Everyone: Weak Traders? Start Trading Jingle Cat

Everyone: Weak Traders? Start Trading Jingle Cat


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Little Fallen Leaves
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[Revival of spiritual energy + refreshing article + Doraemon + Big Big Wolf + Tom Cat + heaven-defying props + small jobs on the hour]

Travel to a world where spiritual energy is revived and everyone practices spiritual power.

Chu Ming awakened the S-level talent [Trader of All Realms]

As the name suggests, it can communicate with any living being in the world and make transactions with it to enhance its strength.

It seems to be extremely powerful, but it is recognized by the world as the most useless talent.

Although you can trade with any living being, the price of the transaction is determined by the other party.

Those powerful beings often offer extremely high prices, and even with all the efforts of the whole country, the transaction cannot be successful.


Waste career?

Chu Ming felt that things were not simple.

Is it okay to trade with any living being in the universe?

So... is Doraemon okay?

It makes sense to trade two dorayas for a heaven-defying prop, right?


While others are still practicing hard.

Chu Ming: "Do you still need to practice magic tricks and spiritual skills? You can learn it with a piece of memory bread, right?"


When others risk their lives to enter secret places to hunt for treasure.

Chu Ming took the 'restoration light flashlight' and went around to collect all kinds of damaged spiritual weapons and spiritual herbs. As long as he illuminated them with the restoration light, they would immediately become intact!

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Chapter 1 Setting Up A Stall To Sell Goblin Kidneys6 days agoChapter 2 Trading Memory Bread With Doraemon!6 days agoChapter 3: Forgiveness Hat? If You Put It On, Others Will Definitely Forgive You?6 days agoChapter 4 Bro, Your Wife Is Great!6 days agoChapter 5 Concept Level! The Forgiveness Hat Actually Has A Hard Control Effect?6 days agoChapter 6 Blackmailing The Stall Owner Of Three Million!6 days agoChapter 7 Use Memory Bread To Upgrade To Four Levels In A Row! It’S A Great Game!6 days agoChapter 8 Returning To School To Test Combat Power6 days agoChapter 9 Teacher, Please Get Out, I Want To Use The Instrument By Force6 days agoChapter 10 Black Iron Eighth Stage! Combat Strength Breaks 1200!6 days agoChapter 11 Choose A Book Of Spiritual Skills And Be Haunted By Your Own Mother!6 days agoChapter 12: Become A Mother-In-Law! Prepare To Take The Three-Model Exam!6 days agoChapter 13 Can’T Take The Exam If The Combat Power Value Is Less Than 500?6 days agoChapter 14: Chu Ming’S Combat Power Is Only 180, How Can He Pass The Test?6 days agoChapter 15 The School Beauty Wants To Team Up With Chu Ming??6 days agoChapter 16: Kick The Black Iron Five-Stage Iron Puppet Away! Are You Sure He Only Has 180 Combat Power??6 days agoChapter 17 Can Chu Ming Use His S-Level Talent?!6 days agoChapter 18: Destroy The Black Wolf Pack! Score More Than 100 Points In One Wave!6 days agoChapter 19 The School Beauty Begs, She Really Wants...Chu Ming To Teach Her!6 days agoChapter 20 Chen Hehao Scored More Than 300 Points, Is He Expected To Be First?6 days agoChapter 21 Gu Yuexi Scored More Than 500 Points! Is It Difficult For Chu Ming To Be In The Top Three?6 days agoChapter 22 Chu Ming Killed More Than Thirty Black Iron Ninth-Level Monsters?!6 days agoChapter 23 The Whole Audience Was Shocked, Chu Ming Actually Had 1200 Combat Power?!6 days agoChapter 24 Chu Ming Slaughtered Hundreds Of Monsters In The Secret Realm?!6 days agoChapter 25: More Than A Thousand Points? Did Chu Ming Kill All The Monsters?!6 days agoChapter 26 This Is The Water Soaked In Sugarcane Bagasse That My Goddess Chewed! I Have Treasured It For Three Years!6 days agoChapter 27: Minister Chen’S Additional Reward? Choose Whatever You Want Under Two Million?6 days agoChapter 28: Broken Lingxu Bead? Can Doraemon Restore It?6 days agoChapter 29 Chu Ming’S S-Level Talent Can Only Be Used Once?6 days agoChapter 30 Dorayaki Made From Ashes? You Must Buy It For Doraemon To Try!6 days agoChapter 31 New Props! Restore Light Flashlight!6 days agoChapter 32: Restore The Lingxu Bead! Continue To Practice With Memory Bread!6 days agoChapter 33: Go To Dongchuan City Next Door! Let’S Make A Glue... No, Let’S Test Our Combat Strength First!6 days agoChapter 34: This Test Center Can Also Provide Massage? And Soft Massage?!6 days agoChapter 35: Combat Strength Exceeded 12,000! The Young Lady Was Frightened!6 days agoChapter 36: Bronze’S Battle Strength Exceeds 10,000? A Genius That Has Never Appeared In Human History!6 days agoChapter 37 Use The Forgiveness Hat And Restoration Light To Do Some Cool Things!6 days agoChapter 38 If You Dare To Trespass Into The Restricted Area, We Will Definitely Forgive You!6 days agoChapter 39 Is It A Powerful Spiritual Cultivator Who Breaks Into The Restricted Area?6 days agoChapter 40 I Want To Take Your Soul Pearl By Force. You Will Forgive Me, Right?6 days agoChapter 41: A Ninth-Level Golden Cultivator Came To Arrest Chu Ming?6 days agoChapter 42: If You Dare To Leave, I Will Let You Go! You! Go!6 days agoChapter 43 Is The Intruder A Platinum-Level Spiritual Cultivator?6 days agoChapter 44: Successfully Obtained A Spiritual Power Cultivation Technique!6 days agoChapter 45 Jiang And His Son Were Shocked. The Platinum-Level Spiritual Cultivator Was Much More Powerful Than Chu Ming!6 days agoChapter 46 Discovering The World Of Big Big Wolf!6 days agoChapter 47 I Think Red Wolf Still Has His Charm.6 days agoChapter 48: Twenty-Level Spiritual Skills! Combat Strength Exceeds 30,000!6 days agoChapter 49: Let’S See If There Is Anything Else That Can Be Turned Into Treasure Using Restoration Light!6 days agoChapter 50 Boss, Are You A Halberd?6 days agoChapter 51 Brother Ming Can Even Understand My Ex-Girlfriend, What Else Does He Not Understand?6 days agoChapter 52: This Store Is Like A Place Where A Little Boy Fell Into His Childhood... There Are Acquaintances Everywhere!6 days agoChapter 53 Lu Feng Was Dumbfounded, Chu Ming Actually Dared To Blackmail A Third-Level Appraiser?6 days agoChapter 54 The Real World Invaded By All Races6 days agoChapter 55 New Props! Time Furoshiki!6 days agoChapter 56: Space Crack? If I Shine It With A Restoration Light, It Will Be Gone.6 days agoChapter 57: A Beam Of Light...Completed The Crack In Space??6 days agoChapter 58: An Extraordinary Space Power Has Taken Action?!6 days agoChapter 59: The One Who Ransacked The Vault Was A Bronze-Level???6 days agoChapter 60: Absorb The Spirit Beads To Upgrade And Start Charging!!6 days agoChapter 61: Peak Bronze Level! Gold Level Combat Power!6 days agoChapter 62: The Spiritual Cultivation Headquarters Wants Me To Go To The Capital? Why? What About My Waist?6 days agoChapter 63: Framing Zhou Ruowang And Getting The Zang-Protecting Pill For Nothing!6 days agoChapter 64: The Collapsed Zhou Ruowang Was Blackmailed Out Of Five Million!6 days agoChapter 65: During The College Entrance Examination, The Spiritual Power Level May Not Be Hidden.6 days agoChapter 66 The College Entrance Examination Is Coming Soon!6 days agoChapter 67: The Level Has Reached The Peak Of Silver! The Combat Power Is Over 6 Million! It Is Comparable To The Sixth Level Of Platinum!6 days agoChapter 68 People From Big Cities Come To Yuzhou To Take The College Entrance Examination? Is It Difficult For Chu Ming To Make The Top Five?6 days agoChapter 69 The City Exam Is About To Begin!6 days agoChapter 70 The City Exam Officially Begins!6 days agoChapter 71 My Strength Is Positivity, My Specialty Is Positivity, And I Am Always Positive.6 days agoChapter 72 No, How Can He Be Brothers With The Person Opposite Him?6 days agoChapter 73 Chu Ming Is Not Awesome, But He Is Just A Little Bit Awesome.6 days agoChapter 74: Matched To The Second Level Of Bronze? I Love Lu Guan!6 days agoChapter 75 Have You Never Heard Of Brother Chu? He Is A Genius From Nanyuan Middle School!6 days agoChapter 76: The Surviving Candidate Of Nanyuan Middle School: He Is A Survivor, Who Am I?6 days agoChapter 77 Candidates From Yuzhou: Brother Chu Is Awesome! Candidates From Xingzhou: Brother Chu Is Awesome!6 days agoChapter 78 The Exhibition Match Is Over, Is It Time To Test The Combat Power?6 days agoChapter 79 The Combat Strength Test Begins!6 days agoChapter 80 Chu Ming Is Finally Going To Test His Combat Power!6 days agoChapter 81 One Hundred Thousand Combat Power?! What Kind Of Monster Is This?!6 days agoChapter 82 Teacher Wang Is Pretty Good Except For Beating Me And Scolding Me Every Day And Telling Me To Get Out!6 days agoChapter 83 Principal Li: Chu Ming Has Always Had Good Conduct! How Could He Slander The Teacher?6 days agoChapter 84: There Is Only One Forgiveness Hat? Are There Any Other Props That Can Be Sold?6 days agoChapter 85: Identification Of Accomplices? This Prop Feels Useful!6 days agoChapter 86 The City Exam Is Over! Candidates From The Two Cities Came To The Stage To Receive Their Awards!6 days agoChapter 87 Chu Ming’S Identity Is Exposed! Xingzhou Candidates Collectively Put On Clown Masks!6 days agoChapter 88: Zhou Ruowang Is Going To Drive The Tiger To Devour The Wolf And Let Shuguang’S People Kill Chu Ming?6 days agoChapter 89 If Nothing Else Happens, There Will Be An Accident.6 days agoChapter 90: He Is Indeed An Evil Person, He Has A Very Bad Mind.6 days agoChapter 91: Accepting Dowry Does Not Mean I Agree!6 days agoChapter 92 Platinum-Level Divine Cultivator? No, Chu Ming Is A Diamond-Level Divine Cultivator?!6 days agoChapter 93 Gu Yuexi Feels Inferior6 days agoChapter 94 He Is Worthy Of This Kind6 days agoChapter 95 The Fall Of S-Class Genius6 days agoChapter 96 Chu Ming, You Are Invincible6 days agoChapter 97 Spreading Your Hands, You Can’T Get Anything You Want6 days agoChapter 98: Get The Reward And Start Leveling Up Mode6 days agoChapter 99 Xitimu Escape6 days agoChapter 100 Stepping Into Gold6 days ago