Beast Control: I Ate The Mythical Beast And It Became Endangered!

Beast Control: I Ate The Mythical Beast And It Became Endangered!


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Lin Chen traveled to the world of beast control and awakened the dual beast control talents [Glutious Soul] and [Sharing] at the beginning!

As long as you eat the ferocious beast, you can obtain the ferocious beast's strongest skill.

And you can [share] the acquired skills with your pet beasts to make them stronger!

Eat the immortal phoenix and gain the magical skill [Immortality]!

Eat the ancient divine dragon and obtain the magical skill [Ancient Holy Dragon Body]!

Eat the Chaos Creation Tree and obtain the magical skill [God of Creation]!

Divine beasts: "Brother, please don't eat it, we are all endangered!"

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Chapter 1 As A Time Traveler, Cheating Is Reasonable!3 months agoChapter 2 The Mutated Little White Tiger Gets [Reinforced Iron Bone] And [Power Fury]!3 months agoChapter 3 The Contract Was Successful, Breakthroughs Were Made One After Another, The God Of Beast Control? !3 months agoChapter 4 Provincial Special Training Camp Selection!3 months agoChapter 5 The Power Of Lin Chen’S Pet Beast Shocked Everyone!3 months agoChapter 6: Fight Against The Senior Sister And Crush Her Directly!3 months agoChapter 7 Sensation To The School, 10 Million Reward!3 months agoChapter 8 A Buffet Of Ferocious Beast Meat, Is There Such A Good Thing? !3 months agoChapter 9 Confused Boss, What Kind Of Monster Is This?3 months agoChapter 10 The Power And Strength Of [The Flame Of All Things] Has Increased Again!3 months agoChapter 11 Su Qingning’S Pet Beast Wakes Up, With A New Skill [King’S Shock]!3 months agoChapter 12 The Beast Masters Association Buys Ferocious Beast Meat In Large Quantities!3 months agoChapter 13: Become Stronger By Eating The Meat Of Ferocious Beasts, An Unprecedented Training Method3 months agoChapter 14: Strength Surges, Special Training Camp Selection Test Begins!3 months agoChapter 15 Other School Principals: What Kind Of Monster Is Lin Chen? !3 months agoChapter 16 Two Words - Killing Indiscriminately!3 months agoChapter 17 Selection Test Ranking, Lin Chen Is Far Ahead!3 months agoChapter 18 A Real Dragon Is Coming Out Of Jianghai City, Let’S Go To The Special Training Camp!3 months agoChapter 19 Geniuses Gather Together, Phoenix Fire Dances, [Phoenix Flame]!3 months agoChapter 20 Special Training Camp Training Location: Tianbei Secret Realm!3 months agoChapter 21 The Mysterious Tianbei Secret Realm, Emperor-Level Racial Qualifications!3 months agoChapter 22 Obtain Healing Skills, [Super Speed ​​Recovery]!3 months agoChapter 23 Who Dares To Fight With Me? !3 months agoChapter 24 Damn It, How Did You Get Killed? !3 months agoChapter 25 Lin Chen Shocked The Entire Special Training Camp!3 months agoChapter 26 Resource Library, Exchange For Life Vermillion Fruit!3 months agoChapter 27 Breakthrough: Growth Level, General Level 1!3 months agoChapter 28 Special Functions Of The Beast Control Space3 months agoChapter 29 Terrifying Strength, Killing Generals And Third-Level Ferocious Beasts Instantly!3 months agoChapter 30 General Of The Eighth Level? Just Kill Him!3 months agoChapter 31 Obtain [Insight Of The Fire Eye], A Third-Level Beast Control Resource!3 months agoChapter 32 Breakthrough, [Flame Of All Things] Improves, Fly Together!3 months agoChapter 33 Evolution Holy Water, Evolve Hu Zi!3 months agoChapter 34 The Mid-Level Emperor Race Is Fully Improved And Completely Transformed!3 months agoChapter 35 The Special Training Camp Beast Control Competition Begins!3 months agoChapter 36 What The Hell! A Fifth-Level General?! An Intermediate Emperor?!3 months agoChapter 37 Attractive Rewards, First Place Must Be Won!3 months agoChapter 38 The Battle Of The Top Eight, A Crushing Battle!3 months agoChapter 39 All Give Up? Su Qingning Vs Han Li3 months agoChapter 40 The Final Battle, Lin Chen Vs Feng Huowu!3 months agoChapter 41 The Power Of The Fire Phoenix, Lin Chen’S Pet Beast Can Also Fly?3 months agoChapter 42 Showdown, Hu Zi’S True Strength!3 months agoChapter 43 Lin Chen Wins And Takes First Place In The Beast Control Competition!3 months agoChapter 44 Jiuji Thunder Lion Meat, Obtain The [Thundering Thunder] Skill!3 months agoChapter 45 Thunder Pond, The First Battle With A Lord-Level Beast!3 months agoChapter 46 New Combination Of Skills, Seriously Injured Feng Huowu3 months agoChapter 47 Fire Dragon Bodhi, An Emperor-Level Beast Control Resource!3 months agoChapter 48 Su Qingning And Feng Huowu Meet, Shura Field Is Coming? !3 months agoChapter 49 [Soul Eater] Skill Obtained, Volcano Lava Cave!3 months agoChapter 50 Fierce Battle With The Fire Linlong, This Is The Moment We Have Been Waiting For!3 months agoChapter 51 The Second Pet Beast, Ice And Fire Linlong, Lin Chen’S Strength Skyrocketed! (First Order Required)3 months agoChapter 52 Xueer Transforms Into A Little Fox Girl, Huzi And Dragon Baby Both Break Through, And Have Legendary Racial Qualifications!3 months agoChapter 53 Lin Chen: An 18-Year-Old Lord-Level Beastmaster, But His Strength Is Comparable To That Of A King-Level Sixth Or Seventh-Level Beast!3 months agoChapter 54 [Taotie Soul] Evolves Again? The Terrifying Forbidden Land Of Death!3 months agoChapter 55 Lin Chen Earns 100 Million Points! Redeem Resources Like Crazy And Your Strength Will Soar!3 months agoChapter 56 The Final Test Of The Special Training Camp, Lin Chen Shocked Everyone With Two Lord-Level Pet Beasts!3 months agoChapter 57 Come On Together, I'm In A Hurry!3 months agoChapter 58 Lin Chen Crushes Xuannan Province Alone, How Should You Respond?3 months agoChapter 59 The Bones Of The White Tiger, Hu Zi’S Opportunity To Break Through The Legendary Qualifications!3 months agoChapter 60: The Secret Realm Changes, Lin Chen Kills The King-Level Beast In Public!3 months agoChapter 61 The Baby Dragon Shows Off His Power, And Everyone Regards Lin Chen As A God!3 months agoChapter 62: The Tiger Fuses With The Bones Of The White Tiger. My Daughter, You Are Miserable, You Have Fallen In Love!3 months agoChapter 63: Mom, Help You Snatch Lin Chen Over, The National Beast Control Assessment Begins!3 months agoChapter 64 Lin Chen Detonates The Examination Room! Ninth Level Lord, Legendary Racial Qualifications!3 months agoChapter 65: Temporarily Ranked First In The Country! Who Is This Lin Chen? !3 months agoChapter 66 The Geniuses Of The Three Major Beast-Controlling Families Take The Beast-Controlling Combat Assessment!3 months agoChapter 67: A Vicious Beast Is Coming To Protect The City. It Is Still Unknown Who Will Be Killed First!3 months agoChapter 68 The Whole Country Is Shocked, What Kind Of Monsters Are There In Tianbei Province!3 months agoChapter 69 Genius Has Its Limits, The Girl Riding A Mechanical Dragon!3 months agoChapter 70 Xia Xuanji Scored Full Marks And Lin Chen Appeared!3 months agoChapter 71 Lin Chen Is Speedrunning! No. 1 In The Actual Combat Test Of Beast Control!3 months agoChapter 72 The Battle Of The Hundreds Begins, The Ruins Of The Mist, The Beast-Controlling Version Of The Chicken Game!3 months agoChapter 73 The Top 100 People In The Country Gathered Together, Lin Chen And King Xia Xuanji Faced Off!3 months agoChapter 74 Eye In The Sky, The Legendary Second-Level Beast! Lin Chen Fights One Against Two!3 months agoChapter 75 Feeling Of Love? A Fateful Showdown! The Final Battle Is Coming!3 months agoChapter 76 Lin Chen Vs Mo Chan! How Did You Know That Lin Chen Was Using All His Strength When He Merged And Transformed?3 months agoChapter 77 Thinking About It, Su Qingning And Feng Huowu Are Both Lin Chen’S Girlfriends? !3 months agoChapter 78 Lin Chen Vs Xia Xuanji, Lin Chen’S True Strength! The Top Candidate In The National Beast-Controlling Examination!3 months agoChapter 79 Lin Chen Reaches The Top, And All The Major Beast-Controlling Families And Beast-Controlling Universities Are Recruiting Lin Chen Like Crazy!3 months agoChapter 80 The Reward For The No. 1 Scholar: Heart Of The Void! The Heart Of The Legendary Ninth Level!3 months agoChapter 81 Good Guy, In Order To Recruit Lin Chen, You Used A Honey Trap? !3 months agoChapter 82: Make An Agreement With Mo Chan To Contract A Mechanical Beast? Lin Chen’S Final Choice!3 months agoChapter 83 Lin Chen Confronts The Feng Family Of The Imperial Capital! Imperial Beast Control University, Xia Family, And Moh Family Fully Support!3 months agoChapter 84 Lin Chen Devoured [Heart Of The Void], Upgraded The Beast Control Space, And Evolved [Glutious Soul]!3 months agoChapter 85: The Strength Surges, Huzi Breaks Through To The King Level! Racial Qualifications Break Through To Mid-Level Legend!3 months agoChapter 86 Lin Chen Returns To Jianghai And Is Greeted By Millions Of People! [Lord Of The Void] Is So Terrifying!3 months agoChapter 87 The Mother-In-Law Looks At Her Son-In-Law, And The More She Looks At Him, The More She Likes Him! Two Women Serving One Husband Together? !3 months agoChapter 88 Feng Linglong Stayed At Lin Chen’S House And Didn’T Want To Leave! In The Event Of A Sudden Disaster, Let’S Go To The Secret Land Of Tianbei Together!3 months agoChapter 89 The Ninth Level Of The Emperor! Kill A Dozen King-Level Mutated Ferocious Beasts Instantly! The Weird Secret Realm Of Tianbei3 months agoChapter 90: Strange Tentacles Massacre All The Beastmasters, Lin Chen Takes Action To Turn The Tide!3 months agoChapter 91 Another Crisis, A Thousand-Meter-Long Worm! Lin Chen And Feng Linglong Attack Together!3 months agoChapter 92 The Deepest Part Of Tianbei’S Secret Realm, [The Tentacle Of The Evil God], The Source Of The Mutation!3 months agoChapter 93 The Power Of The Evil God, The Terrifying Soul Attack, Feng Linglong’S Soul Is About To Collapse!3 months agoChapter 94 Lin Chen And Feng Linglong’S Souls Merge, The Only Way To Save Feng Linglong!3 months agoChapter 95: Killing The Tentacles Of The Evil God, The Tianbei Secret Realm Collapses, And Lin Chen Absorbs The Power Of Space!3 months agoChapter 96 Lin Chen Breaks Through The Legendary Beast-Controlling Space, Masters The Level [Lord Of The Void], Teleports Hundreds Of Kilometers, And Further Improves His Strength!3 months agoChapter 97 The Gu Family Comes To Propose Marriage To Feng Linglong? Lin Chen: This Is My Woman!3 months agoChapter 98 Lin Chen, An 18-Year-Old Young Man, How Could He Be Feng Linglong’S Man? !3 months agoChapter 99: Anger Turns Beauty Into Beauty! Dare To Touch Lin Chen? First, Consider Whether The Gu Family Has Enough Weight!3 months agoChapter 100 Feng Huowu’S True Life Experience, The Kiss Of Love Under The Moonlight!3 months ago