Escaping From The 100,000-Year Restricted Area, I Am Invincible In The World

Escaping From The 100,000-Year Restricted Area, I Am Invincible In The World


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[No System + Born Invincible + Decisive Killing + Family Reconstruction] Trapped in a forbidden area for 100,000 years, Lin Feng was born invincible, but found that only ten years had passed since the outside world. His parents were arrested, his siblings disappeared, and his family property was taken away. Lin Feng was angry and killed people, vowing to rebuild the Lin family and create the first family in history.

Many years later, each of the Lin family's geniuses became famous in the world.

Amazing to the world.

Lin Yan: "I have one foot, which can suppress the genius of the whole world..."

Lin Xi: "I have a sword that can cut through eternal mountains and rivers..."

Lin Huan: "I have a punch that can reverse the cycle of life and death..."

Everyone was horrified: "How come in this Lin family, even the one who sweeps the floor is in the Holy Land?"

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Chapter 1: Escape From The 100,000-Year Forbidden Space, I Am Invincible In The World, And The Lin Mansion Undergoes Great Changes19 days agoChapter 2 Lin Family Residence, Seeking Justice19 days agoChapter 3 The Li Family Was Destroyed And The Whole City Was Shocked19 days agoChapter 4 Bloodline Tracing, Parental Cage19 days agoChapter 5: Riots In Heaven And Earth, Emperor Venerable Is Born19 days agoChapter 6 Death Of The Most Holy Saint, Lin Family Tomb19 days agoChapter 7 Netherworld Hellfire, Return To The Lin Family19 days agoChapter 8 Medicine Sect Yao Chen, Lin Yan’S Hard Training19 days agoChapter 9 Brothers Recognize Each Other And Unite Their Bodies19 days agoChapter 10 The Holy Saint Is Born, Emperor Venerable Is Shocked19 days agoChapter 11 Yao Chen Leaves And Qingyun Comes19 days agoChapter 12 Arrogant And Domineering, The Qingyun Sect Is Destroyed19 days agoChapter 13 The Moon Shines In The East, Lin Xi Is Sad19 days agoChapter 14 Lin Xi Returns And Envoys Visit19 days agoChapter 15 Uncle Fu Was Humiliated, And The Lin Family Established Its Authority19 days agoChapter 16 Bounty List, Ghost Killer19 days agoChapter 17 But...The Entire Zhao Kingdom Sovereign Clan!19 days agoChapter 18 Emperor Grade Cultivation Technique To Increase Strength19 days agoChapter 19 Emperor Grade Treasure, Hundred Refining Spirit Pagoda19 days agoChapter 20 Emperor Venerable Phantom, Death Of Sovereign Clan19 days agoChapter 21 The Selection Of The Throne, The Court Was Shocked19 days agoChapter 22 Successive Breakthroughs, The Moon-Waving Summons19 days agoChapter 23 Lin Xi Leaves, Lin Qing’S Crisis19 days agoChapter 24 Immortal Jade Spiritual Root, Xu Mo’S Kindness19 days agoChapter 25 The Gu Family Died, Lin Qing Was Angry19 days agoChapter 26 Terminal Illness, No Medicine Can Save Him19 days agoChapter 27 Continuous Shocks, The Strength Of The Lin Family19 days agoChapter 28 Competition In The Tower, Return Of Medicine19 days agoChapter 29 Lin Family Tomb, Skeleton Of The Great Emperor19 days agoChapter 30 The Ancestors Were Stunned And Then Reshaped The Body19 days agoChapter 31 The Late Emperor’S Opportunity To Recycle His People19 days agoChapter 32 Lin Huan Was Humiliated, Wang Meng Took Action19 days agoChapter 33 Leopard San’S Death, Supreme Bone Appears19 days agoChapter 34 Wang Meng Becomes A Disciple, Lin Huan Pleads For Mercy19 days agoChapter 35 Returning To The Lin Family, Lin Zhan Regrets19 days agoChapter 36 The Break Between Master And Apprentice, Lin Xi’S Crisis19 days agoChapter 37: Escape To Save The Moon, And The Valley Gives Medicine19 days agoChapter 38: Surrounded By Pursuers, Fight To The Death19 days agoChapter 39 Killing Each Other, Mingyue Goes Crazy19 days agoChapter 40 Brothers And Sisters Reappear, The Emperor’S Soul Awakens19 days agoChapter 41 The Wan Yue Sect Is Angry And All The Sects Come Out19 days agoChapter 42 Ancestor Of The East, Crisis Arises Again19 days agoChapter 43: One Against Many, Looking Forward To Death19 days agoChapter 44 Life Hangs On A Thread, The Power Of The Emperor’S Soul19 days agoChapter 45: The Wanyue Sect Is Destroyed, And The Massacre Continues19 days agoChapter 46 Lin Feng Arrives And The Dongfang Clan Is Destroyed19 days agoChapter 47 Devastated, Completely Destroyed19 days agoChapter 48 Taixu Holy Land, Dugu Qiuyue19 days agoChapter 49 Lin Xi Wakes Up, Sirius Riots19 days agoChapter 50 The Monster Recognizes Its Master, The Mystery Of The Golden Feather19 days agoChapter 51 Divine Phoenix Clan, Brother And Sister Escape19 days agoChapter 52 Taiqing Imperial Palace, Death Of The Most Holy Saint19 days agoChapter 53 The Projection Of The Emperor’S Shadow, The Foundation Is Damaged19 days agoChapter 54 Zijin Thunder Tribulation, Great Thousand World19 days agoChapter 55 Taixu Holy Land, Bells Ringing Continuously19 days agoChapter 56 Divine Child Appears, Everyone Is Shocked19 days agoChapter 57 Taking On Taixu As A Disciple, Young Blood Vengeance19 days agoChapter 58: Sweeping The Holy Land, Crisis Of The Holy Lord19 days agoChapter 59 Teaching The Kung Fu, The Shadow Of The Barbarian Emperor19 days agoChapter 60 The Return Of The Golden Phoenix, The Second And Third Holy Lords19 days agoChapter 61 Returning To The Lin Family, The Ancestor Was Frightened19 days agoChapter 62 The Medicine Is In Panic And The Mansion Explodes19 days agoChapter 63 Lin Hu’S Genius, Yao Chen Goes Berserk19 days agoChapter 64 Departing For The Imperial City, Lin Hu Was Moved19 days agoChapter 65 Dynasty Warning, Lin Family Builds The City19 days agoChapter 66 Beheading The Prince, Spirit Mine And Spirit Spring19 days agoChapter 67 The Lin Mansion Moves To A New Clan Territory19 days agoChapter 68 Wanted In The Imperial City, Practice In The Restricted Area19 days agoChapter 69 The Armored Army Gathers In Xuanling19 days agoChapter 70 Blood-Stained Mountains And Forests, Return To Great Xia19 days agoChapter 71 Murong Yun’S Death, Civil Strife In The Dynasty19 days agoChapter 72 Yao Chen Lian Dan, Lin Dongxu Was Shocked19 days agoChapter 73 The Battle For Elixirs, Third Grade Alchemist19 days agoChapter 74 Tang Fu Is Angry And Declares A Battle At The Door19 days agoChapter 75 Pill Competition, Slap Tang Fu In The Face19 days agoChapter 76 Yao Chen Takes Action And Tang Fu Dies19 days agoChapter 77 Holy Yuan Emperor Venerable, Back Mountain Trial19 days agoChapter 78 Emperor Venerable Arrives, The Trial Is Difficult19 days agoChapter 79 Escape In Embarrassment, The Top Of The Extreme Sea19 days agoChapter 80 Haoyuan Emperor Venerable, Imperial Palace Showdown19 days agoChapter 81 The Fierce Battle Between The Two Emperors And The Whereabouts Of The Ni Huang19 days agoChapter 82 The Restriction Gap, A Qualitative Leap19 days agoChapter 83 Tianyuan Ancient Sword, Surrounded By Sword Beasts19 days agoChapter 84 The Black Shadow Suddenly Appears And The Stream Of Light Escapes19 days agoChapter 85 In The Realm Of Gods, The People Of The Shaotian Clan19 days agoChapter 86: Troubled Times Are About To Arise, The Secret Realm Of Black Swamp19 days agoChapter 87 Crowds Flock To The Secret Realm19 days agoChapter 88 Lin Yan’S Engagement, Things Change And People Change19 days agoChapter 89 The Bloody Storm, The Second Area19 days agoChapter 90 Old Friends Meet And The Relationship Is Severed19 days agoChapter 91 The Herd Of Beasts Chases And Kills, Su Chang Is Shocked19 days agoChapter 92 A Lot Of Harvest, The Lady Respects Herself19 days agoChapter 93 The Lin Family Becomes Famous As The Target Of Public Criticism19 days agoChapter 94: First Show Of Strength, Crushing Attitude19 days agoChapter 95: When You Come To Ask For Guilt, You Kneel Down In Fear19 days agoChapter 96: Knocking On The Mountain And Shocking The Tiger, Birthday Banquet Of The Su Mansion19 days agoChapter 97: Eradicate The Roots, Banquet Massacre19 days agoChapter 98 The Old Man In White Robe, Shielding Array19 days agoChapter 99 Talking In The Palace, Coping With The Catastrophe19 days agoChapter 100 Forming An Alliance, Snow Wolf19 days ago