Create People to Become Stronger and Create the Strongest Immortal Race of Gods

Create People to Become Stronger and Create the Strongest Immortal Race of Gods


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[Invincible refreshing article]+ [Many children, many blessings]+ [Extremely fast speed]+ [Groups of wives and concubines]

At the beginning, he was defeated by Saintess, and the system of many children and many blessings was activated. From then on, the creation of human beings can become stronger and embark on the road of invincibility in the heavens!

[Congratulations to the host, your offspring is born! ]

[Appraisal of the talent level of future generations: Qualification appraisal: Gold! Talent appraisal: Imperial Emperor's Body, accompanied by Dragon Qi! Talent rating: Unparalleled Genius! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Body of the Sun God, Immortal Kidney, and Heaven Level Supreme Grade skills... ]

[Appraisal of the talent level of future generations: Qualification appraisal: Gold! Talent identification: Supreme Bone, Dual Pupils! Talent rating: Monstrous Genius! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Extreme Dao Emperor Dragon Bloodline, Strange Fire Gold Emperor Heaven Incinerating Flame, Clan Enlightenment Pavilion, and the family Giant level powerhouse... ]

I have sons Qin Fusu (Blazing Sun Sacred Body, Eyes of Fire), Qin Shimin (Imperial Emperor's Body, accompanied by Dragon Spirit), Qin Yan (accompanied by Strange Fire, accompanied by Medicine Spirit), Qin Qiankun (Yin-Yang Sacred Body, Yin -Yang Divine Eyes), Qin Dong (With Divine Talisman, Formation Dao Supreme), Qin Chen (Nine Nether Bird Bloodline, Great Solar Imperishable Physique), Qin Luo (Body of Elemental Origin, Myriad Dao Divine Eye), Qin Huang (Supreme Bone, Dual Pupils), Qin Chen (Desolate Ancient Saint Body, Innate Dao Fetus), Qin Xiaoyao (Chaos Sword Body, Natural Sword Bone, Sword Dao Divine Eye)!

Tens of thousands of years later, I look back and see that all the Myriad Worlds have returned to Da Qin. I am the only one who is the lord of the gods!


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Chapter 1 Being Strong, The Weak Cannot Control Their Destiny!5 months agoChapter 2 Body Of The Sun God, Immortal Kidney!5 months agoChapter 3 Backstab Tonight!5 months agoChapter 4 Understanding Sword Intent, The Classic Noun Missionary!5 months agoChapter 5: Going Straight To Huanglong, The First Offspring Is Born!5 months agoChapter 6 Blazing Sun Sacred Body, Eyes Of Fire, Who Will Kill Whom!5 months agoChapter 7 Crazy Improvement, Second-Level Sword Intent, The Much-Anticipated Qin Family!5 months agoChapter 8 General Spirit Dragon, Minglong God Of War!5 months agoChapter 9 The Matchable Partner, The Body Of Disaster!5 months agoChapter 10: One Punch To Release The Accumulated Depression, One Sword To Break The Prison!5 months agoChapter 11 The Giant Battle Begins, And The Fate Of Azure Dragon Dynasty Is About To Change!5 months agoChapter 12 Young Power Of Disaster, Which One Did You Fall Into The River?5 months agoChapter 13 Dominate Qingfeng, Destroy The Han Family, And Become A Real Family!5 months agoChapter 14 Cisu, The Emperor’S Mind!5 months agoChapter 15 With This Blood, I Will Open A Path To Heaven For My Wife!5 months agoChapter 16 Joyous Union Dao Sect Master, Follow Me Back To The Sect And Be My First Face5 months agoChapter 17 This Qin Xuan Deserves To Die!5 months agoChapter 18 The Sect Leader Is Dead, Let’S Destroy Another Sect!5 months agoChapter 19 A Sword Splits The Mountain Gate, And The Purple Fire Burns The Acacia Tree!5 months agoChapter 20 Yin Yang God Deer Blood, Acacia Bliss Secret, Great Harvest! !5 months agoChapter 21 The Best Choice In This Life, There Is No Reason Not To Choose It!5 months agoChapter 22 Golden Legend, Imperial Emperor's Body, Twins Of Medicine And Fire!5 months agoChapter 23 Powerful Talents, Generous Rewards!5 months agoChapter 24: Reborn Improvement, Three Levels Of Sword Intent!5 months agoChapter 25 The Three Dynasties Combined To Destroy One Person!5 months agoChapter 26 The Powerful Family Giant Arrives, Qin Yuanba, Qin Chengdu!5 months agoChapter 27: Isn’T It Good To Live Well When The Army Is Approaching?5 months agoChapter 28 Astral Malevolence Demon Suppressing Sword Formation Comes Out, It’S Time To Show Off!5 months agoChapter 29 You Kill My Ten Guards Of The Qin Family, And I Will Slaughter Your 100,000-Strong Army.5 months agoChapter 30 The Qin Dynasty Was Established, And Qin Da Became The Regent?5 months agoChapter 31 Your Sincerity Touches Me!5 months agoChapter 32 Is It Really Okay To Bring This Kind Of Person Into Sacred Land?5 months agoChapter 33 The Holy Dragon Of Disaster, The True Dragon Of Xuanyin, Qin Sheng, Qin Rou!5 months agoChapter 34 Breaking Through The Grotto-Heaven Realm, Sword Dao Giant!5 months agoChapter 35 Arrival At True Martial Sacred Land, Extra Elders!5 months agoChapter 36 Lao Deng Accepts A Disciple, No!5 months agoChapter 37 The Owner Of The Face Physique, The Owner Of The Wanton Physique!5 months agoChapter 38 I Love To Laugh By Nature, And We Also Thought Of Some Funny Things!5 months agoChapter 39: One Punch Blows Away, The Beautiful Scenery In The Ring, A Potential Match!5 months agoChapter 40 The Two Heavens Of Ice And Fire, The Dual Talents Of Formation Talismans, Praise Deacon Hai!5 months agoChapter 41 Instruct The Two Senior Sisters, Astral Malevolence Demon Suppressing Sword Formation Comes Out Again!5 months agoChapter 42: Get Them All And Go Back To The Courtyard Together!5 months agoChapter 43 Surrounded By Four Water Pillars, I Am Happy To Miss Shu!5 months agoChapter 44 Blood-Stained Flower, The God Of Death Comes!5 months agoChapter 45 I Will Repay The Life Of The Law Enforcement Team Disciple For Him!5 months agoChapter 46 The Real Dragon Shakes The World And Kills The Old Dog Liang Ting With One Punch!5 months agoChapter 47 If I Keep Chirping, I’Ll Kill You Too, And The Third Level Sword Intent Will Appear!5 months agoChapter 48: With The Three Steps Of The Emperor Dragon, Can True Martial Sacred Land Be Able To Eat For Two Days In A Row?5 months agoChapter 49 The Second Step True Dragon Appears, Is It Time To Kill Me, The Holy Lord Of True Martial?5 months agoChapter 50: You Can Also Give It A Try By Beheading You. High Praise From The Lord True Martial!5 months agoChapter 51: Having Seen The True Martial Emperor, You Deserve To Die!5 months agoChapter 52 The Ashes Have Been Raised For You, Youlong Ranking Battle, Tiancang Secret Realm!5 months agoChapter 53 What A Vicious Curse, Praise Butler Hai Again!5 months agoChapter 54 The Holy Lord Accepts Disciples, The Purple Gold Supreme, And The Eight Ancestral Talismans!5 months agoChapter 55 The Annoyed Holy Lord True Martial Begins To Receive Rewards!5 months agoChapter 56 Supreme Reward, Chaos Divine Body, Great Desolation Prisoner’S Finger!5 months agoChapter 57 View The Rewards, Fuse The Chaos Divine Body!5 months agoChapter 58 No! It’S Five Layers Of Sword Intent!5 months agoChapter 59 Qianlong List, Luck Blessing, Love Luck Is Also A Kind Of Luck!5 months agoChapter 60 True Martial Holy Blood, Martial Soul Fusion Skill!5 months agoChapter 61 Golden Throne, Who Can Ascend To The Position Of Supreme?5 months agoChapter 62 Giant Genius, Fight For The Golden Talisman!5 months agoChapter 63 Dressed In White And Sitting In The Supreme Seat!5 months agoChapter 64 Emperor Qin Xuan’S Son, Husband Of Extreme Profundities Saintess!5 months agoChapter 65: How Can Flood Dragon Deserve To Compete With A Real Dragon After Being Suppressed With One Punch?5 months agoChapter 66 I’Ll Give You A Sword To See Your Understanding!5 months agoChapter 67 I Will Burn You To Death!5 months agoChapter 68 The Wandering Dragon Supreme Genius, The Golden Talisman, Enters Tiancang Secret Realm!5 months agoChapter 69 A Daughter Of The Lin Family Has Grown Up And Is So Powerful That She Is Unparalleled In The World!5 months agoChapter 70 Let Me See If Your Descendants Can Be Absorbed!5 months agoChapter 71 I Have A Biological Sister, A Tiger Traitor, The Nine Dragons Thunder Gangyan!5 months agoChapter 72 The Owl’S Head, Slaying The Dragon, Has Another Plan!5 months agoChapter 73 How Can One Abandon Righteousness And Live In This World?5 months agoChapter 74 Peeling And Cramping, My Husband Is Usually Very Gentle!5 months agoChapter 75 Let You Also Become A Golden Talisman Genius. Isn’T This Humane?5 months agoChapter 76 The Way To Death Is To Imprison The World With One Finger!5 months agoChapter 77 Two Fingers Shatter The Mountains And Rivers, And The Silver Charm Turns Into Gold!5 months agoChapter 78 Changhong Penetrates The Sun, An Extremely Powerful Martial Skill!5 months agoChapter 79 The Surprise Of Dual Talents, An Unprecedented Sense Of Urgency!5 months agoChapter 80 Two Monstrous Genius, Qin Chen, Qin Luo!5 months agoChapter 81 The Story Of Two Great Confucians, Kun And Confucianism!5 months agoChapter 82 The Holy Spring Of Heaven Opens, And A Family Of Five Rides On A Tiger To Go There!5 months agoChapter 83 Lin Waner, Dual Sword Dao Talent, Get Out Of The Way!5 months agoChapter 84 Good, Good! Wait For My Ancestor To Give You The Spirit Stone!5 months agoChapter 85 Aurora Secret Technique, Thousands Of Lights Added!5 months agoChapter 86 What Are You Talking About? What Husband?5 months agoChapter 87 The Confused Lin Waner Even Has A Child?5 months agoChapter 88 Swallowing The Sky And The Earth, Will You Let Others Live?5 months agoChapter 89 If You Want To Climb The Hidden Dragon List, Kill The Demon Lord First!5 months agoChapter 90 Wandering Dragon Domain Qin Xuan, Fighting The Nine-Level Demon Lord, Ten Of Them!5 months agoChapter 91 Noisy, Qianlong Tops The List, 100,000 Points!5 months agoChapter 92 The Scorching Sun Shines, Obey The Devil’S Order!5 months agoChapter 93 Let The Hidden Dragon List Become The Wandering Dragon List, The Lord Of This Lifetime!5 months agoChapter 94 The Sword Lord In White, The Posture Of Saint!5 months agoChapter 95 Drunk Lin Wan'er Returns To Wandering Dragon Domain. What Did You Say? ?5 months agoChapter 96 Reflecting The Sky, Sending Jade Fusu To Congratulate The True Martial Emperor’S Son!5 months agoChapter 97 Returning To The Qin Family, Please Come With Me To The Wuji Realm!5 months agoChapter 98 Clothes Designed By Qin Xuan, Enjoy Like An Emperor!5 months agoChapter 99: Does A Small Family That Can Level The Country With One Sword Deserve To Be Heard By Me?5 months agoChapter 100 A Peach Blossom Branch, The Heads Of Two Emperors!5 months ago