Developing A God-Level Elixir That Works So Well That You Call The Police?

Developing A God-Level Elixir That Works So Well That You Call The Police?


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Lin Chen traveled through a parallel world and after awakening his "chemical affinity" talent, he inherited the pharmaceutical company left by his father.

But because he has no background, he has been suppressed by his peers.

Just when Lin Chen was distressed, one of his miracle medicines became popular all over the Internet because of a stupid thief's quotation.

"I'm so rebellious, I don't believe the effect is as good as I say!"

"Then I tried it, and it was beyond my expectation! It's amazing, it's amazing!"

“Comrade reporter, please take a picture of your face, but don’t forget to use beauty!”


For a time, Lin Chen Pharmaceutical Company became popular all over the Internet.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen began to launch various products on the Internet, and netizens went crazy...

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1 Live Broadcast To Bring Goods, Sudden Audience4 months ago2 The Whole Story, The Proud Aphrodisiac Thief4 months ago3 Aphrodisiacs Are Snapped Up By Netizens And Production Is Being Expedited!4 months ago4 Drug Thief Jiang Huowang Became An Internet Celebrity! Lin Chen Borrows Help!4 months ago5 Jiang Huowang Starts Broadcasting, And Netizens Are Outrageous4 months ago6 Hot Memes Are Out Of The Circle, And The Number Of Live Broadcasts On The Official Account Of Linchen Pharmaceutical Exceeds 100,000!4 months ago73,000 Orders Were Sold Out Instantly! Principal Wang Has Come To The Live Broadcast Room! ?4 months ago8 Totally Popular! Party A Came To Ask For Help From Lin Chen?4 months ago9 Fantasy Linkage! Lin Chen Wants To Win The Nobel Peace Prize?4 months ago10 New Challenge, Lin Chen Wants The Whole Big Job! ?4 months ago11 The Whole Network Questioned Lin Chen’S Confidence4 months ago12 The Old Bird’S Challenge In The Rebooting Bar, Can You Also Start Combos?4 months ago13 New Sales, The Darkest Day Of The Rebooting Bar!4 months ago14 What! ? Lin Chen Has Become A Face Fruit User?4 months ago15 ‘Huanyan’ Scar Removal Cream Is Incredibly Effective! Hotly Discussed Across The Internet!4 months ago16 Oh, It’S A Huge Hit, As Expected!4 months ago17 Mysterious New Product, Linchen Pharmaceutical Was Paid Tribute By The Whole Internet!4 months ago18 Jiang Huowang Is Enjoying The Popularity, Saying That ‘Huanyan’ Is Actually Produced According To Military Standards?4 months ago19 Due To The Contact Of The Military, Opponents Began To Take Action4 months ago20 Military Orders, Lin Chen’S Confidence!4 months ago21 Genius Students! Military Order Officially Signed!4 months ago22 On The Surface, Linchen Pharmaceutical Is Secretly Stealing Medicines, Right?4 months ago23 Wei Daqiang’S Cannon Fodder And Bai Yueguang, Lin Chen Returns!4 months ago24 Commentators Commented Sharply, Linchen Pharmaceutical’S Official Response.4 months ago25 The Dust Has Settled4 months ago26 Linchen Pharmaceutical Hard Steel Comes To The End, The Marketing Department Intervenes!4 months ago27 Bald King And Jiang Huowang Collaborate To Create A Special Market Report!4 months ago28 Please Don’T Give Gifts, Linchen Pharmaceutical Has The Money To Litigate4 months ago29 Q&A Session, Lin Chen’S Program Effect4 months ago30 Huanyu Law Firm, Lu Xiaoyao’S Relative?4 months ago31 Screenshots Of Cadillac Car Enthusiasts Group, Industry Earthquake?4 months ago32 My Daughter Is Beautiful And Has A Good Background. Why Don’T You Consider It?4 months ago33 What! The Background Of Linchen Pharmaceutical Is So Terrifying! ?4 months ago34 Mysterious Background, 300 Million Deposit Received!4 months ago35 This Is A f**king Lieutenant Colonel!4 months ago36 Top-Secret Project, The Official Media Collectively Praised It!4 months ago37 Huanyan Pre-Orders Are A Hit! Mr. Lin, You Can Laugh If You Want!4 months ago38 Revenue Of 1 Billion In One Night! Give Netizens A Little Shock4 months ago39 Jiang Huowang Rui Commented, New Product!4 months ago40 Mysterious Guest! Brilliant Results! Lin Chen’S Backup Plan!4 months ago41 Mr. Lin, You Have No Heart, Are You Going To Ruin Another Industry? ?4 months ago42 Lin Chen’S Terrifying Resume, Netizens Were Shocked!4 months ago43 Is There Any Living Material Again? Bald Wang Qiyu’S Genius Idea!4 months ago44 The Result Of Warrior Serum!4 months ago45 The Judgment That Will Eventually Come, Chen Suqing’S Conjecture4 months ago46 Golden Gun Enters Bangzi Country And Expands The Market!4 months ago47 The Temptation Of The Stick, The Sacrifice Of Deming Road4 months ago48 Bangzi’S Marketing Method, Golden Gun Has Become Popular All Over The World! ! !4 months ago49 The Fall Of The Golden Gun Myth? No, People From Bangzi Country Can Only Shout That It Smells So Good!4 months ago50 Netizens Were Shocked! Countries Beg For Supplies! There Is No Need To Worry About Selling The Golden Gun!4 months ago51 Ten Billion Orders! The Whole Network Laughed! The Smuggling Case Of Golden Gun Aphrodisiac Was Investigated! ?4 months ago52 Warrior Serum Effect Test! Lin Chen’S Instructions: Don’T Beat People To Death!4 months ago53 The Brutal Xianghong Bear! The Only Perfect Version Of Warrior Serum!4 months ago54 Fully Advanced! Super Human! Small Scale Chopper!4 months ago55 The Overwhelming Anger From The Military! The God-Like Man Turned Out To Be Mr. Lin! ?4 months ago56 Golden Gun Explodes In Europe And America! Broken! It’S Really Sold As A Luxury Product! ?4 months ago57 Six Thousand Euros Still Feels Cheap? New Product Announcement That Shocks The World!4 months ago58 Unparalleled [Dimension Upgrade] Announced! Netizens Are Completely Crazy! Linchen's Live Broadcast Room Was Blown Up! ?4 months ago59 Shocked The Whole Network! The Live Broadcast Attracted 12.5 Billion! This Is The Highest Mountain!4 months ago60 The Highest Respect From The Military! Lin Chen Scolded The Major General! ?4 months ago61 In Order To Buy [Dimension Ascension], Foreigners Really Blew Up The Island Country’S Sacred Toilet?4 months ago62 Linchen Pharmaceutical Imposes Tough Sanctions! Are The People Of The Island Country Being Instigated By The Golden Gun To Rebel?4 months ago63 Longevity! Fans From All Over The Internet Advise! Please Make The Golden Gun More Expensive!4 months ago