Comparing The Two Yan Emperors, This Xiao Yan Is So Genius!

Comparing The Two Yan Emperors, This Xiao Yan Is So Genius!


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Forty-Eight O'clock
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Just when Xiao Yan transformed from a cocoon into a butterfly and became Dou Venerable, the trend was achieved!

Contrast live broadcast room comes Dou Qi Continent.

The captured character is none other than the Emperor Yan of the two worlds!

The waste stream and genius stream are online.

Xiao Yan, the Emperor of Fire in the original world, was already good enough. He relied on persistence and belief to enter the Continent and continuously achieved brilliant results.

However, Yan Emperor Xiao Yan in the parallel world is even more terrifying.

There was no Dou Qi disappearing, no breaking off the engagement, the main Peak Genius flow started and pushed all the way to the end.

There is no frustration and regret from Xiao Yan!

All he has is great talent and a legendary experience that is like a dream.

"I'm sorry for his experience if he doesn't become Emperor Dou!"

This is what everyone is thinking.

The experience of the genius Liuyan Emperor is that he is a true son of God and is favored by heaven.

Xiao Yan: Gan, I envy him so much.

Hun Tiandi: In the battle between the two emperors, you asked me to fight him, and I was a little panicked...

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