City: His Understanding Goes Against The Will Of Heaven, And He Creates A Scientific Method Of Cultivating Immortals.

City: His Understanding Goes Against The Will Of Heaven, And He Creates A Scientific Method Of Cultivating Immortals.


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Ning Hao, who was suffering from ALS, was reborn three years ago and awakened to a heaven-defying understanding.

In order to cure the incurable and incurable diseases hidden in the body.

Ning Hao decided to use the golden finger of his heaven-defying understanding to learn modern scientific knowledge and create a scientific method to become an immortal.

Break the shackles of the human race and open up a path to transcendent evolution.

[You study modern medical knowledge, understand the principles of human body operation, and you create the technique of developing human potential! 】

[You study astrophysics and understand the existence of dark matter. You try to use your extremely powerful soul discovery to capture these dark matter and condense your own energy core. You create the dark matter holy embryo condensation method! 】

[You study electromagnetic mechanics and understand the nature of electromagnetic force. You integrate your biomagnetic field into the planet's magnetic field, receive the blessing of the planet's magnetic field, condense the ten thousand feet of Dharma with the power of the infinite magnetic field, absorb the energy of the universe for your own use, and the sky and the earth change color in a single thought. You created the elemental magnetic phase condensation method! 】

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1. His Understanding Is Against The Heavens And He Is Determined To Cultivate Immortality.6 months ago2. Learn Creative Techniques And Extreme Exercise Techniques6 months ago3. After One Month Of Hard Training, The Strength Can Break 100 Kilograms.6 months ago4. The Art Of Regulating Energy And Mastering The Whole Body6 months ago5. The First Step In Scientific Cultivation Of Immortality6 months ago6. The Secret Method Of Forging Bones, The Sound Of Tiger And Leopard Thunder6 months ago7. Is Ning Hao The Reincarnation Of The Immortal Emperor?6 months ago8. Born As A Martial Saint?6 months ago9. The Key To Opening The Era Of Human Evolution6 months ago10. Learn Chinese Martial Arts And Improve Your Own Methods6 months ago11. Nourishing Pills, Sponsored By A Rich Woman6 months ago12. Inner Vision Ability, The Secret Technique Of Tiger And Leopard Thunder Sound Is Obtained6 months ago13. The Perfect Human Being In The True Sense6 months ago14. The Essence Of Dark Energy, Human Body Bioelectric Polymerization Technique (Please Ask For Data And Support)6 months ago15. Is Ning Hao An Alien?6 months ago16. The Capital Of Daozu, The Internal Strength Of The Low-End Version6 months ago17. Fairy Tale? Grandmaster Hua Jin’S Shock6 months ago18. Human Potential Development Technique 2.06 months ago19. The Old Man Who Is As Perfect As A God And Speaks Amazing Words6 months ago20. Biomagnetic Field Condensation Method, Promoted To Huajin Grandmaster6 months ago21. A Vision Appears, Is Ning Hao Going To Become An Immortal?6 months ago22. Kung Fu Iteration, Human Potential Development Technique 3.06 months ago23. Parents Are Shocked, Their Son Has Become An Immortal?6 months ago24. The Genius Of Martial Arts, The Pride Of Parents6 months ago25. The Limit Of Human Theoretical Power Is Reached6 months ago26. The Limit Of Human Skeleton Is Reached, And The Best Friend Is Shocked6 months ago27. My Heart Is Pounding! Friendship Soured?6 months ago28. Talent Determines The Upper Limit, And Character Determines The Future.6 months ago29. Wudang Secret, Five Elements And Six Combination Skills6 months ago30. Advanced Direction Of Chinese Martial Arts, Danjin Theory6 months ago31. Plasma Gold Elixir Condensation Method6 months ago32. The Energy-Gathering Magnetic Field Construction Method Replicates The Formations In Xianxia Novels?6 months ago33. Large Garden Villa, Amazing Effect Of Concentrated Magnetic Field6 months ago34. Ultimate Perception, Perfect Body6 months ago35. Tai Chi Concentrating On Thoughts And Condensing The Yin Spirit?6 months ago36. Two People Compete For Apprentices, Let Ning Hao Be The Young Master Of Wudang?6 months ago37. Master And Apprentice Fight, The Best In The World6 months ago38. Ignoring The Machine Gun Fire, The Leader Of Wudang Was Shocked6 months ago39. Immortality Kung Fu, Breaking The Limit Of Human Lifespan6 months ago40. Complete Human Potential Development Technique, The Promise Of Wudang Leader6 months ago41. After Learning The Thousand-Year Foundation Of Wudang, The Shortcomings Of Human Potential Development Techniques6 months ago42. Brain Transformation, The Most Powerful Qigong·Thirteen Taibao Horizontal Training6 months ago43. Perfect Skin Cultivation, Freedom And Ultimate Mind Power6 months ago44. Be Firm In Your Taoism And Attend Class Reunions6 months ago45. Near The Water, First Get The Moon, Yang Ningning’S Little Abacus6 months ago46. ​​Male Student: Ning Hao, You Really Deserve To Die!6 months ago47. Opening The Eyes Of Heaven And The Mystery Of The Pineal Gland6 months ago48. Fuda Starts School, Causing Commotion At The School Gate6 months ago49. I’M Not Only Afraid That My Best Friend Will Have A Hard Time, But I’M Also Afraid That My Best Friend Will Drive A Land Rover.6 months ago50. Reject Bai Fumei, A Popular Figure On Campus6 months ago51. Fighting For Love And The Palace? The Magic Of Love6 months ago52. The Legendary Superpower? Gods From Heaven Come Down To Earth?6 months ago53. Analysis Of The Three Women, The Chance Of Immortality?6 months ago54. Show Strength And Turn Into Power6 months ago55. Roommate Becomes Younger Brother? The Expectations Of The Girls In The Class6 months ago56. Popular All Over The Internet, The National Male God6 months ago57. Start An Interest Club? Military Training Is About To Begin6 months ago58. Obtain A Private Training Venue6 months ago59. Human Body Instinct Cultivation Technique, The Brain Is About To Reach Its Limit6 months ago60. Turn On The Sixth Sense, The ‘Challenge’ From The Taekwondo Black Belt6 months ago61. Facing The Enemy Blindfolded, Shocking The Audience6 months ago62. The Gaze Is Like A Sword, Scaring The Opponent’S Urine.6 months ago63. The Excitement Of Master Wang Tianhe, The First Person In Ancient And Modern Times6 months ago64. Plasma Elixir Forming6 months ago65. Bullet Time, Magnetic Levitation Flight!6 months ago66. The Method Of Helping People To Condense Elixir, The Method Of Immortal Caressing The Head6 months ago67. Practicing Martial Arts Turns Into Cultivating Immortality? Wang Tianhe’S Jaw Dropped6 months ago68. The Road To Invincibility, The Second Golden Elixir Realm Monk6 months ago69. Fudan Neptune? Find The Direction Of Follow-Up Practice6 months ago70. Perfect Extraordinary Life Form, Magnetized Cells?6 months ago71. Biological Nanoparticles, Future Nobel Prize Winners?6 months ago72. Magnetic Energy Golden Elixir, Void Alchemy6 months ago73. Magnetized Skin, Driven By Electric Current6 months ago74. Fighting Power Surges, Two Women Compete For Husbands6 months ago75. Encounter Bai Fumei By Chance? Real-Life Palace Scheming6 months ago76. When Armed Gangsters Attack, You Have A Sixth Sense Like Radar.6 months ago77. Like Ghosts And Gods Coming, The Gun-Wielding Gangsters Are Frightened6 months ago78. Taking Bullets In Hand, Cosplaying The Famous Scene Of Fire Cloud Evil God6 months ago79. Weird Magnetic Field Sword, Unknown Place6 months ago80. Secret Method, Powerful Hypnosis6 months ago81. The Cells Of The Whole Body Are Magnetized And Promoted To The Middle Stage Of Golden Elixir.6 months ago82. Optimize The Atomic Arrangement Of The Body? Indestructible Vajra Battle Body Cultivation Method6 months ago