Comics Start With Dominating Marvel

Comics Start With Dominating Marvel


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After traveling through time and becoming a Saiyan, his spaceship accidentally crashed and landed on America's territory in the Marvel world. Broly mainly has two things to do:

First, carve out a territory for the Saiyans here.

Second, carry forward the Saiyan genes and race, and let the excellent blood of the Saiyans be passed down on this land.

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1 Troubled America5 months ago2 I’Ll Bite You To Death!5 months ago3 What's The Matter, Boy?5 months ago4 Farke!5 months ago5 The Value Of Juvenile Mutants5 months ago6 Lots Of Experience Packs5 months ago7 What Do You Think This Is?5 months ago8 Fortitude +55 months ago9 Journey Of Revenge5 months ago10 Don’T Be Nervous5 months ago11 Factories5 months ago12 Sweeping The Factory5 months ago13 Immediately Shocked5 months ago14 Angry Filippoto5 months ago15 Rage Forms5 months ago16 I Don’T Know Whether I Will Live Or Die.5 months ago17 Mutant Factory5 months ago18 Bounties5 months ago19 My Children5 months ago20 Wade Wilson5 months ago21 Raid5 months ago22 Not Taking Action5 months ago23 Mutant’S First Kill5 months ago24 Turn Around5 months ago25 Enemy Attack5 months ago26 Wolf Fang Wind Fist!5 months ago27 Throwing Skills5 months ago28 Accurate Tracking5 months ago29 Burning Gas5 months ago30 Unilateral Crushing5 months ago31 Not Decisive Enough5 months ago32 Yun Dong5 months ago33 Murder, Arson And Recruitment5 months ago34 Bite The Enemy5 months ago35 Concealing The Truth5 months ago36 Escape From Mexico City5 months ago37 Inconspicuous5 months ago38 Combat Power Detection5 months ago39 Revenge5 months ago40 It’S Time To Get To Work5 months ago41 Oolong Transformation Technique5 months ago42 Incitements And Meetings5 months ago43 Broly Memorizes His Lines5 months ago44 Showdown5 months ago45 Shots5 months ago46 She Got Up From Her Seat5 months ago47 The Longed-For Battle5 months ago48 Hell And Bliss5 months ago49 In Battle5 months ago50 Victor5 months ago51 Farewell5 months ago52 Bang!5 months ago53 First Contact5 months ago54 Investment5 months ago55 Phil Phil Coulson Said5 months ago56 Clark Kent5 months ago57 Main Mission 25 months ago58 But It’S Different In The Marvel Universe5 months ago59 Training5 months ago60 Turtle Style Qigong5 months ago61 Move Your Body5 months ago62 Arrive In New York5 months ago63 Continental Hotel5 months ago64 The Only Thing That Can Change Her Future Is Studying Hard5 months ago65 The First Prey5 months ago66 Low Profile Batman5 months ago67 My Foot Slipped5 months ago68 Pigeon Man5 months ago69 Labor5 months ago70 The Official Debut Of Saiyans5 months ago71 Black-Hearted Farmer5 months ago72 Oversight5 months ago73 Tony Is Missing5 months ago74 Major Customers5 months ago75 Ten Rings5 months ago76 The Wind Rises5 months ago77 For This5 months ago78 Fight5 months ago79 I’Ll Beat You To Failure5 months ago80 Cat Demon5 months ago81 The Evil Cat Devil5 months ago82 Ten Rings Headquarters5 months ago83 First Battle5 months ago84 Regenerative Healing Factors5 months ago85 Star Tribulation5 months ago