Dragon Clan: The Beginning Of The Rainy Night Maybach, Xia Mi Chases

Dragon Clan: The Beginning Of The Rainy Night Maybach, Xia Mi Chases


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Lin Chen traveled to the world of dragons!

On a rainy night with a typhoon, I got on a Maybach that drove on the elevated road!

I thought it was a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from.

But since then, a girl named Xia Mi suddenly appeared beside Lin Chen.

"Lin Chen, are you playing basketball today? I'm the cheerleader, I'm going to dance and cheer for you!

"Do you know the three holy places for dating? Aquarium, movie theater, Ferris wheel!"

"Do you have time? Please come to my house for dinner!"


"I am Jörmungandr, the Dragon King Jörmungandr!"

When Xia Mi turned into a giant dragon, Lin Chen suppressed her with the power of alchemy.

Lin Chen: Just be a cute little dragon girl by my side!

Xia Mi: Little dragon girl? It sounds a bit lonely!

Lin Chen: There are also little monsters, little witches, nanny groups, and three class beauties...

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1: The Rain Falls In Darkness!about 1 month ago2: The Words Of Heaven! Elevated Highway 000!about 1 month ago3: Rainy Night! Overpass! Maybach!about 1 month ago4: Eight-Legged Horse! Odin!about 1 month ago5: Explosive Killer! You Call This E-Rank?about 1 month ago6: Welcome To The World Of Dragons!about 1 month ago7: A Bootlicker? A Lackey? A Clown? Lu Mingfei!about 1 month ago8: Hello Senior, My Name Is Xia Mi!about 1 month ago9: How Brave! The Dragon King Pursues Her!about 1 month ago10: You Don’T Need To Bring Your Id Card To Watch A Movie!about 1 month ago11: Imitation Best Friends, Jealous Of Each Other!about 1 month ago12: A Dog Licker Is Still A Dog Licker!about 1 month ago13: Flirting! Top-Notch Tug-Of-War!about 1 month ago14: Xia Mi Jk White Silk? Let’S Do Yoga Together!about 1 month ago15: The Sound Of Water In The Bathroom! Schrodinger's Xia Mi!about 1 month ago16: Chen Wenwen’S Double Sleeping Bag!about 1 month ago17: Senior Lin Chen, Please Come In!about 1 month ago18: Romantic Sunrise! Liu Miaomiao's Suspicion!about 1 month ago19: The Nightlife Has Just Begun!about 1 month ago20: Seek Excitement! You Are Here At The Right Time!about 1 month ago21: Night Watch Discussion Forum! Executive Director!about 1 month ago22: Time Goes Backwards! Su Xiaoyan In Her Youth!about 1 month ago23: Love At First Sight! A Night Of Fun!about 1 month ago24: Stupid Beauty! Wait For Me At Home Later!about 1 month ago25: The Golden Eyes That Never Go Out! Chu Zihang's Trust!about 1 month ago26: I Can’T Feel The Pain In My Dreams! Then I’Ll Be Gentle!about 1 month ago27: Von Schneider! Streets Of Chicago!about 1 month ago28: Three Words Spirit? Are You The Dragon King?about 1 month ago29: Let’S Make A Deal And Ask Your Parents To Come Over!about 1 month ago30: The Tree Stands Out In The Forest! Aki, The Wine Virtuous!about 1 month ago31: Aki Sakutoku, Do You Believe In Love?about 1 month ago32: Angers' Conditions! Airborne Deputy Minister!about 1 month ago33: Gentle Little Sister! Sisters?about 1 month ago34: The Past Of Aki Saketoku! Experience Of Hanging Out With Rich Women!about 1 month ago35: The Innocent Man Is Big! Safety Measures!about 1 month ago36: Specialties From Aki Shude’S Hometown, Please Control Yourself, Senior!about 1 month ago37: The Night Watchman Is Stunned! Ange, You Are A Bastard!about 1 month ago38: We Are Giving You Safety Measures, Why Are You Blowing Up Balloons For Fun?about 1 month ago39: Senior, You Are Crazy! Bring A Cell Phone To The College Entrance Examination?about 1 month ago40: A Fake University? This Is Kassel College!about 1 month ago41: Slap Zhao Menghua In The Face! Party At The Villa!about 1 month ago42: Don’T Look Back! I Am Lin Chen!about 1 month ago43: Su Xiaoqiang! The Three Most Beautiful Girls In School Gather Together!about 1 month ago44: Zhao Menghua’S Mind! He Can’T Treat Everyone Equally!about 1 month ago45: Secretly Attacking Chencang! Smart Su Xiaoqiang!about 1 month ago46: Senior, Do You Want To Eat Cherries? Two For Me!about 1 month ago47: Strategies To Capture The Three Campus Beauties! The Dog-Licking King Lu Mingfei!about 1 month ago48: Pick Up Xia Mi At The Airport! The Last Ferris Wheel!about 1 month ago49: Xia Mi Confesses! The Ferris Wheel At Sunset!about 1 month ago50: Xia Mi Was Stunned! Is She Really His Girlfriend?about 1 month ago51: Calm Down! Are You Testing Your Boyfriend With This?about 1 month ago52: Red-Haired Witch Nono! Cc1000 Train!about 1 month ago53: Professor, Calm Down! I'm Really A D-Class!about 1 month ago54: So Long And White, Want To Touch It? Maybe Another Day!about 1 month ago55: Guess The Prize! Who Will Take The Top Spot, Nono Or Susie?about 1 month ago56: Equipment Department? This Is A Madhouse!about 1 month ago57: Poisonous Little Girl! Get Her!about 1 month ago58: One Day Of Freedom! Finkel: Lady, Spare My Life!about 1 month ago59: Biker Goddess! Caesar Is Given The Nice Guy Card!about 1 month ago60: God-Level Privilege! You Can’T Refuse Girls You Pursue!about 1 month ago61: Beat Up Caesar! The Biggest Winner Of The Free Day!about 1 month ago62: Late Night In The Woods! It’S All About Excitement!about 1 month ago63: The Car Is Going Too Fast! It’S Too Hard On My Waist!about 1 month ago64: The Professor Is A Jk Loli, And Also A Fangirl!about 1 month ago65: Idol Producer? You Got The Lead Role Script!about 1 month ago66: Princess Hug Little Loli, Please Accompany Me Tonight!about 1 month ago67: I Have Waited For This Night For Seven Years!about 1 month ago68: The Trace Of The Dragon King Norton! Trick Fingel!about 1 month ago69: Old Tang’S Famous Saying: If You Don’T Pick Up Girls, It Would Be A Waste Of Life!about 1 month ago70: Sinful Slums! Chosen Body!about 1 month ago71: Meet The Dragon King Norton! Dare To Accept A Younger Brother!about 1 month ago72: A-Level Mission! Senior Specialist Monica!about 1 month ago73: Close Attack! Caesar Is Out Of Control!about 1 month ago74: Minister Lin...Please Help Me!about 1 month ago