Bald Inspector General Of Naval Headquarters, Supervising Operations At The Top

Bald Inspector General Of Naval Headquarters, Supervising Operations At The Top


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Ron came to the world of pirates. He became bald and became stronger, serving as the Inspector General of Marine Headquarters. From the marshal to the soldier, Ron has the right to punish anyone who fails to do their job or takes advantage of others.

Dare you not work seriously? Ask Ron's fist if he can answer

Sabaody land** island

Kizaru: "Rayleigh, there is someone to supervise the battle. Please forgive me for not being able to use health-preserving swordsmanship this time. I'm going to do it for real. You wish for yourself."

Summit War

Garp lets loose, Kizaru fishes, and Shichibukai has his own agenda?

Ron supervises the whole battle, who dares?

Garp; "Luffy, don't blame grandpa, I really don't dare to let go this time, otherwise you and I will only be worse off!"

Later, Luffy was punched by Garp and knocked out of his *card form.

Kizaru: "Should I shoot the key or Luffy's head? I can't miss it so far and Ron won't notice it, right?"

Later, Kizaru was knocked down by Ron's punch!

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001. The System Is Activated After Becoming Bald And Becoming Stronger?4 months ago002. Kizaru: Chief Inspector? You're Not Here For Me, Are You?4 months ago003. The Man Who Jumped Off The Red Line4 months ago004. Have You Met The Inspector General?4 months ago005.Cp0 Committed Suicide Because Of Poor Protection?4 months ago006. Take Action! Serious? ....An Ordinary Punch!4 months ago007. Inspector General, Rectify Military Appearance And Discipline4 months ago008. I’Ll Give You Ten Minutes. If You Can’T Finish Sorting It Out, Get Out.4 months ago009. Bronze Level Treasure Chest Lottery4 months ago010. It Seems That Marine Is Not Very Welcoming To The Inspector General.4 months ago011. The Blood Shed For Justice Cannot Be Allowed To Cool Down!4 months ago012. Greed For Temporary Success Will Ruin A Lifetime Of Fame. Liquidating Smoker4 months ago013. Sengoku: He’S Slapping Us In The Face4 months ago014. Come On, Take Crocodile Out4 months ago015. How Did Marine Suddenly Become So Reliable?4 months ago016. Having A Background Means Being Tough, And You Must Give An Explanation!4 months ago017.The Inspector General Has So Much Power4 months ago018. Public Execution Shichibukai Crocodile4 months ago019.Execution! The Joyful Justice4 months ago020. If I Can’T Offend Ron, Why Can’T I Offend You?4 months ago021. Obtain The Silver Treasure Chest4 months ago022. Ron Is Terrible! Everything Is Under His Control4 months ago023.Don’T Panic, This Is Just Ron’S Daily Training4 months ago024. Really Artificial Rainfall! The Power Of A Punch4 months ago025. Capture Fire Fist Ace!4 months ago026. Ron Supervises The Battle! The Terrifying Great Flame Ring: Emperor Yan4 months ago027. If You Don’T Know Haki, You Can’T Deal With Logia?4 months ago028. Give Way And Stop Me From Punching4 months ago029. Ron Punches Ace Instantly, Conqueror's Awakening4 months ago030. By Coincidence, Garp And Aokiji Went To The Seven Waters Capital To Catch Luffy4 months ago031. Supervisor Garp Arrests Luffy, How Dare You Let Him Go?4 months ago032. Ron’S Aura Calms Garp Aokiji4 months ago033. Luffy Is Garp’S Bottom Line! Who Dares To Really Catch Him?4 months ago034. Garp’S Neck Feels Cold, Ron’S Smile Hides A Knife4 months ago035. Morning Exercise! In Comparison, The Soldiers I Lead Are Sissies!4 months ago036.Power Increases Again! Rescue People At Sea4 months ago037. Is Kirby A Qualified Marine?4 months ago038. I Have Bailed Out The Person From Cp9 And Revoked The Wanted Order.4 months ago039.Did You Offend The Five Elders? No, It’S Someone From Above!4 months ago040. From Now On, Let The Inspector General Do Whatever You Want!4 months ago041. How To Find Luffy On Such A Big Island?4 months ago042. The Bronze Treasure Chest Once Again Contains Good Things4 months ago043. Ron: You're Welcome, The Compass Can Locate Luffy4 months ago044. Untie The Knot In Aokiji’S Heart And Make A Break With The Past4 months ago045. Give Garp A Good Beating4 months ago046. First Battle Supervision! Attack Garp.4 months ago047. Luffy, Grandpa Is Here To Catch You.4 months ago048. Ron: Garp! You Take Action Yourself4 months ago049. Garp’S Terrifying Strength, One Punch Can Kill A Kid4 months ago050. Garp, Try Letting The Water Go Again, Don’T Force Me To Beat You.4 months ago051.Want To Run? Break The Sonny With One Punch4 months ago052.Removed From The Post Of Garp Marine Vice Admiral4 months ago053. You Have To Be Polite When The Five Elders Come.4 months ago054. I Just Let It Go, What Can I Do?4 months ago055. Garp, You're Inflated! Ronvs Garp4 months ago056. Garp Was Confused: Stop Lying, You Weren’T Even Hurt!4 months ago057. Ron: It's My Turn To Attack, A Normal Punch! (Please Customize)4 months ago058. After Being Beaten By Garp, I No Longer Dare To Let Go And Want To Start A New Life.4 months ago059. Kizaru Volunteered To Go To The Sabaody Archipelago. Isn’T It Suspicious?4 months ago060. Find The Ancient Weapon Pluton, And Supervise The Battle Of Kizaru On Sabaody Island.4 months ago061.Open The Golden Treasure Chest! Plan To Strengthen The Army And Create A Powerful Army4 months ago062. The Amazing Talent Of One-Punch Physique, The Universal Flow-Water Rock-Shattering Fist4 months ago061. Moria: Did This Bald Man Wander Into My Place By Mistake? Bad Luck4 months ago062. The Way The Boss Haki Appears, Everyone In The Marine Headquarters Is In Danger4 months ago063. Kizaru Fell Asleep During A Meeting And Was Punched Away By Ron.4 months ago064. Still Want To Practice Swordsmanship? Supervise Kizaru To Fight Rayleigh4 months ago065. Kizaru Fought Too Hard And Was Kicked To Bits By Ron.4 months ago066. Kizaru’S Skills Destroyed Residents’ Houses And Received A Beating From Ron.4 months ago067. Kizaru Vs. Straw Hat Crew: Why Is This So Embarrassing? Waiting Online4 months ago068. Ron: Lift Your Legs For Half An Episode? Do You Think I'll Beat You?4 months ago069. After Being Beaten, Kizaru Dared Not Let Go Anymore And Immediately Went To Beat Rayleigh.4 months ago070. Sorry Rayleigh, Someone Is Supervising The Battle. I Am Serious.4 months ago071. Once The Wages Are Paid, Four Emperors Will Be Wasted! What About Rayleigh?4 months ago072. The Top Executioner Will Get +1. Save A Few More To Kill Them Together To Get A Good Ranking.4 months ago073. Kizaru Had To Get Off Work On Time At Five O'clock And Was Beaten Again4 months ago074. Kizaru: I Work Overtime Voluntarily, No One Forces Me!4 months ago075. Celestial Dragons Knelt Down And Begged For Mercy, But Were Expelled By Ron Mariejois4 months ago076. Harvest Of The Silver Treasure Chest, The Mecha Beyond The Pacifist4 months ago077. Vegapunk Is Confused, This Technology Is 500 Years Ahead Of Me4 months ago078. Kizaru: Listen To My Explanation, I Am Really Not An Undercover Revolutionary Army Agent!4 months ago079. Kizaru Almost Cried And Beat Up Luffy To Prove His Innocence.4 months ago080. Kizaru Leads Troops To Attack The Revolutionary Army Headquarters And Capture Luffy And His Son.4 months ago081. Ace Is Publicly Executed, And The Battle For The Top Officially Begins.4 months ago082. Garp Returns To The Team, Ron Inspects Before The War4 months ago083. Two Actors Show Off Their Acting Skills? Kizaru And Garp Team Up To Release Water4 months ago084. When Marine Was In A Meeting, Ming’S Legs Were Placed On The Table And He Got A Discount On His Legs If He Took Them Out.4 months ago085. "10", "You Think You Can Defeat Me In Ten Minutes?" "9, 8, 7..."4 months ago086. That Old Lady, Don’T Look Up And Down At Others, Hancock Said, What About You?4 months ago087. During Marine’S Meeting, The Empress Made A Gesture Of Contempt, And Ron Taught Her How To Be A Good Person.4 months ago088. Tamed Shichibukai! Sengoku, Please Watch, I Will Only Demonstrate Once4 months ago089. Sengoku: Are You Teaching Me How To Do Something?4 months ago090. To Tame An Arrogant Woman, You Need To Spank Her.4 months ago091. Ron Took It Upon Himself To Tame The Empress And Bow Her Head To Me.4 months ago092. Pa~ The Empress Is Hopeless And Will Beat You Until You Are No Longer Arrogant.4 months ago093. Garp Is In A Dilemma. His Grandson And Son Are Here, How Can He Let Go?4 months ago094. At The Top Of The Battle, The White Regiment Attacked, Ron Ordered Pluton To Fire!4 months ago095. Aren’T You Active And Waiting To Be Beaten? Kizaru Turned Into A Model Worker And Took The Lead.4 months ago096. Kizaru Was Kicked Away By Marco? Dare To Act? Ron Teaches You How To Be A Good Person On The Spot4 months ago097. Kizaru: I’Ve Done All The Work, And You’Ve Done All The Pretending.4 months ago098. Akainu Meteor Volcano Affected The Marine Soldier And Was Kicked Away4 months ago