Entertainment: The King Of Traffic Starts From Winning Naixiao

Entertainment: The King Of Traffic Starts From Winning Naixiao


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Shen Fei traveled to a parallel world and planned to become the captain of exo, the most popular existence.

When EXO was at its peak, he decisively chose to return to China and take advantage of all the traffic.

Shen Fei participated in and invested in movies such as "Charlotte", "Wolf Warrior 2", and "Traffic Earth" that exploded at the box office, becoming a billionaire actor and a capital tycoon.

The songs sung by Shen Fei have been ranked number one on Billboard for a long time and are symbols of pop culture. Countless people have imitated them and become global superstars.


Lin Yoona: Oppa, I am your fan.

Nai Xiao: Oppa, you are going back to China, and I will dedicate myself to you.

Song Yuqi: Oppa, you won’t forget me, right?

Bai Lu: Shen Fei, I am the one who likes you the most.

Reba: Shen Fei is mine.

Yang Mi: I am your boss, do you dare to fight with me?

Tianxian: I won’t fight or grab, as long as Shen Fei likes me.

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001 Terminated The Contract And Returned To China, Winning Lin Yun'er And Nai Xiao At The Beginning4 months ago002 Aquaman Shen Fei, Raises Fish In Fish Ponds, Is Picked Up By Fans, And Is On The Hot Search List4 months ago003 The First Movie Script Selection "Xiu Chun Knife"4 months ago004 Shen Fei’S Terrifying Popularity, Han Sanping And Lu Yang Were Shocked4 months ago005 Shen Fei’S Publicity Method, Intercepting Hu Li Pianfeng’S "Gu Jian Qi Tan"4 months ago006 Casting For The Filming Of "Prince Concubine's Promotion", Bailu Was Delivered To The Door4 months ago007 Capture An Assistant Yang Chaoyue Koi (Please Give Me Flowers And Tickets)4 months ago008 Joining The Group, Media Interviews, Liu Shishi’S Attention (Please Give Me Flowers And Tickets)4 months ago009 Shen Fei's Acting Skills Have Been Praised By Movie Stars After Seeing Them. Liu Shishi Doesn't Have A Boyfriend?4 months ago010 The Famous Scene Of Adding Money To Lay People, Encountering Zhang Tianai4 months ago011 Finale Banquet, Liu Shishi: Shen Fei, You Have To Be Responsible For Me.4 months ago012 Shen Fei: It Feels So Good To Run Away If Liu Shishi Is A Scumbag4 months ago013 "The Voice Of China", No Dogs Will Go! ! !4 months ago014 Won The Male Lead Role In "Gu Jian Qi Tan", A Salary Of 30 Million And The Second Female Role4 months ago015 Zhang Tianai Comes To Visit, The Crown Princess Starts Filming, And Shen Fei Raises Fish4 months ago016 Joining The Cast Of "The Legend Of Ancient Swords", Yang Mi's Show Of Goodwill4 months ago017 Reba: I Am Your Fan. Reba Became Shen Fei's Personal Makeup Artist4 months ago018 Shen Fei And Reba’S Little Secret, Yang Mi Competes With Shen Fei4 months ago019 Yang Mi Is Excited! ! !4 months ago020 Bai Lu Joined The Group And Went Into The Woods With Shen Fei4 months ago021 Shen Fei Holds Huge Novel Film And Television Adaptation Rights4 months ago022 Build Momentum For "The Princess' Promotion"4 months ago023 Time Is Money, New Project "Remaining Sin"4 months ago024 The First Phase Of "Flowers And Boys" Begins Shooting4 months ago025 Zhang Han: Why Are There So Many Fans Of Shen Fei Everywhere?4 months ago026 Airport Shuttle Directly To The Hotel4 months ago027 Shen Fei Is A Living Map Of Rome?4 months ago028 The Song "Italian Summer" Caused Thousands Of People To Sing In Chorus4 months ago029 Wu Signed A Visa To Return To China, And The Era Of Large Traffic Is Coming4 months ago030 A Woman’S Mouth Is A Liar4 months ago031 Yang Mi Reviewed The Script In The Middle Of The Night, Shen Fei Learned A Lesson And Gained Wisdom4 months ago032 The Copyright Of Crown Princess Was Sold, And New People Signed Contracts With New Dream Company4 months ago033 "Wuxin Master" Project Is Established, Actor Selection4 months ago034 Zhang Yuxi Throws Herself Into Her Arms, While Jin Chen Listens To The Wall At The Door4 months ago035 Mom Asked Why I Knelt Down To Watch Tv, I Knelt Down For Shen Fei4 months ago036 Yang Mi Invited Shen Fei To Her Home In The Middle Of The Night, Hoping To Lure Him To Jiaxing?4 months ago037 In The World Of Jiaxing, Dogs Will Shake Their Heads When They See It4 months ago038 The Movie "The Year In A Hurry", The Heroine Liu Tianxian4 months ago039 Joining The Cast Of "Taking Tiger Mountain By Wisdom" Pits The Hearts Of Parents All Over The World4 months ago040 Tony Leung: Shen Fei’S Acting Skills Can Surpass Mine In The Future4 months ago041 Rehearsal Of "I Am A Singer", Deputy Director Zhu Stood Up For Shen Fei4 months ago042 I Only Made A Slight Move, But It Was Already The Limit Of This Program.4 months ago043 The Song "Relieve Sorrow" Resonates With Countless People4 months ago044 Shen Fei Steals The Show And Dominates The Hot Searches4 months ago045 "Xiaochou" Became A Hit Overnight, "The Princess" Was Finally Edited4 months ago046 Stop Acting, I Know You Two Are A Couple4 months ago047 Knocking On Anything Will Only Harm You4 months ago048 Liu Xiaoli: You Must Talk To Your Mother About Falling In Love. The Crown Princess Starts Promoting4 months ago049 "Prince Concubine's Promotion" Broke The Record4 months ago050 The Film And Television Rights In The Hands Of Shen Fei Have Become Fragrant Buns4 months ago051 "The Princess" Explodes, Zhang Tianai Confesses His Love4 months ago052 "The Princess" Finale Celebration Party, Taochang Wants To Buy "Yu Zui"4 months ago053 Wu Signed: "The Princess" Is Nothing, My Movie Can Have A Box Office Of One Billion4 months ago054 Lu Han And Huang Zitao Terminated Their Contract And Returned To China Together4 months ago055 Being Sneak Attacked By The Fairy Sister!4 months ago056 In That Year, How Many Times Did We Say Goodbye (Please Order First)4 months ago057 "Xiuchundao" Is Scheduled And Promoted, And "Yu Zui" Has Also Been Edited4 months ago058 "Yu Zui" Sold For 140 Million (First Order Requested)4 months ago059 Shen Fei: I Am Such A Scumbag, No One Believes Me If I Tell The Truth (Please Order First)4 months ago060 Shen Fei And Reba Were In The Club, And Yang Mi Came To The Door (Please Book First)4 months ago061 The Candidate For Running Man’S Resident Mc, Master Wuxin Is Ready To Start Filming (Please Order First)4 months ago062 "The Story Of Ancient Swords" Premieres, Liu Tianxian Wants To Star In A Fairy Tale Drama With Shen Fei (Please Order First)4 months ago063 Invested In "Charlotte Troubles" And Earned 2.7 Small Goals (Please Subscribe)4 months ago064 "Xiu Chun Knife" Was Screened With 100% Attendance And 100% Positive Reviews4 months ago065 "Xiu Chun Knife" Premieres, Shen Fei Said The Box Office Will Exceed 600 Million (Please Subscribe)4 months ago066 The Premiere Of "Xiu Chun Knife" Was A Great Success (Please Subscribe)4 months ago067 "Xiu Chun Dao" Box Office Sales Exceeded 800 Million4 months ago068 "Yu Zui" Became A Big Hit, Taochang Regretted It, And "Tomb Robbers Notes" Was Launched4 months ago069 I, Shen Fei, Will Never Endorse A Brand That Insults China4 months ago070 Fan Guo's "The Wandering Earth", The Trilogy Of "Detective Chinatown" By Hu4 months ago071 Cheongsam God Of War Song Tie And Drumstick Li Xiaoqin (Please Customize)4 months ago072 "Xiu Chun Knife" Celebration Banquet, Shen Fei Became The Focus Of The Banquet4 months ago073 Shen Fei: Who Said That China Can’T Make Its Own Science Fiction Blockbusters? (Please Customize)4 months ago074 Encountering Nazha By Chance, My Little Daughter-In-Law Nazha (Please Customize)4 months ago075 Shen Fei Airborne As Spokesperson For Armament Asia-Pacific Region (Please Customize)4 months ago076 After Joining The Cast Of "Charlotte", Shen Fei Became A Box Office Elixir (Please Customize)4 months ago077 Snowflakes Are Flying, The North Wind Is Blowing, And The World Is Vast4 months ago078 Shen Fei Maintains Fish Ponds And Is A Time Management Master (Please Customize)4 months ago079 Start The "Nirvana In Fire" Project, Mei Changsu's Candidate (Please Customize)4 months ago080 Shen Fei: No One Will Come To Save You Even If Your Throat Is Broken (Please Customize)4 months ago081 "That Year In A Hurry" Is Scheduled To Be Released, Shen Fei Wants To Build His Own Ticketing Website4 months ago082 That Year In A Hurry Shen Fei And Liu Yifei Fell In Love (Please Customize)4 months ago083 "Old Pao'er" Has Been Completed, And The Film Rights Of "Why Shengxiaomo" Have Been Sold (Custom Order Requested)4 months ago084 Milan Fashion Week, Meeting Jing Tian (Please Customize)4 months ago085 Miss Jingtian, Are You In A Relationship With Mr. Shen Fei?4 months ago086 Shen Fei’S First Show In Milan Attracted Several Top Fashion Magazines To Snap Up (Please Customize)4 months ago087 Mr. Shen Fei, Have You Stepped Into A Few Boats? (Please Customize)4 months ago088 Paris Fashion Week, Liu Shishi And Nazha Met, And The Shura Field Opened (Please Customize)4 months ago089 Time Management Master, Meet Nazha First, Then Liu Shishi (Please Customize)4 months ago090 The Movie Signed By Wu Was Released, But The Box Office Was Dismal. Shen Fei Is Not In The Same Level As Him (Please Customize)4 months ago091 Shen Fei’S Cp Party, Li Xiaoqin’S Studio Joins The New Dream (Please Customize)4 months ago092 Post-Editing Of "Wuxin Master", The First Season Premiere Of "Running Brothers" (Please Customize)4 months ago093 Liu Yifei Returned To China, "The Year In A Hurry" Was Screened, And Her Reputation Exploded4 months ago094 "That Year In A Hurry" Premiered, Liu Yifei Confessed Her Love In Public (Please Customize)4 months ago095 "The Year In A Hurry" Was A Big Hit At The Box Office On The First Day, With 120 Million Yuan (Please Customize)4 months ago096 "The Year In A Hurry" Broke The Record With A Box Office Of 1.2 Billion, Shen Fei Won Liu Yifei (Please Customize)4 months ago097 "That Year In A Hurry" Celebration Banquet, Han Sanping Returned To China To Celebrate Shen Fei (Please Customize)4 months ago098 Shen Fei Wants To Invest In Byte, And "Wuxin Master" Has Been Edited Out (Please Customize It)4 months ago099 Casting For "A Little Smile Is Allure", Yang Mi And Reba Gather Together (Please Customize)4 months ago100 "Wuxin Master" Is Divided Into 28%, "Jingjue Ancient City" And "Forensic Qinming" Are Launched (Please Customize)4 months ago