Black Basketball: Before The Miracle Happened, I Had Already Won The Championship

Black Basketball: Before The Miracle Happened, I Had Already Won The Championship


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He passed through the black basket, but he rose sharply. He was in the same class as the five generals who were built in Hongcun and had no championship.

With the assistance of the ‘Slam Dunk Mobile Game System’, before Generation of Miracles joined the team, Shigure Akito and Nijimura Shuzo had already led Teikō to win the championship.


The first-mover advantage of the seniors who are one year apart is fully demonstrated!

In the second grade of junior high school, ‘Generation of Miracles’ bloom one after another?

Shigure Akito, who has been playing for one more year, said that Fujima Kenji "Green Light", Shinichi Maki "Emperor Consciousness", Miyagi Ryota "Electric Light"...

I have more flowers than you!

In the first year of high school, Generation of Miracles has taken a step further and opened a big 'zone'?

Shigure Akito, who has been in the high school basketball world for another year ahead of schedule, said that your seniors are still seniors, the legendary Kaede Rukawa's "ghost spirit", Hisashi Mitsui's "Burning Man", Sakuragi Hanamichi's "glorious moment"...

Sorry, even in high school, I, Shigure Akito, won the championship!

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Chapter 001: ‘Slam Dunk Mobile Game System’ Has Been Loaded!4 months agoChapter 002: Hair With Natural Color Is The Only One That Is Popular In This World!4 months agoChapter 003: Hongcun Building ‘What Are You Looking At? ’!4 months agoChapter 004: I Can’T Remember The Techniques, All I Can Think About Is Violence!4 months agoChapter 005: ‘Stand Firm And Soft For Three Points’ And ‘Watch The Moon And Retreat’!4 months agoChapter 006: Ultimate Move·Freeze Moment, The Opponent Is Knocked Down!4 months agoChapter 007: Obtain General Data Player ‘Kiyota Nobunaga’!4 months agoChapter 008: Two Such Magnificent Rough Stones Appeared At Once!4 months agoChapter 009: The ‘Retreat Instant Attack’ Disguised As ‘Wangyue Retreat’!4 months agoChapter 010: Hongcun Xiuzhuo’S Style Is Calm Observation And Judgment? !4 months agoChapter 011: Maybe Shigure Akito Is The Type Who Likes To Hide His Strength?4 months agoChapter 012: Didn’T You Eat? Grasshoppers Can Jump Higher Than You!4 months agoChapter 013: At That Moment, Shirogane Kozo Saw The Blood And Oxygen Belonging To Teikō!4 months agoChapter 014: Which One Should I Choose Between ‘Freeze Moment’ And ‘Reflexive Back Dunk’?4 months agoChapter 015: Head-On Confrontation? Hehe~ What A Joke!4 months agoChapter 016: Shigure Akito Vs. Nijimura Shuzao, Shigure Akito Wins!4 months agoChapter 017: When Will The Moment Of Talent Bloom Come?4 months agoChapter 018: Is This A Direct Slash, And It’S All About Drawing Cards?4 months agoChapter 019: Shigure And Nijimura Are Causing Trouble In The First Army!4 months agoChapter 020: Is It The Reserve Talent That Suddenly Burst Out From Teikō’S Second And Third Years?4 months agoChapter 021: Shigure Akito Comes On The Stage, Everyone Stands Up!4 months agoChapter 022: Are You Two In First Grade? Are You Kidding Me? !4 months agoChapter 023: What Kind Of Old Man In The Field Is Fishing With Me And Reiji Fukaya, Right? !4 months agoChapter 024: If You Want More, Admire Your Opponent’S Stiff And Helpless Expression!4 months agoChapter 025: I Just Chose The Most Stable Way To Win!4 months agoChapter 026: Don’T Move! Prevent Him From Breaking Through! He Has No Three-Pointers!4 months agoChapter 027: Hongcun Xiu, The Man With Thick Eyebrows And Big Eyes, Actually Did It!4 months agoChapter 028: It Just Means That Everyone Thinks I Am Stronger Than Hongcun, Right?4 months agoChapter 029: You Are Really Fair And Just! Fukaya-San!4 months agoChapter 030: If You Can Do It, I Can Consider Your Starting Position~!4 months agoChapter 031: ‘Training Data Players’ Shouldn’T Just Take Off Right Away?4 months agoChapter 032: Is It A Fadeaway Shot? And It's A Fadeaway From Outside The Three-Point Line!4 months agoChapter 033: Since The Fourth Quarter, Has One Minute Passed?4 months agoChapter 034: The Whole Stadium Was Silent After Being Forced Enough!4 months agoChapter 035: Ultimate Move: Flying And Cutting The Ball, Jet Propelling!4 months agoChapter 036: Shigure Akito Got Inspiration From Reo Minoru!4 months agoChapter 037: Let The Entire Middle School Basketball World Remember Their Existence!4 months agoChapter 038: Okayama Middle School Who Has Been Strong All The Way To Create The Okayama Miracle!4 months agoChapter 039: Calabash Baby Saves Grandpa, 1 In A Row 5!4 months agoChapter 040: One Side Is Sluggish, And The Other Side Is Full Of Momentum!4 months agoChapter 041: Enjoying The Moment Of Falling To The Ground Like A Baby!4 months agoChapter 042: Those Timid Eyes Will Become Your Nourishment To Become Stronger!4 months agoChapter 043: What? That Guy From Nijimura Leads The Team To A Comeback With A Double-Double In A Single Quarter? !4 months agoChapter 044: The Moment When I Was Most Confident In Saying ‘Victory Is Everything’!4 months agoChapter 045: The Next Starting Task Will Be Left To You!4 months agoChapter 046: Kotaro Hayama? A Member Of The First Army, Shigure Akito Requests To Fight!4 months agoChapter 047: Can This Kind Of Thing Be Called A Retreat? Don't Make Me Laugh!4 months agoChapter 048: Respect Me On This Matter!4 months agoChapter 049: Before The Perfect Win, Platinum Gengzao’S Devilish Training!4 months agoChapter 050: He Is Just Arrogant And Regards ‘Victory’ As A Natural By-Product!4 months agoChapter 051: Those Two Starting First-Year Players Are The Breakthrough!4 months agoChapter 052: Two Teikō First-Year Students, In Turn, Penetrated Ohito Middle School!4 months agoChapter 053: This Year’S Teikō Seems To Be A Bit Outrageous, Ohito Middle School Is In Trouble!4 months agoChapter 054: The Two Stars Took Action With All Their Strength, Nearly Three Times The Score Difference!4 months agoChapter 055: Super Long Three-Pointer, But, Soichiro Jin!4 months agoChapter 056: God’S Domain, Super Long Three-Pointer, 10 Out Of 12!4 months agoChapter 057: Nijimura And Shigure, Two Monsters On The Inside And Outside!4 months agoChapter 058: ‘Training Data Player’ Akira Sendoh, Fully Prepared For The National Competition!4 months agoChapter 059: The First Game In The Country, Teikō, That Shooting Guard Dangling At The Midline!4 months agoChapter 060: It’S Not That Shigure Can’T Hit Him With Ease, But That Physical Strength Has Its Own Value For Money!4 months agoChapter 061: The Shadow Of Sendoh Is So Scientific. Do You Want To Introduce Himuro Tatsuya To You?4 months agoChapter 062: The Passionate Teikō Lion, Built By Nijimura!4 months agoChapter 063: Shigure And Nijimura Suddenly Have A Scoring Battle!4 months agoChapter 064: The Teikō Twins And The Five Generals’ Team Building On The Wild Court!4 months agoChapter 065: Nebutani Nagakichi ‘Shigure Akito, You Understand So Well’, The Top 8 Battle Against Senzhen!4 months agoChapter 066: I Don’T Need To Hide Any Skills, Because I Have Too Many Skills!4 months agoChapter 067: Everyone Stand Up, Shigure Akito Is Going To Start Showing Off!4 months ago