Doomsday: The Female Zombie Turns Into A Goddess And Everyone Comes To Snatch Her?

Doomsday: The Female Zombie Turns Into A Goddess And Everyone Comes To Snatch Her?


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Purple Air Comes From The East And Fills The Sky
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As soon as Su Cheng traveled through, the parallel world began to end. He was inexplicably chased by a female zombie for a long time, and was eventually bitten. When he thought he would die, he woke up again.

And everything has changed. The originally ugly female zombie has restored her original appearance and turned into a zombie goddess!

Original name: Lin Qingxue Age: 21 years old Appearance: 98 points Figure: 100 points Occupation: Flight attendant Race: Zombie Strength: First-level binding Master: Su Cheng Granted ability: Space teleportation

Original name: Shen Yue Age: 20 years old Appearance: 99 points Figure: 100 points Occupation: Doctor Race: Zombie Strength: Level 3 Binding Master: Su Cheng Granted ability: Super-speed regeneration

From then on, in the apocalypse, a man is followed by a wave of female zombies, and all of them are beautiful and powerful.

In this regard, Su Mu could only lament that the female zombie was too strong and had no choice but to eat soft rice.

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【001】I Was Bitten By A Female Zombie At The Beginning, And The Female Zombie Turned Into A Goddess?about 2 months ago【002】The Ability Given By The Goddess Zombie, Space Teleportationabout 2 months ago【003】The Female Zombie Is So Beautiful That She Has To Hide Itabout 2 months ago【004】Want To Steal My Goddess Zombie? Kill! Promoted To The First Level Of Strengthabout 2 months ago【005】Teleportation Ability Improved, Lin Qingxue Reached The Second Level Of Strengthabout 2 months ago【006】Lin Qingxue’S Intellectual Growth, Black Silk Professional Suit?about 2 months ago[007] Provide A Large Amount Of Supplies To Those Trapped And Seeking Help?about 2 months ago【008】People Are Sinister And Want To Steal My Goddess Zombie?about 2 months ago【009】Kill Them All And Harvest More Than A Hundred White Crystalsabout 2 months ago【010】New Discovery, Lin Qingxue Eats Bai Jing Directlyabout 2 months ago【011】Other People With Special Abilities, The Second Female Zombie Appearsabout 2 months ago[012] Goddess Zombie Gu Chenyue Can Now Communicate With Consciousnessabout 2 months ago【013】Super Speed Regeneration Ability, Second-Level Mutant Vicious Dogabout 2 months ago【014】The Strength That Shocked Everyone! Another Third-Order Mutation Appears?about 2 months ago【015】A Powerful Three-Person Team! Could It Be Someone From The Military Base?about 2 months ago【016】Kill Them All, The Spiritual Cores In The Mutated Organismsabout 2 months ago【017】Shock! Swallow The Spiritual Core Directly? Lin Qingxue Reaches Level Threeabout 2 months ago【018】The Strength Has Reached The Second Level Of Primary Level, Surprise! The Third Female Zombie Appearsabout 2 months ago【019】Loli Beauty Xiao Yuxi Opens The First-Level Gene Lockabout 2 months ago【020】The Strength Has Increased One After Another! Crisis? The Fierce Zhao Yixiongabout 2 months ago【021】A Huge Mutated Willow Tree, Burn It To Death With Fire?about 2 months ago【022】The Hard Willow Tree Skin Allowed Gu Chenyue To Advance To The Fourth Levelabout 2 months ago[023] Finally Reached The Third Level, Shocking Change! The Zombie Wave Is Comingabout 2 months ago【024】The Master Of Fourth-Level Intermediate Strength! Generous Rewardsabout 2 months ago【025】Crazy Zombies Only Chase Su Cheng? Everyone: Poor Guyabout 2 months ago【026】Four People Hunted Together, And The Appearance Of The Three Women Was Exposed. They Are All Mine!about 2 months ago【027】The Man’S Confidence Was Killed In An Instant? Su Cheng’S Harvestabout 2 months ago【028】The Tide Of Zombies Has Receded, And One Thousand And Five White Crystals Have Been Harvested. Is The First Place Secure?about 2 months ago【029】Received The 2000 White Crystal Reward And Exposed Itabout 2 months ago【030】Leave With Thousands Of White Crystals And Pay For My Son’S Life!about 2 months ago【031】Fighting Alone At The Third Level Peak, Zhao Yixiong Was Shockedabout 2 months ago【032】Kill Them All And Decide To Leave The Doomsday Baseabout 2 months ago【033】Global Creatures Evolve Again! Lin Qingxue And Xiao Yuxi Evolved To The Fourth Levelabout 2 months ago【034】Unlock The Second-Level Gene Lock! Unexpected Invitation, Tomato Mutant Fruit?about 2 months ago【035】Go To The Lu Family Base, They Are All My Women!about 2 months ago【036】The Fourth Goddess Zombie, Space Storage Abilityabout 2 months ago[037] Each Of Them Has Their Own Hidden Agenda, The Fourth-Level Intermediate Mutant Leopardabout 2 months ago【038】Suppressed The Fourth-Level Intermediate Mutation And Shocked Everyoneabout 2 months ago【039】Destroy The Fourth-Level Mutated Leopard, And The Lu Family’S Plans Are Revealedabout 2 months ago【040】Kill Everything That Destroys The Dead, Beautiful Women, And Kill Them All The Same!about 2 months ago【041】Huge Harvest, 15 Spiritual Fruits, All Cheap Su Chengabout 2 months ago【042】Control The Lu Family Villa Base And Start Collecting Information On Other Basesabout 2 months ago【043】Swallow The Spiritual Fruit, Advance To The Fourth Level, And Become Stronger Than A Female Zombieabout 2 months ago【044】The Remaining Lu Family Members Conspired And Three Mutant Plants Appeared?about 2 months ago【045】Snatch! Fourth Level Strength, Fourth Level Strength Again?about 2 months ago【046】The Overall Strength Of The Military Base Has Once Again Obtained Information About The Spiritual Fruit.about 2 months ago【047】The Zhao Family Attacked And The Base Was Destroyed? I've Been Waiting For You For A Long Timeabout 2 months ago【048】Destroy The Zhao Family And Harvest Tens Of Thousands Of White Crystals! Fourth Level Advanced Mutant Beastabout 2 months ago【049】The Strength Has Skyrocketed! Evolve To The Fifth Level! Shocking Change, A Nuclear Bomb Exploded?about 2 months ago【050】Absolute Overlord, Sixth-Level Intermediate Giant Snake, A Strange Flowerabout 2 months ago【051】At A Loss What To Do? Another Shocking Change, Powerful Bird Mutants Attackabout 2 months ago【052】The Extremely Intelligent Giant Snake! Two Ferocious Beasts Fight To Snatch A Strange Flowerabout 2 months ago【053】The Special Abilities Of The Two Ferocious Beasts, Seizing Strange Flowers, And Being Chased Crazilyabout 2 months ago【054】Can’T Escape The Pursuit! An Unexpected Surprise, A New Female Zombie, Given The Ability To Cloneabout 2 months ago【055】Eat The Strange Flower And Your Strength Will Skyrocket! Fight Head-On With The Giant Snakeabout 2 months ago[056] Everyone Is Shocked And Admires Them. Kill The Giant Snake! The Bird-Like Mutant Beast Arrives.about 2 months ago【057】Kill Them All, And Your Strength Will Be Promoted To The Sixth Level! Collect Wanted Informationabout 2 months ago【058】Go To Major Bases To Ask For Resources, Su Cheng, Why Don’T You Grab Them?about 2 months ago【059】The Monarch Is A Woman? Invited To Join The Base And Take Charge Together?about 2 months ago【060】Equal Rights, Another Monarch! Millions Of Resources, Crazy Improvementabout 2 months ago【061】Bai Xi’S Daughter? Grants The Ability Lightning Strike! Female Zombies Evolve To Sixth Levelabout 2 months ago