Comprehensive Martial Arts: Inheriting The Swordsman In The World! Li Hanyi Confesses

Comprehensive Martial Arts: Inheriting The Swordsman In The World! Li Hanyi Confesses


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A Beloved Man Will Live Forever
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Ye Fan traveled to the world of mixed martial arts and obtained the inheritance of Liu Bai, the human sword master.

He has practiced swordplay silently for twenty years, and I am invincible even one foot in front of him.

Because of a misunderstanding, everyone thought he was devoted to Li Hanyi.

"Stop wishful thinking, Xueyue Sword Immortal Li Hanyi is not yours to climb..."

Li Hanyi said: "Ye Fan, I know your heart, but I already have my heart..."

"When did I become obsessed with you?"

Li Hanyi "Don't explain, I know you feel uncomfortable, but I really can't accept you..."

Ye Fan martial arts Great Completion, defeated Chen Zhibao, defeated Li Chungang, Martial Emperor fought against Martial Emperor at the head of the city.

Everyone thinks that Ye Fan, because of love and hatred, defeated everyone in the world, and proved to Li Hanyi that he...

Li Hanyi looked at the back of Ye Fan standing in Martial Emperor City: "Why bother, defeat Wang Xianzhi for me? From today on, I will depend on you for life and death!"

Ye Fan looked at him standing in front of him,...

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Chapter 1 I Am Invincible In The Human World. If I Don’T Fight With Heaven, Who Will I Fight With? ! !5 months agoChapter 2 The Whole World Knows That He Is The Martial Saint In The World!5 months agoChapter 3 What Cultivation Base Is Achieved? At Least He Can Kill The Master Instantly With One Sword!5 months agoChapter 4 Ye Fan Raises The Sword, And Everyone In The World Watches.5 months agoChapter 5 He Endures What Ordinary People Cannot Endure, And He Has Been Practicing Swordsmanship For Twenty Years, Just For Me, Li Hanyi! Li Hanyi Was Deeply Touched!5 months agoChapter 6 Martial Saint! Invincible!5 months agoChapter 7 Ye Fan’S Life Experience, The General Who Protects The Country!5 months agoChapter 8 The Secret Of Ye Fan’S Life Experience5 months agoChapter 9 Xueyue City Faces A Life-Or-Death Situation! ! !5 months agoChapter 10 The Strongest Ninth-Grade Martial Artist In History5 months agoChapter 11 Splendid Chang'an, The Human World Martial Saint Is Moving!5 months agoChapter 12: Genius In The World, Martial Saint Ranks Second In The World! ! !5 months agoChapter 13 Martial Saint Ye Fan Is Among The Top Ten In The World!5 months agoChapter 14 Is The Ninth-Grade Martial Artist Returning To His Original Nature?5 months agoChapter 15 Understanding The No-Moment Realm5 months agoChapter 16 The Human World Martial Saint Realizes The Realm Of No Rules, And The World Is Shocked5 months agoChapter 17: Why Did A Man Become The Strongest In The World?5 months agoChapter 18 The Human World Martial Saint Said He Was Too Weak? Then What Are We!5 months agoChapter 19 He Opened The Heavenly Gate With One Sword And Said He Was Too Weak. .5 months agoChapter 20 Ye Fan Spoilers, The Strongest People In The World Are Panicking!5 months agoChapter 21 Martial Saint’S Crazy Revelations In The Human World! ! ! (Please Give Me Flowers And Review Votes!)5 months agoChapter 22 Shocking Situation! Crazy Speculations From All Parties! ! !5 months agoChapter 23 Take Action Against Martial Saint In The Human World? Can You Beat It?5 months agoChapter 24 Li Hanyi: Are You Breaking The News Just To See Me?5 months agoChapter 25 The Most Talented Woman On The Rouge List Ascends To Wangjian Mountain, Li Hanyi! I, Xu Weixiong, Am More Suitable For Ye Fan Than You! ! !5 months agoChapter 26 Facing Martial Saint’S New Love In The World, Li Hanyi Feels Lost!5 months agoChapter 27 Li Hanyi, She Is Not Worthy Of You! ! !5 months agoChapter 28 Xu Weixiong Moves Into Wangjian Mountain5 months agoChapter 29 Xu Weixiong Enters First Rank5 months agoChapter 30 Li Hanyi Was Heartbroken: That Opportunity Should Have Been Mine!5 months agoChapter 31 Li Hanyi Regrets5 months agoChapter 32 She Can Only Blame Her, Li Hanyi, For Not Choosing Such A Good Man, So That She Lost All Her Talent!5 months agoChapter 33 Xu Weixiong Seeks Justice For Ye Fan And Asks The Sword Xueyue City!5 months agoChapter 34 I Want To Make Li Hanyi Lose Face!5 months agoChapter 35 Beihan Wenjian Xueyue City Shocked The World!5 months agoChapter 36 How Charming Ye Fan Is That Makes Women All Over The World Go Crazy! ! !5 months agoChapter 37 King Beihan Kills Three Birds With One Stone! ! !5 months agoChapter 38 For Ye Fan, We Have No Choice But To Sacrifice Her!5 months agoChapter 39 In The Whole World, Only I, Xu Weixiong, Am Worthy Enough To Be In The Human World Martial Saint! ! !5 months agoChapter 40 Iron Horse Glacier Comes To Dream5 months agoChapter 41 Ye Fan Forges The Divine Sword And Attracts The World’S Attention5 months agoChapter 42 Li Hanyi Is Sad: Am I Worse Than A Human Being?5 months agoChapter 43 Losing Ye Fan Is Li Hanyi’S Biggest Loss! ! !5 months agoChapter 44 Northern Han Xu Weixiong, Asking The Sword Xueyue City! ! ! !5 months agoChapter 45 Ye Fan’S Sigh: I’M Still Too Weak!5 months agoChapter 46 Wangjian Mountain Is Worthy Of Being The Temple Of Tang Clan! ! !5 months agoChapter 47 Even Though He Is Already Terrifyingly Strong, He Is Still So Stable5 months agoChapter 48 Xu Weixiong Asks The Sword Xueyue City! Li Hanyi's Thoughts.5 months agoChapter 49 Ten Thousand Swords Poking Immortal Formation! Martial Saint’S Trump Card In The Human World Is Exposed!5 months agoChapter 50 Will Ye Fan Fall In Love With Li Hanyi? It's Absolutely Impossible That Someone Who Is So Obsessed With Martial Dao Can Fall In Love With Her!5 months agoChapter 51 Li Hanyi: Now We Can Only Find Ye Fan To Rescue Xueyue City.5 months agoChapter 52: Shocked By All Parties, Ye Fan’S Low Profile Is Surprising5 months agoChapter 53 Li Hanyi, I Am Willing To Be A Matchmaker Between You And Martial Saint In The World! ! !5 months agoChapter 54 Ye Ruoyi, Stay Away From Li Hanyi, Stupidity Will Be Infected5 months agoChapter 55 Ye Fan’S New Move5 months agoChapter 56 Nangong Pushe, Come And Pay Homage To The Mountain!5 months agoChapter 57 Nangong Pu Shoots Into The Mountain, That’S The Top Of The List Of Rouges!5 months agoChapter 58 The Whole World Is In An Uproar! Nangong Pushe Is Going To Marry Ye Fan!5 months agoChapter 59 Completely Losing Ye Fan, Li Hanyi Was Heartbroken!5 months agoChapter 60 Xu Weixiong Is Jealous And Wants To Find An Explanation From Nangong Pushe!5 months agoChapter 61 On The Flowers And Leaves Trimmed By Ye Fan, Is There Also Sword Intent Circulating? !5 months agoChapter 62 Xu Weixiong Asks Xueyue City For Ye Fan, Kill! ! !5 months agoChapter 63 The Legendary Nineteen Stops Failed To Shake Ye Fan Xiaoyuan At All? ? ?5 months agoChapter 64 Li Hanyi Is Desperate! These Things Should Originally Belong To Me! Mine! !5 months agoChapter 65 Nangong Pushe Wenjian Li Hanyi, You Are Not Worthy Of Him!5 months agoChapter 66: Number One On The Rouge List, It Tastes Really Good!5 months agoChapter 67 The Moon Is Dark And The Wind Is High, It’S Time To Do What You Love!5 months agoChapter 68 Crazy! Nangong Pushe, Li Hanyi, And Xu Weixiong, Three Women Compete For Husbands!5 months agoChapter 69: Deduction From Behind-The-Scenes Diagram, Ye Fan’S True Identity!5 months agoChapter 70 The Top-Secret Case Involving Two Dynasties Is Ye Fan’S Secret!5 months agoChapter 71 Dragon Luck Transfer! The Tang Dynasty Collapsed Overnight! !5 months agoChapter 72 Dare To Go To Wangjian Mountain, Who Gave You The Courage!5 months agoChapter 73 Lin Fan Takes Action And The Whole World Is Shocked!5 months agoChapter 74 Look At My Weapons, Are They Big? Nangong Pushe Blushed With Embarrassment!5 months agoChapter 75 Ye Fan’S Small Courtyard Is Actually A Paradise Of Its Own!5 months agoChapter 76 Such Divine Armament, Ye Fan Is Actually Used To Chop Wood And Chop Meat? !5 months agoChapter 77 Li Hanyi’S Heart Is Cut By A Knife, Ye Fan’S True Identity!5 months agoChapter 78 Dragon Teeth And Tiger Wings, Ancient Evil Sword!5 months agoChapter 79 Ye Fan Breaks Through The Realm Of No Rules! If Heaven Hinders Me, I Will Heaven-Defying!5 months agoChapter 80 Ye Fan And Nangong Pushe Dual Cultivation! Deva Intercourse!5 months agoChapter 81 Nangong Servant Shoots Down The Mountain! The Whole World Was Shocked!5 months agoChapter 82 All Of This Should Belong To Me!5 months agoChapter 83: Martial Saint Ye Fan, Dying!5 months agoChapter 84 Nangong Servant Shoots Down The Mountain! Xie Guanying Paid With Blood!5 months agoChapter 85 When The Nineteenth Pause Comes Out, The World Is In Turmoil! This Is Ye Fan’S Training!5 months agoChapter 86 Wangjian Mountain, Ye Fan’S Secret!5 months agoChapter 87 The Legendary Eight Trigrams Formation! Ye Fan Actually Has Such A Trump Card! ?5 months agoChapter 88 Life Changes! Ye Fan’S Secret Is Hidden Here!5 months agoChapter 89 Ye Fan’S Trump Card Is Revealed, This Is Why He Is Powerful!5 months agoChapter 90 Martial Saint In The Human World, Has Long Been Detached And Unruly? ! ! !5 months agoChapter 91 Zhao Huangchao Kills Ye Fan In His Dream!5 months agoChapter 92 Slaying The Dragon In A Dream, Ye Fan’S Realm!5 months agoChapter 93 When Zhao Huangchao Dies, Liyang’S Fate Depends On Depriving Beihan!5 months agoChapter 94 Ye Fan Marries The Princess Of Tang Dynasty!5 months agoChapter 95 King Of Northern Cold! The Only Way To Save Li Yang Is Ye Fan!5 months agoChapter 96 Nineteen Stops Are Useless! Nangong Pushe And Ye Fan's Ultimate Move, Killing Dragons And Tigers!5 months agoChapter 97 Even Longhu Mountain Can’T Stop The People Ye Fan Wants To Kill! Xie Guanying, Die!5 months agoChapter 98 Xu Xiao, King Of Northern Cold, Goes Up To Wangjian Mountain!5 months agoChapter 99 Xu Xiao Goes Up The Mountain, Yuan Tiangang And Qi Tianchen Are In Despair!5 months agoChapter 100 Northern Cold King Xu Xiao! Kneel Down To Ye Fan! ! !5 months ago