Dimension Hotel: Check-In At Uchiha Madara At The Beginning

Dimension Hotel: Check-In At Uchiha Madara At The Beginning


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Dream Come True
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Zhao Yu is the owner of [Dimension Hotel]. Except for him, no one knows that the hotel is actually occupied by strong men from different dimensions.

Security Captain Uchiha Madara is good at glaring people with Rinnegan. Whenever someone makes trouble, he will choke him and threaten him: "Do you want to dance too?"

The gatekeeper, Whitebeard, likes to forcefully stop passing geniuses and force him to say: "Young man, be my son!"

No one has ever seen the girl at the front desk, Tu Shan Yaya, smile. Her catchphrase is: I'll kill you!

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【1】Dimension Hotel6 months ago【2】 Uchiha Madara Check-In6 months ago【3】Open Rinnegan6 months ago【4】Shocked Uchiha Madara6 months ago【5】Sir, Do You Want Me To Help You Kill Him?6 months ago【6】Introduction, This Is Our Security Captain Uchiha Madara6 months ago【7】Perfect Fusion Of Hashirama Cells6 months ago【8】 Senju Hashirama6 months ago【9】Nine Tailed Beasts Redeem Massive Points6 months ago【10】Planetary Devastation6 months ago【11】The Whole City Was Shocked6 months ago【12】Summon Gedo Statue6 months ago【13】Ten Tails!6 months ago【14】 Senju Hashirama: How About We Share A Double Room?6 months ago【15】Good Gay Friends Fall In Love And Kill Each Other6 months ago【16】Untitled6 months ago【17】Some People Suspect That Madara And Hashirama Are Gay6 months ago【18】 Sharingan Evolves!6 months ago【19】Gold Mangekyō Sharingan6 months ago【20】Crazy Copying And Learning Ninjutsu6 months ago【21】Monsters Are Coming During The Holy Appearance Period6 months ago【22】Such A Strong Man Is Actually A Security Guard?6 months ago【23】Hashirama And Madara Are Excited When Points Are Delivered To Their Door!6 months ago【24】Sage Art·Wood Style: True Several Thousand Hands!6 months ago【25】 Senju Hashirama’S Mouth Cracked With Laughter6 months ago【26】Surge In Cultivation6 months ago【27】Tushan Yaya Joins Dimension Hotel6 months ago【28】Recruit Tushan Yaya As Front Desk6 months ago【29】Isn’T It? Someone Actually Dared To Molest Tu Shan Yaya6 months ago【30】Killing People Like Ants6 months ago【31】The Desirable Ten Thousand Times Increase6 months ago【32】Tushan Yaya Knocked On The Door In The Middle Of The Night6 months ago【33】How To Become Your Woman6 months ago【34】Awakening Of Talent And Supernatural Powers6 months ago【35】Pervert’S Gold Rinnegan6 months ago【36】The Void Collapses At A Glance6 months ago【37】The Opportunity To Earn Points Is Here6 months ago【38】 Uchiha Madara Is Crazy6 months ago【39】Capture The Supreme Demon King6 months ago【40】Kill Monsters And Get Treasures6 months ago【41】Assault On The Holy Realm6 months ago【42】Invite Tushan Honghong6 months ago【43】 Whitebeard Ginseng6 months ago【44】Be My Son, Boy6 months ago【45】Whitebeard Also Wants To Earn Points6 months ago【46】 Madara And Hashirama Come To The World Of Pirates!6 months ago【47】Fierce Fighting6 months ago【48】 Tengai Shinsei6 months ago【49】Pushing The World Of Pirates6 months ago【50】Plunder Shichibukai6 months ago【51】 Doflamingo’S Shock6 months ago【52】Whitebeard Was So Happy6 months ago【53】Go To Daughters Island6 months ago【54】Empress6 months ago【55】Attack Naval Headquarters6 months ago【56】The Terrifying Tushan Yaya6 months ago【57】Pilgrimage To The Holy Land6 months ago【58】Get A Bunch Of Devil Fruit6 months ago【59】Taking Lava-Lava Fruit6 months ago【60】Breaking Through And Manifesting The Holy Spirit, A Vision Of Heaven And Earth!6 months ago【61】The Terrible Golden Rinnegan6 months ago【62】Empress Boa Hancock Moves In6 months ago【63】Empress: How Can I Enter The Supreme Room To Practice?6 months ago【64】The Empress Coming Out Of The Supreme Room6 months ago【65】Venerable Qilin6 months ago【66】The Terrifying Power Of Zhao Yu’S Lava Fruit6 months ago【67】 Madara, Hashirama, Yaya, Hancock Fight Against Qilin Lord6 months ago【68】When I Come To The Dimension Hotel, The Emperor Will Also Get Down On Me!6 months ago【69】Unlock The Mount——Qilin!6 months ago【70】Qilin Stands Guard, It’S A Grand Occasion!6 months ago【71】 Whitebeard Finally Accepted A Son6 months agoChapter 72: Ferrari6 months agoChapter 73: Worry-Free6 months agoChapter 74: Want To Seduce Me?6 months agoChapter 75: Not Like A Woman6 months agoChapter 76: Hidden6 months agoChapter 77: Fishing Rod6 months agoChapter 78: National Martial Arts6 months agoChapter 79: Don’T Doubt My Vision6 months agoChapter 80: Four Gifts6 months agoChapter 81: Are You Too Cruel?6 months agoChapter 82: Single Dog6 months agoChapter 83: Appreciate The "Royal Sister" Type Of Beautiful Girl More6 months agoChapter 84: Blushed With Embarrassment6 months agoChapter 85: Force-Feeding Dog Food6 months agoChapter 86: Sign Of The Devil6 months agoChapter 87: I Am A Gentleman6 months agoChapter 88: Pampering6 months agoChapter 89: Enjoy6 months agoChapter 90: This Money Must Be Earned6 months agoChapter 91: Comfort6 months agoChapter 92: Try Harder6 months agoChapter 93: Envy Of Others6 months agoChapter 94: The Concept Of Shopping Has Been Subverted6 months agoChapter 95: Buy, Buy, Buy!6 months agoChapter 96: Too Straightforward6 months agoChapter 97: Seeking Information6 months agoChapter 98: Of Course6 months agoChapter 99: Love Has Not Yet Arrived6 months agoChapter 100: Visual Enjoyment6 months ago