Collapse, I Watch Short Videos And Let Otto Die

Collapse, I Watch Short Videos And Let Otto Die


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The Dream Is A Lamborghini
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Su Lin is a Mijia game anchor. In his spare time, he likes to watch short videos, but he doesn't know that the short videos he watched were actually put into the Mihoyo universe.


Starting [Otto in women's clothing, succubus Kevin, famous paintings of social death! ]

Alicia: I didn't expect Kevin to have such a girlish side.

Karen: Otto in women's clothing is actually quite suitable.

When the group of people in the original Bengtie were confused and laughed and cried, the direction of the short video changed again.

[Seeing the immortal flat, inch strength opens the sky spirit! ! ]

Kiana: So squad leader Fu Hua cares so much about this.........

Jingyuan: That is, the general of our Xianzhou? Don't dare to say anything.

Big Gray Xiu: No way, no way, Sister Hua can't really "become bigger".

Various original Bengtie short videos came one after another.

All of a sudden, the style of the entire Mihoyo universe became distorted!

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Chapter 1: Scam Software? No, It Really Can Withdraw Cash19 days agoChapter 2: Shocks From Three Worlds, Honkai Impact 3Rd Female Idol Group19 days agoChapter 3: The Pre-Civilization Era Is Exposed, Collapse And The Antimatter Army19 days agoChapter 4: Otto In Female Costume Appears19 days agoChapter 5 Kevin Is Shy In White Silk, Mei: She Looks Better Than Me19 days agoChapter 6: The Tsundere Girl, Walter, Is Too Desperate To Save Face19 days agoChapter 7 Walter Is The Real Soul Of The Team19 days agoChapter 8 Is This What You're Going To Use To Save Humanity?19 days agoChapter 9: Your Driver's License Has Been Revoked, Xi'er, You Idiot19 days agoChapter 10 Bronya Will Never Scold Seele19 days agoChapter 11 Seele: Sister Bronya Scolded Me?19 days agoChapter 12 Polite Qianjie? It Must Be Fake!19 days agoChapter 13 Mei: He’S Not Scolding Me, Is He?19 days agoChapter 14 Fu Xuan And Walter Hit By Their Own Boomerangs19 days agoChapter 15 Kevin: I'm Just Enjoying The Feeling Of Victory19 days agoChapter 16 Mobius...Grandma?19 days agoChapter 17 Theresa: What A Coincidence, I Am Also A Fusion Warrior19 days agoChapter 18 Otto Is Talking Like A Human Being19 days agoChapter 19: Herrscher? Fighting For Humanity? The Shock Of The Pre-Civilization19 days agoChapter 20 I Am The Murderer Of Your Father, But You Can Recognize Me As Your Father19 days agoChapter 21: Void Wanzang: That Was Done By Otto, Not Me!19 days agoChapter 22 Is Kosmo A Foot Fetishist?19 days agoChapter 23 The Herrscher Of Thunder? Raiden Mei19 days agoChapter 24 It's Over, Grayshu Is A Certified Kosmo Foot Control19 days agoChapter 25: Lolita Under Ten Years Old? Kosmo Is Getting More And More Violent19 days agoChapter 26 Boys Like It Too, Here Comes The Treasure Hunter!19 days agoChapter 27: Versailles Song Title19 days agoChapter 28 Singing, But Singing The Accompaniment...19 days agoChapter 29 It’S Over. I’M Getting More And More Excited. Everyone Knows The Treasure19 days agoChapter 30 I Am The Magical Girl Teriri19 days agoChapter 31 What Is The Relationship Between Theresa In The Parallel World And Me?19 days agoChapter 32: Damn It, Theresa Bullied A Child19 days agoChapter 33 Theresa Is Not A Sister, She Is A Bad Aunt19 days agoChapter 34 Magical Girl X Chuuni Old Woman√19 days agoChapter 35 Magical Girl Transformation, Teriri Appears19 days agoChapter 36 Theresa Becomes A God, One Stick Kills A Quad-Core Herrscher19 days agoChapter 37 Theresa Is Blood-Thirsty, Whoever Comes Will Die!19 days agoChapter 38 The Cat Is So Timid, And You Let It Take The Lead19 days agoChapter 39 The World Everyone Desires, The Golden Courtyard19 days agoChapter 40 Kosmo Is More Terrifying Than A Cat19 days agoChapter 41 The Light Curtain Persecutes Kevin Again, Kevin's Dark History Is About To Be Revealed19 days agoChapter 42 Emperor-Level Honkai Beast Pavanti?19 days agoChapter 43 Is It Something Scary? It’S Kevin!19 days agoChapter 44: Stuck, My Whole Body Is Stuck...19 days agoChapter 45 Because Ji Zi Sacrificed Herself For Her Students...19 days agoChapter 46: Embarrassment In Other Worlds19 days agoChapter 47 Mysterious Person? Jizi's Room Revealed19 days agoChapter 48 Everyone's Feelings About The Captain19 days agoChapter 49: The Rebellious Bunny Flirts With Xi'er19 days agoChapter 50 The Boss Is Here, Xier’S Girlfriend...19 days agoChapter 51 Bronya's Promise, Next Is [Eternal Flame]19 days agoChapter 52: The Ruler Of The Law, The Mob, Appears! The Valkyrie's Crisis19 days agoChapter 53: Saint Freya's Garden Herrscher? Theresa Is Confused19 days agoChapter 54: The Shock Of The Former Civilization Heroes, Herrscher Vs Herrscher!19 days agoChapter 55 The Flame Will Always Burn, Lighting The Way Home!19 days agoChapter 56 Shenzhou Tablet? Large-Scale Fu Huashe Death Scene19 days agoChapter 57 The Lovely Image Of The Red Kite Immortal, Fu Hua: Inch Power·Open The Skull!19 days agoChapter 58: Big Gray Xiu Appears, Fu Hua Is About To Suffer A Second Injury19 days agoChapter 59: Growing Up Has Nothing To Do With Being A Fusion Warrior, Theresa And Fu Hua Are Envious19 days agoChapter 60: The Dimensional Wall Is Punched Through, And The Smart Cleaner Does The Splits In The Air19 days agoChapter 61 Preview, Kevin Vs. The Three Herrschers!19 days agoChapter 62: The Flirty Demon Kevin, The Man-Made Collapse Shocks The Other World19 days agoChapter 63: Instant Kill Of The Three Imperial Families, Invincible Kevin19 days agoChapter 64: The Dance Of Succubus Kevin? Social Death Continues After The Highlight19 days agoChapter 65 The Shocking Truth! Yulan Dell Is The [Real Kiana]! ?19 days agoChapter 66 Otto’S Long-Cherished Wish, 500 Years Of Persistence?19 days agoChapter 67 The Real And Fake Kiana Are Revealed, Otto Is A Scheming Boy!19 days agoChapter 68 Tianyuan Qiying, Kill Him! Krishna!19 days agoChapter 69 Big Duck Appears, Fu Hua Is Injured Three Times19 days agoChapter 70 Preview Of The End Of Honkai Impact 2: Kiana! The Oppression Of World Destruction19 days agoChapter 71: Ji Zi Failed To Awaken Kiana, The True End, And The Frightened Fu Fu19 days agoChapter 72 Black Tiger Afu, On The Initial Feeling Of Oppression In Recognizing Treasures19 days agoChapter 73 The False God Otto Appears, And He Is Actually The God Of Pure Love!19 days agoChapter 74 Domination And Restraint, The Restraining Power That Can Kill Everything In An Instant, Otto Shocked The Multiverse19 days agoChapter 75 Otto Steals The Line Of Shibao, And The Liberation Of The Power Of Imaginary Numbers Shocks The Audience Again19 days agoChapter 76 Sisters Mixed Doubles, Apokalis Says19 days agoChapter 77 Otto's Last Words. Theresa Cries And The Kitchen Magic Disappears19 days agoChapter 78 The Self-Will Of The Imaginary Number Tree, New Changes In The Light Curtain19 days agoChapter 79: The Skyfire Is Drawn Only For The One You Love, The Failed Otto Individual. The True Terror Of The Imaginary Tree19 days agoChapter 80 Kallen Cried Bitterly, "Great Inventor, Please Don't Die." The Most Powerful God Of Pure Love!19 days agoChapter 81 The Consequence Of Forgetting To Finish Off The Enemy, The Audience Is In Despair, The Cunning Imaginary Creation19 days agoChapter 82: Unlucky Void Wanzang, Otto Succeeded! Time And Space Reversal19 days agoChapter 83 Farewell, My Great Inventor! The Pure Love Party Wins, Everyone Sheds Tears19 days agoChapter 84: Making Up For The Last Regret, The Similarities Between Mei And Otto19 days agoChapter 85: Large-Scale Domestic Violence Scene, Kiana Was Beaten By Mei19 days agoChapter 86 Mei, You Really Beat Me To Death! Violent Mei Appears19 days agoChapter 87 Mei's Death, Tachibana's Fortunes Are Great! The Cp That I've Been Supporting Is Back19 days agoChapter 88: Kiana Is Going To Be A Teacher?19 days agoChapter 89: Will-O-Wisp Girl, Turbo Duck, Double Xi Breaks Defense19 days agoChapter 90 Ride On! ! ! Chuuni Bronya, The Ghost Fire Girl19 days agoChapter 91: A Man Remains Young Until His Death. You Can Speak Loudly Now.19 days agoChapter 92 Kiana Was Caught, Mei: I Will Help You Clean Up The Room19 days agoChapter 93: Kiana And Kevin Are Dead Together, Hiding Snacks Is Also Kevin's Inheritance19 days agoChapter 94: How Did The Scumbag Walter Get The Core Of The Holy Fire Judge?19 days agoChapter 95: The Ode Of The Heroes, The Origin Of The Inheritance, And The True Identity Of Alicia Revealed19 days agoChapter 96 Mei's Famous Social Death Scene, "Respond To Me, Alicia"!19 days agoChapter 97: The Bad Woman Alicia Deceives All The Audience And Mei19 days agoChapter 98 Everyone's Heart Is Always Alicia, Mei Starts To Learn Bad Things19 days agoChapter 99: Alicia Always Loves Everyone, Otto Is In Vain19 days agoChapter 100: Ailixia Will Not Disappear, The Sense Of Ritual From The Predecessors,19 days ago