Comprehensive Manga: Sharingan Technique, Starting From Daily Episodes

Comprehensive Manga: Sharingan Technique, Starting From Daily Episodes


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Meng Xinghong
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When he woke up, Natsukawa found that he had traveled through time and became a high school student.

The high school is the merger of Sobu High and Toyosaki, as well as Shuchiin and Totsuki Academy.

I originally thought this was the daily world of anime, but until I met Yotsuya Miko from the next class, everything started to go wrong.

Monsters, ghosts, conjurers, etc.

There are more and more strange things that are not part of daily life!

Fortunately, Natsukawa has Sharingan, and negative energy can be turned into supplementary materials for the evolution of his eyes.

All the weird things help Natsukawa become the strongest, and he is also on the road of getting stronger while removing spirits.

But in addition to becoming stronger, there are inevitably more and more outstanding beautiful girls around.


Yotsugamiko: "Please help me, Natsukawa-san."

Mai Sakurajima: "Only you can see me."

Kasumigaoka Shiu: "They are all beautiful girls. Is this how you want to revive the family?"

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01: This Comic Book World Is Not Ordinary4 months ago02: Gao Zongwu’S Current Deposit4 months ago03: Yotsuya Mitsuko’S Surprise4 months ago04: Xia Shizi Autograph Session4 months ago05: The First Boy To Actively Join4 months ago06: Bus Evil Spirit4 months ago07: Super Magician, Xia Youjie4 months ago08: Kasumigaoka Shiyu’S Reward (Please Ask For Flowers And Monthly Tickets)4 months ago09: Compulsory Teaching From Senior Students4 months ago10: Panxing Cult4 months ago11: Gift From Xia Youjie, The Power Of Kaleidoscope4 months ago12: Unlimited Eye Technique4 months ago13: Conquer Fire, Extinguish Fire4 months ago14: Different Treatment Of Flowers Of High Mountains4 months ago15: Miura Yuko’S Thoughts4 months ago16: Reviving The Family’S Mission4 months ago17: Public Target4 months ago18: Yumiko Launches Offensive4 months ago19: If You Ask Your Son For Help, Any Reward Is Fine!4 months ago20: Everything Has Happened To This Unlucky Kid.4 months ago21: Confession4 months ago22: Compensation For Overnight Stay4 months ago23: The Special Yotsuya Family4 months ago24: Father-Daughter Reconciliation4 months ago25: Son-In-Law Of The Yotsuya Family4 months ago26: This Broken Shrine, You Really Came To The Right Place!4 months ago27: Exorcise The Mountain God4 months ago28: Comparable To Amaterasu, Who Is A Must-Win In The Field4 months ago29: The Other Side Of A Good Girl Needs To Be Mined Slowly.4 months ago30: Turn From Defense To Offense And Make It Public To Each Other4 months ago31: Create A Community4 months ago32: The Truth Is The Sharpest Knife4 months ago33: He Is Not A Bad Person Either4 months ago34: The Mysterious Mai Sakurajima4 months ago35: A Wet Nurse In Every Sense Of The Word4 months ago36: I Want To Join The Exorcism Department4 months ago37: December Is A Special Month4 months ago38: The Shinomiya Zaibatsu4 months ago39: Create A World Without Monkeys4 months ago40: Add Weight And Eat Again4 months ago41: Transform Again4 months ago42: A Stronger Genius Is On My Side!4 months ago43: Powerful Eyes4 months ago44: The Hotel Is The Real Purpose4 months ago45: Sisters Under Yukinoshita4 months ago46: The Most Desired Gift This Year4 months ago47: The Shinomiya Family’S Plan4 months ago48: Undercover4 months ago49: Cheer Up4 months ago50: Arrive In Shinjuku4 months ago51: Blur4 months ago52: Siege4 months ago53: Will Win4 months ago54: I’M Really Sorry That I Couldn’T Make You Happy4 months ago55: Postwar Hotspots4 months ago56: Lily Chuanhua Doesn’T Mind4 months ago57: Nakabuki’S Gojo Satori4 months ago58: Ming Ming: Contact That Monster? Need More Money!4 months ago59: Indelible Black History4 months ago60: Mai Sakurajima Comes To Visit4 months ago61: Propagating Offspring Is A Top Priority For The Family.4 months ago62: Lily Chuanhua Misexpressed Her Feelings4 months ago63: Mai Sakurajima Moves In4 months ago64: Cook4 months ago65: A Visitor From A High School Is Invited To Treat You.4 months ago66: Special Spell, Su Nuo Finger4 months ago67: Thousand-Year-Old Immortal Soul4 months ago68: Su Nuo, Your Frightened Expression Is Still Very Interesting.4 months ago69: Mingming: How Much Money Can You Give Me?4 months ago70: No, You Came At The Right Time4 months ago71: Birthday Party4 months ago72: The Protagonist Of The Banquet, Shinomiya Kaguya4 months ago73: Miss Kaguya Doesn’T Want To Admit It4 months ago74: Bing Hui Ye4 months ago75: Cancer Of The Earth, Chika Fujiwara4 months ago76: Erina, Give Me A Toast For Grandpa.4 months ago77: Erina: I Will Be Responsible!4 months ago78: If You Don’T Want To, Just Let Yukino Come.4 months ago79: Kaguya Changes, Hayasaka Ai Is Shocked4 months ago80: The Spell Is Lifted And Return To Reality4 months ago81: Kensuo Arrives At Panxing Cult4 months ago82: Kensuo, Kamo Xianlun, Naohua4 months ago83: Death And Migration Plan4 months ago84: Yotsuya Was Panicked When He Saw His Son4 months ago85: Meet My Son And Stay Overnight4 months ago86: Confidence And Trump Cards4 months ago87: Jianzi, Help Me When The Time Comes4 months ago88: Another Su Nuo Finger4 months ago89: It’S That Simple To Get Rid Of Special Curse Spirits4 months ago90: Su Nuo Makes Trouble, Natsukawa Laughs4 months ago91: Miss Kaguya Didn’T Notice4 months ago92: Hayasaka, Just Go Work As A Maid For Natsukawa.4 months ago93: Drop A Cursed Bomb Into Reality4 months ago94: The Holiday Begins, Kasumigaoka Shiyu Starts The Offensive4 months ago95: Shiyu’S Fan Is Yukinoshita Harano? !4 months ago96: Yukinoshita Harano Throws Herself Into Her Arms4 months ago97: Panxing Sect Disbands And Declares A New Era4 months ago98: A Painter Named Eri Kashiwagi4 months ago99: Mai Sakurajima Didn’T Refuse4 months ago100: Yuri Kawaka, The Opportunity To Reverse The Spell4 months ago