Fairy: Healing Mirajane, Black Dragon Sky Template

Fairy: Healing Mirajane, Black Dragon Sky Template


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Yukino's Shirako
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Traveling to the world of Fairy Tail, Ron became a healing mage, started healing Mirajane, and obtained an enhanced version of the Black Dragon Sky template, starting his journey to dominance!

Later, he treated Irene, Mavis, Moon God Dragon Selene, Uru, Brandish·μ... and so on, so that Ron's strength gradually increased, and he created the strongest guild, and finally ruled Ishgar, Arakida Sia, Kiltina and more.

In the decisive battle with the Black Dragon, Ron, who was 100% integrated with the Black Dragon Sky template, reached the limit of the Black Dragon Acnologia with just a few moves!

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001 Just A Passing Doctor8 months ago002 Black Dragon Sky Template8 months ago003 Build The Strongest Guild8 months ago004 A Little Intervention Can Solve Everything8 months ago005 The Magic Colorless Wall Explosion Kills The Black Magician8 months ago006 Summon Members Of The Guild Of All Realms8 months ago007 Himejima Akeno! Seilah's Goal!8 months ago008 Makarov's Mission8 months ago009 Reject Fairy Tail8 months ago010 Ronvs Laxus8 months ago011 The Secret Of Dragon Slaying·Mingyu Lei Vs The Divine Power Of The World Of All Things, The Divine Skill Of Thunder God's Wrath!8 months ago012 The Future Potential Of Holy Ten8 months ago013 Himejima Akeno! The Magical Version Of The Black Shadow Corps!8 months ago014 The Crime Of Creating A Witch8 months ago015 Different Cana8 months ago016 Cut Off Cana8 months ago017 Makarov's Shock8 months ago018 The Guild Is Officially Created! Guild Upgrade To Lv28 months ago019 The President’S Pattern! Cutting Off Plan!8 months ago020 Guild Battle!8 months ago021 Levy’S Wait And See! A Completely Crazy Fight!8 months ago022 "Demon" Mirajane! The Battle For Fame In Dragon Empire!8 months ago023 The Guild Bond Is Comprehensively Improved8 months ago024 Plan To Capture Levy! Skyrocketing Task Delegation8 months ago025 Levy’S Choice8 months ago026 Magical Skill: Eternal Ice Lv18 months ago027 Mirajanevs Laxus8 months ago028 The Terrifying Demon Mirajane! Challenge Ron!8 months ago029 Crush By Divine Power, Absolute Victory8 months ago030 Celestial Spirit Virgo’S Mission8 months ago031 Defeat The Dark Guild! Seilah's Tracking8 months ago032 The Witch’S Sin Attacks!8 months ago033 My Rules Are Rules8 months ago034 New Member: Gurefia! Himejima Akeno's Promise8 months ago035 Dual-Line Upgrade Operation8 months ago036 The Silver-Haired Queen Of Annihilation Attacks!8 months ago037 New Member: Dark Magic Girl! The Prototype Of An Ace!8 months ago038 The Legend Of The Rain Girl8 months ago039 Rain Girl Juvia8 months ago040 The Divine Power Of The Void Consciousness World: A Glimpse Into The Future!8 months ago041 The Divine Power Of The Diamond Realm! The Trial Of Mirajane8 months ago042 The Psychological Game Between Ron And Saint Ten8 months ago043 Compete With Holy Ten Jose For Juvia8 months ago044 Healing Juvia8 months ago045 New Member: Cat Legion! Reclaim The Rain Girl!8 months ago046 Erza On The Run8 months ago047 Erza’S Plan! Furious Holy Ten!8 months ago048 Levy Breaks The Magic Barrier! Vs Dark Guild8 months ago049 The War Begins! Erza's Decision!8 months ago050 Freeze Everything! Dragon Queen Erza!8 months ago051 The Cat Army Attacks! Shocked Erza For A Hundred Years!8 months ago052 Strong Promotion! Reward Four Dragons?8 months ago053 Layout! The Real Dragon Has Arrived! Shock The World!8 months ago054 New Guild Member: Dragon Queen Erza!8 months ago055 Erza Who Breaks Through The Limits! Terrifying Magic Talent!8 months ago056 The Book Of Zeref, The Devil, Has Arrived!8 months ago057 Holy Ten Fall Plan! Fierce Battle Between Demons And Holy Ten!8 months ago058 The Big Fight Between Ron And Saint Ten!8 months ago059 The Two Black Dragons Are Coming! The Ultimate Battle For Survival!8 months ago060 Instantly Kill The Holy Ten And The Devil! Who Is Stronger, Ron Or Dragon?8 months ago061 New Member: Stardust Dragon! Heige And Tacheng Kitten Are Twin Cat Girls!8 months ago062 The Red-Eyed Black Dragon Arrives! Black Flames Destroy The World!8 months ago063 Seilah Attacks For Free! Stardust Dragon's Show!8 months ago064 Stardust Dragon Is On Full Fire! Shock Ishgar!8 months ago065 The Four Kings Of Ishgar Appear!8 months ago066 Holy Ten Preliminary Ron? Ron's Crime Of Hunting Witches?8 months ago067 Save Kagura! Huge Rewards After The Battle!8 months ago068 Cut Off Ultear, Kagura, Uru, Yukino Sisters8 months ago069 Declare War On Phantom Lord! God Is Not In Ishgar8 months ago070 The Dragon Empire Has Been Fully Upgraded! Queen Erza: Come Together!8 months ago071 Dragon Queen Erza Kills Laxus And The Thunder Gods!8 months ago072 【Dragon Tyrant】 Ron! The Much-Anticipated Battle!8 months ago073 Turtle Dove And Seilah For Free! The Battle Begins!8 months ago074 The Turtle Dove Who Doubts Life! Three-Feathered Turtle Dove Given For Free8 months ago075 Showdown! Ron Is A Double Black Dragon! Slave Turtle Dove?8 months ago076 Himejima Akeno’S Sneak Attack To Recapture Ikaruga! !8 months ago077 The Rules Of The Witch’S Crime! Fight Head-On!8 months ago078 Heige: I Want To Give Birth To A Child For You8 months ago079 The White-Haired Sisters In Trouble! The Little Purple Snake Appears!8 months ago080 Cut-Off Kagura, White-Haired Sisters, Little Purple Snake And More! The God Of Kagura!8 months ago081 Seilah’S “Dragon” Trump Card8 months ago082 Recover Bisca And Laki8 months ago083 Instantly Annihilate The Dark Phantom Lord Army8 months ago084 Magical Cluster Cannon "Jupiter" Vs Total Counterattack8 months ago085 Fairy Tail Joins The Battle! Fairy's Super Magic8 months ago086 The Final Battle! Strike Seilah!8 months ago087 Conjuration - "Command"8 months ago088 The Artifact Blood Spear Attacks! Showdown Seilah8 months ago089 The Bloody Spear Is In The Air! Seilah8 months ago090 Dragon-Slaying Boy Ron! Magical Skill: White Wall8 months ago091 Under The White Wall, All Living Beings Are Equal!8 months ago092 Seilah Becomes A Dog! Cut Off Uru, Ultear Launch8 months ago093 The Crazy Growing Dragon Empire! Kagura, Laki, Bisca...All Join8 months ago094 Promoted To S-Level Guild! New Members Rias And Amelie8 months ago095 Hunting Dai Lyonla! Cut Off Hu Ulu Mother And Daughter!8 months ago096 The Desperate Situation Of Uru, Gray, And Leon! Dai Lyonla's Invincibility!8 months ago097 Unexpected Surprise: Sherria Blendy8 months ago098 Frozen Dai Lyon! Shocked The Whole Audience!8 months ago099 The Reputation Of [Dragon Tyrant]! Dream Guild Dragon Empire8 months ago100 Ultear, You Don’T Want Ultear Either….8 months ago