChapter 11 All The Stars Support The Moon, The Darling Of The Media18 days agoChapter 12 Kill The One-Star Vicious Beast, Junior Brother, You Are Very Strong18 days agoChapter 13 Godly Girl Luo Sitong, I Can’T Stand Your Grandma’S Legs!18 days agoChapter 14 Lin Yang’S Toy Was Completely Defeated?18 days agoChapter 15 I Became A Related Household Inexplicably, I’M So Confused18 days agoChapter 16 Can’T Live Without Me? Are We Going To Start Living Together Now?18 days agoChapter 17 Treasure Girl Luo Sitong, The System Has Tricked Me Again!18 days agoChapter 18 Luo Sitong Is Moved? Practicing In The Same Bed?18 days agoChapter 19 The Genius Among Geniuses? Luo Sitong Turns Into A Little Girl In An Instant!18 days agoChapter 20 The Dean Is Very Happy And Gives You A Brave Card!18 days agoChapter 21 Kamikaze Team, Luo Tianming18 days agoChapter 22 It’S Big, Right? Is It As Big As My Fist?18 days agoChapter 23: Heavenly Punishment Organization? If You Don’T Follow Martial Ethics, You Will Be Killed!18 days agoChapter 24 That’S All My Money, The Fourth-Level Strongman Mu Tie!18 days agoChapter 25 Senior Brother Wang Zuan Who Will Help You Make A Lot Of Money, Is This Too Fake?18 days agoChapter 26: Hundreds Of Two-Star Vicious Beasts Are Ignored. Isn’T This Too Exaggerated?18 days agoChapter 27 This Junior Sister Is Awesome, She’S Making A Lot Of Money!18 days agoChapter 28 Try That? Danger, Run!18 days agoChapter 29: Sandstorm Burial Shocked The Whole Audience!18 days agoChapter 30: All Wiped Out With One Move, Lin Yang Made A Huge Profit, And Everyone Else Was Shocked!18 days agoChapter 31: Making 50 Million Wildly, Sneak Attack? No Martial Ethics!18 days agoChapter 32: Faster And Stronger Than You, How Can You Fight?18 days agoChapter 33 Mu Tie Is About To Collapse, A-Level, Lei Qie!18 days agoChapter 34: Kill Decisively And Break The Union Record?18 days agoChapter 35 The Second High School Student In The Country? Luo Sitong Breaks Through!18 days agoChapter 36: Open Sharingan, University Starts!18 days agoChapter 37 Destroyer, No, This Position Belongs To Lin Yang!18 days agoChapter 38 Is This The Second High School Student In Xia Kingdom? A Mediator Genius18 days agoChapter 39 The Genius Among Geniuses? Not As Good As Me!18 days agoChapter 40: I’Ve Been Tortured, Beaten, Beaten, And What’S Next, Do You Understand?18 days agoChapter 41 The Head Teacher Is Also Helpful, Is This Too Much?18 days agoChapter 42 This Is My Territory! Why Are You Fighting Me?18 days agoChapter 43 Being Targeted? Leaving Tomorrow?18 days agoChapter 44: Luo Sitong’S Face Was Distorted Due To His Defense!18 days agoChapter 45: Facing The Top Players, The Strongest Defense, That’S It?18 days agoChapter 46: Illusion Doesn’T Work, Why Is This Guy So Ridiculously Strong!18 days agoChapter 47: Move Copying, My Great Background Exposed?18 days agoChapter 48: Sensational To The Whole School, Meet The Noble Man Again?18 days agoChapter 49 Invite To Dinner? Luo’S Slaughterhouse18 days agoChapter 50 Are You Dumbfounded? You Are A Loser Who Succeeds But Fails!18 days agoChapter 51: Fallen Area No. 9, Level 3 Fierce Beast Tyrant Bear!18 days agoChapter 52 Instantly Kill The Third-Level King Beast And The Fifth-Level Strong Man!18 days agoChapter 53 Mo Li, There Is A Fool Here, Bully Him Quickly!18 days agoChapter 54 Thousand Eyes Impact? Successfully Killed The Fifth-Level Powerhouse!18 days agoChapter 55: Collective Madness? The Fourth-Level Ferocious Beast, The Golden-Horned Giant Rhinoceros18 days agoChapter 56 Lin Yang Comes To The Rescue, God Comes!18 days agoChapter 57 Killed The Fourth-Level Ferocious Beast With Two Moves, Shocking The Audience!18 days agoChapter 58 Ridicule? Sun Fist!18 days agoChapter 59 Why Do You Laugh Harder Than Me? How Can You Still Be Like This?18 days agoChapter 60 The Slaughterhouse Showed Its Power And Shocked The Whole Audience!18 days agoChapter 61 The Giant-Winged Wind Bird Was Frightened, This Human Being Is So Strong And Weak!18 days agoChapter 62 The Idol Of The Freshman, Lin Yang! Shocked The Entire Network!18 days agoChapter 63 The Top Management Is Paying Close Attention To It, How Could It Be Him!18 days agoChapter 64: Taking Advantage Of The Popularity? Lopez Was Dismissed!18 days agoChapter 65 Can Sun Fist Still Be Used Like This? Luo Peici Was Dumbfounded!18 days agoChapter 66 The Most Dazzling Existence, The Witch Hong Mei!18 days agoChapter 67 I Love You So Much That I Go Crazy, And The Beautiful Senior Sister Flies Up!18 days agoChapter 68: Xiao Xiu, Seventh On The Strong List, And Luo Pei Shed Tears When He Resigned!18 days agoChapter 69 The Dean Is Quite Emotional, The Top Ten Powerful People In The College Gathered Together!18 days agoChapter 70 Level 6 Beast King, College Exchange Competition!18 days agoChapter 71 Keep Your Mouth Clean! The Situation Is Serious!18 days agoChapter 72 Let Lin Yang Fight In Our Place!18 days agoChapter 73 I’M About To Collapse, Classmate Lin Yang Is So Fierce!18 days agoChapter 74 I Can’T Arrive? Who Said That?18 days agoChapter 75 What Happened? Is This A Win?18 days agoChapter 76 Sun Fist Doesn’T Work? Is The Trick Cracked?18 days agoChapter 77 Damn It! Referee, This Is A Foul!18 days agoChapter 78 Stop, This Is Not A Duel At All!18 days agoChapter 79 Are You Here To Be Funny? Defeat With Force!18 days agoChapter 80 The Strongest Player, Mu An! Dark Power!18 days agoChapter 81 The Strongest? Nothing More Than That! Defeated In Two Moves!18 days agoChapter 82: Surrender? Shinra Tianzheng!18 days agoChapter 83: Hit Someone But Not Slap In The Face, Wang Han Is About To Collapse!18 days agoChapter 84: One Against Seven? One Move In One Second? That’S Too Much!18 days agoChapter 85 A Super Freshman More Powerful Than Xiao Yuchen? Shocking The Entire Network!18 days agoChapter 86 I’M Not Interested In Weaklings, Come Join Us!18 days agoChapter 87 Little Girl, Your Idea Is A Bit Dangerous!18 days agoChapter 88: Kill Him With One Move, Xuan Bing Long Xiang!18 days agoChapter 89 I Only Fight Elites. If You Want To Fight, I Will Fight On Your Strengths!18 days agoChapter 90 Let’S See The Power Of The Ice Emperor! He Was So Scared That He Peed?18 days agoChapter 91 Envy! I’M So Envious That My Eyes Bleed!18 days agoChapter 92 Is This An Ambush? You Can’T Escape!18 days agoChapter 93 Luo Peici Was Dumbfounded Again. A Powerful Fifth-Level Man Died In The Sewer?18 days agoChapter 94 Are You Ready To Change Jobs? Some People Don’T Know Our Brother Yang’S Name?18 days agoChapter 95 Extermination Organization? Luo Sitong Wants To Fly!18 days agoChapter 96 Luo Keren Was Shocked That He Was Actually In Love To Such An Extent!18 days agoChapter 97 With The Blessing Of The Holy Spirit, Ferocious Beasts Appear In The Shopping Mall!18 days agoChapter 98 Small-Scale Beast Tide! I Recognize Him, He Is Lin Yang, A Classmate From The Gods Training Academy!18 days agoChapter 99 What Is A Super Nanny? I Am The Berserker And Mage!18 days agoChapter 100 It’S Okay To Come Even If You Come! A Shocking Conspiracy?18 days ago