Dragon Clan: Exposed Lu Ming Is Not The Future, Unlimited Upgrades

Dragon Clan: Exposed Lu Ming Is Not The Future, Unlimited Upgrades


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Dragon Clan Wang Jiang 1
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Zuo Wangdao awakens the [Dragon Territory Encyclopedia] system, exposes famous dragon stems, and gets unlimited upgrades as rewards.

[Destroying God Lu Mingfei] [Little Devil Lu Mingze] [Dragon King’s Son-in-law Chu Zihang] [Sex Bath Spokesperson Xia Mi] [Pretending to be a Pig and Eating Tiger Fingel] [Polar Bear’s Power Caesar] [Supreme Lu Mingfei] ]...

As the famous dragon tribe was gradually exposed, all mixed races were shocked!

Lu Mingfei: I am the Supreme, and I will defeat all enemies in the world.

Chu Zihang: The world forgot me, and then I became Nono’s godson?

Caesar: I’m so angry! Why can’t I even fight a polar bear?

Fingel: Never heard of the Flame Dragon Slayer's Dark Killing Balrog Sword? Then you are really a little ignorant, girl!

When the famous dragon memes were exposed one after another, everyone was shocked to find that a man named Zuo Wangdao became a god and dominated the past and present...

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001. Dragon Terrier Encyclopedia! The Bad God Lu Mingfei! (Asking For Data)8 months ago002. Level Up! Everyone Is Zuo Wangdao! (Asking For Data)8 months ago003. Lu Mingfei Died! Source Of Curiosity! (Asking For Data)8 months ago004. People Cannot Die In Society! Good Brother Who Cuts Both Ways! (Please Collect)8 months ago005. Zuo Wangdao Gonghuo! About To Break Through Level 5! (Asking For Data)8 months agoLevel 006.5! Climb To The Level Of God! Stop Being A Human Being!8 months ago007.He Believed It! He Really Believed It! Spoilers Are So Fun!8 months ago008.Lu Mingfei Is Confused! Dirty World! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago009. Upgrade Two Levels In A Row! Copper Coin Mask! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago010. Let The World Feel Joy! A Hot-Pot Chat Room! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago011. Nono Comes To The Rescue! The World Is Awake Zuo Wangdao! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago012. Zhao Menghua Gives In! Force Wang Lu Mingfei! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago013. Break Through Level 8! Zhao Menghua’S Mask Of Pain! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago014. Fingel Has A Sharp Eye! Criticize Zhao Menghua With Words And Writings! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago015.Super A Grade! Crazy Shedding Of Wool! Just For Fun After Dinner! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago016. The Gold Content Of Zuo Wangdao! Su Xiaoqiang Was Flattered! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago017.Lu Mingfei: Back Off! I'm Going To Start Showing Off! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago018. Force Wang Lu Mingfei! Deserved! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago019. Upgrade! Level 10! Goodbye Roulette Draw! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago020. Copper Coin Sword! Upgrade Three Levels In A Row! Little Devil Lu Mingze! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago021. The Riddler Gets Out Of Gotham! The Big Fat Sheep Angers! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago022. Encounter Fingel! Lu Mingze Appears! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago023.Upgrade Again! Gather The Little Devil's Wool! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago024. You Can Always Trust Zuo Wangdao! Ange Laoden Is Very Bad! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago025. Lu Mingfei, The God Of Death! The Wallflower Zhao Menghua! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago026.Chu Zihang’S Numb Claws! Shock From My Mother, Su Xiaoyan! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago027. Zuo Wangdao Never Lies! Teasing Su Xiaoyan! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago028.Chu Zihang Club Is Dead! Level 15! Caesar Questioned Lu Mingfei! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago029. Rebellious Minister! Lu Mingfei Went Berserk! Caesar Was Slapped In The Face8 months ago030. Concept Armed! Time Flows Backwards! Millions Of Experience Savings Pool!8 months ago031. There Is No Useless Word Spirit! Satan Will Have To Tattoo You! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago032. Upgrade While Lying Down! Hanging Wang Lu Mingfei! Lu Mingze Reappears!8 months ago033. Lu Mingze Sends Me A Message! Invite Lord Wa! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago034. Orthodox! Lord Wa Zhou Ziwei! Ye Shengyaji Was Killed! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago035.Can’T Beat The Polar Bear! Caesar Breaks The Defense! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago036.The So-Called Fate! He Was Born To Be Stepped On! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago037. Ye Sheng Is A Real Man! Lu Mingfei’S Dragon King Friend! (Asking For Flowers)8 months ago