Everyone Can Change Their Job: I Can Combine Skills Infinitely!

Everyone Can Change Their Job: I Can Combine Skills Infinitely!


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The abyss descended, the beasts invaded, and humans entered the era of universal job transfer.

As long as you kill the beasts, you can become stronger...

High risk, high reward!

Bad news, Qin Feng has no system!

Good news, Qin Feng can foresee the future and plan ahead.

On the day of awakening, Qin Feng awakened a unique ability [Infinite Fusion]

As long as you combine three skills into one, you can get an upgraded version of the new skill, and you can fuse it without limit.

Since then, Qin Feng has started his invincible journey.

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001 Dear Students, Are You Ready?25 days ago002 The Key Is To Trigger Strange Phenomena In Heaven And Earth. This Is Really Awesome!25 days ago003 You Listen To Me! You Must Refuse!25 days ago004 If You Don’T Want It, Give It To Me. I’M Really Going To Die Of Drought Or Flood!25 days ago005 You Are My Creditor, How Could I Possibly Play Tricks On You?25 days ago006 It’S Great To Be Young. The One In My Family Can’T Even Take Medicine!25 days ago007 If You Want It, I'll Give It To You As A Friend25 days ago008 I Lent You 10 Million, Do I Not Have To Pay It Back?25 days ago009 How About This, I Will Quit The Group And You Guys Pick Someone Else To Join?25 days ago010 Why Does The Weapon In My Hand Look So Much Like A Fire Stick?25 days ago011 Really Not, We All Misunderstood Him!25 days ago012 Just Because You Can’T See It Doesn’T Mean It Doesn’T Exist25 days ago013 Thank You For Your Patronage. What Do You Plan To Sell?25 days ago015 Is This Guy A Cheater? Even Cheaters Are Not This Strong!25 days ago016 Don’T Be Afraid Of Having Less Talent Than Others, Just Be Afraid Of People With Higher Talent Working Harder Than You!25 days ago016 Don’T Be Afraid Of Difficulties. Difficulties Are Like Springs. They Become Stronger When You Are Weaker.25 days ago017 If He Reveals His Superpowers To Us, We Are Lucky.25 days ago018 No Second Words, Decisive Integration25 days ago019 Although I Am Dead, My Name Will Be Recorded In History!25 days ago020 What Else Can You Do? Just Keep Going!25 days ago021 Can You Imagine The Dangers Involved?25 days ago022 It’S Free, It’S A Gift To You, Don’T Despise It25 days ago023 To Be Honest, I Also Think These Ninja Swords Can't Be Sold25 days ago024 The Monsters Can Attack And Defend, Everyone Be Careful25 days ago025 Notice To All High Schools: Brush The Pages Faster!25 days ago026 It Is Impossible To Take Action. It Is Not The Right Time Yet.25 days ago027 Want To Kill Me? You Don't Deserve It! I'm Waiting For You In Hell!25 days ago028 How Can He Use Two Weapons? This Is Unscientific!25 days ago029 We Are In The Dungeon Now. I Will Find You Something To Eat When We Get Out.25 days ago030 I Don’T Want Your Dirty Money, Give My Child’S Life!25 days ago031 God-Killing Iron Cavalry, Human Wave Tactics, Drown Him!25 days ago032 From Dust To Dust, From Ashes To Ashes, Eighteen Years Later He Is A Hero Again!25 days ago033 Whatever, Killing Me Will Be Tomorrow!25 days ago034 It’S Ok For Me, The Worst That Can Happen Is That I Lose My Job, But You Are In Danger25 days ago035 Grow Up Quickly, I’Ll Rely On You To Take Care Of Me From Now On!25 days ago036 Okay, Let’S Go To Sleep. Life And Death Are The Most Important Things In Life.25 days ago037 Eat Something, We Will Start A New Busy Day25 days ago038 People Die For Money, Birds Die For Food25 days ago039 Are You Still A Man? Do You Know How To Be Gentle And Considerate To Women?25 days ago040 What? Do You Still Want To Keep The Treasure For Yourself?25 days ago041 Let's Go Back First, And I'll Come Back To This Instance When I Think Of A Solution.25 days ago042 When We Join Forces, These Strange Beasts Are So Easy To Kill!25 days ago043 If You Don’T Want Others To Know, Then Don’T Do It Yourself. Why Can’T I Know It?25 days ago044 If Six People Can’T Take Him Down, What Use Are You To Me?25 days ago045 Shut Up, You Useless People Are Just Causing More Trouble!25 days ago046 Eagle Squad Requests To Enter The Death Mountains And Is Determined To Kill Qin Feng!25 days ago047 I Told You To Be Immune And To Bully Me. Now You Know The Pain, Right?25 days ago048 But When It Comes To This, What Does Money Matter?25 days ago049 When We Get Out Alive, I'll Treat You To A Big Meal25 days ago050 My Son Can Only Repay Her For Everything She Has Done For Me In The Next Life!25 days ago051 He Has Stealth Equipment, Maybe He Got Through?25 days ago052 Isn’T It A Pleasure To Have Friends Coming From Afar?25 days ago053 I Intend To See How Strong You Are. Don’T Let Me Down!25 days ago054 These People All Want To Save Face, How Can They Explain This Kind Of Thing?25 days ago055 How Dare A Mere Firefly Compete With The Bright Moon Like Mine?25 days ago056 I'm Right Here, Why Did You Run Away First?25 days ago057 Sit Down And Take A Good Rest While Waiting For The Flame To Go Out!25 days ago058 You Have Said It Several Times These Days, Crying Can't Solve Any Problems25 days ago059 It Has Nothing To Do With Your Talent, It’S Just Because You Are A Criminal25 days ago060 You Have Been Very Kind To Me These Past Few Days, And It Is Time For Me To Give Back To You.25 days ago061 This Thing Is Making You Retreat Step By Step, So She Can Run Away If She Wants To?25 days ago062 Don't Be Nervous During The Inspection. I Made Up An Identity For You.25 days ago063 I Did Everything You Said. Please Give Us A Way Out!25 days ago064 It’S Urgent, Don’T Say Any Unnecessary Nonsense25 days ago065 What Happened To The Tianchi Killers? They Couldn't Possibly Betray Me!25 days ago066 Yanshi Puppets, Kill Them All!25 days ago067 Brother Qin, How Did You Know It Was Me? How Did You Find Me?25 days ago068 Very Good, I'll Give You This Chance, Go For It!25 days ago069 I Guarantee It With My Head, It’S Definitely Master Qin!25 days ago070 Qin Feng Did Nothing Wrong, Why Did You Attack Him So Cruelly?25 days ago071 What I Said Is The Truth, And I Am Willing To Bear Legal Responsibility!25 days ago072 Eat All These Equipments, And Then I Will See How Far You Can Improve!25 days ago073 You Still Ask Me, Aren’T All The Things Exposed In The Media These Days Your Business? Mom Knows Everything25 days ago074 You Just Laugh At Me, But Do I Have To Tell The Truth?25 days ago075 If You Don’T Come Back, You Will Ruin All Our People!25 days ago076 I Want To Kill You, Why Would I Save You?25 days ago077 Get Out Of Here Right Now, Or I’Ll Prevent You From Going To College!25 days ago078 Since You’Re Not Leaving, Then Just Stay Here!25 days ago079 I'm Causing Trouble? Humph, I'm Seeking Justice For My Son!25 days ago080 Brother Is The Best, I Love You So Much!25 days ago081 Take Out The Dragon Scale Sword! I Don’T Have Time To Waste With You!25 days ago082 The Exam Will Start Tomorrow. I Will Watch It Myself.25 days ago083 Don’T Ruin Everyone’S Future Because Of Your Recklessness!25 days ago084 Anyway, It All Depends On Your Own Ability. The Loser Can Only Blame Himself For His Bad Luck.25 days ago085 If He Says He Will Give Me Money, Then I Will Give Him Money? What If He Doesn't?25 days ago086 Isn't He A Priest? How Could He Have Such A Strong Attack?25 days ago087 You Don’T Have To Be Afraid, The Great God Will Never Let You Die Miserably This Time!25 days ago088 What Are You Doing? Get Out Of The Way!25 days ago089 I Don’T Want To Leave Home. I Can’T Go To A Prestigious School. I Just Want To Eat And Wait For Death.25 days ago090 Could It Be That This Special Ability Increased His Energy And Blood?25 days ago091 If They Are Willing To Join The Battle, Our Days Will Not Be Lonely!25 days ago092 Turn Off The Camera And Think About It For A Few Minutes25 days ago093 The One That Was Just Swallowed By The Strange Beast Was His Shadow Clone!25 days ago094 Who Would Have Thought That The Little Guy Actually Passed?25 days ago095 University Is Different From High School. You Will Be Liberated When You Come Here!25 days ago096 Your Dad Is Not Investing In A War Group, But Investing In The Future Of The Great God!25 days ago097 I Didn’T Expect You Could Use It This Way, Great!25 days ago098 Qin Feng Simply Won’T Believe It If You Say There Is No Conspiracy Here!25 days ago099 Still Not Reacting? Use It!25 days ago100 No, I Am A Freeloader, I Have Food With My Elder Sister25 days ago