Fantasy: All Members Of The Chat Group Have Become Fairy Kings

Fantasy: All Members Of The Chat Group Have Become Fairy Kings


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Hope Of The Sun
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Ten years ago, Ye Yi traveled through a fantasy world with mediocre qualifications and a ten-year engagement.

Just when Ye Yi was depressed, he suddenly woke up to a supreme chat agent. He thought they were all big guys, but what he didn't expect was that these people were more aggressive than him.

There is no such thing as a horse-raising boy, a stone village orphan, or a divorced young man, but he is the best at it.

In this way, ten years later, Ye Yi is still doing nothing, and the person chatting with her has not spoken for three years.

But just after Ye Yi failed to challenge the inner door for the tenth time, a voice suddenly sounded in the chat.

Horse-raising boy: "Brother Ye, are you there? I have become the Lord of Eternal Life!"

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Chapter 1: Supreme Chat Group, The Former Big Brother! (One Update9 months agoChapter 2: Pony Online, The Former Horse-Raising Boy! Is Brother Ye Really You? (Second Update)?9 months agoChapter 3: The Reward Of The Horse-Raising Boy, A Huge Red Envelope! (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 4: Improvement, Crazy Improvement! (Fourth Update)9 months agoChapter 5: When Traveling To The Palace, I Met Leng Qingyao Again, The True Disciple Leng Qingyue! (Fifth Update)9 months agoChapter 6: Taihuang, The Ancient Border City, The Great Star Emperor! (First Update)9 months agoChapter 7: Border Restricted Area, Hunting Strange Monsters, Crazy Improvement! (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 8: The Most Powerful Treasure Of The Human Body, The Twenty-Six-Bone Spine! (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 9: Great Harvest, Encountering A Conspiracy, The Devil! (One Update9 months agoChapter 10: Escape From Desperate Situations, A Blessing In Disguise, An Excellent Treasure Land, The Great Devouring Technique! (Second Update9 months agoChapter 11: A Great Harvest, If That’S The Case, Then I Won’T Be Polite! (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 12: The Border Land, The Gate To The Starry Sky, The Treasure Of The Great Star Emperor! (One Update9 months agoChapter 13: The Lucky Luoluo Demon, Ye Yi, Is Blessed With The Supreme Backbone! (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 14: Empress Of The Great Star (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 15: The Great Freedom Star Creation Sutra, The Supreme Dragon Bone, Unlocks The Most Powerful Body Treasure! The True Dragon’S Magical Power!9 months agoChapter 16: Dragon's Heart, With Perfect Merit, Breaks Out Of Confinement And Kills The Devil! (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 17: The Ancient City Of Taihuang Is Alarmed, The Human Hero, First-Class Meritorious Service, Returns To The Holy Land Of Taiyi (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 18: Inner Sect Trial, Deep Shock! (One Update9 months agoChapter 19: Slapping Leng Qingyao In The Face, Her Wonderful Expression, The Popular Ye Yi (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 20: Nine Main Hall Entrances, Twelve Main Halls (Third Update9 months agoChapter 21: Sheji Peak, The City Of Heavenly Palace (First Update)9 months agoChapter 22: The Trial Under Sheji Peak Shocked Everyone! (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 23: Leng Qingyue’S Invitation (First Update)9 months agoChapter 24: Divorce Your Wife On The Deserted Moon! (Second Update) ()9 months agoChapter 25: Since You Make It Difficult For Me To Move Even An Inch, I Will Turn The Whole Thing Upside Down! (Third Update9 months agoChapter 26: According To The Order Of Senior Brother Zhao Changfang, Incompetent People Are Not Allowed To Enter Sheji Peak! (Fourth Update)9 months agoChapter 27: Invincible And Stunning To The Holy Land Of Taiyi! (One Update9 months agoChapter 28: Hit The Heavenly Palace, The Tragedy Of Zhao Changsheng (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 29: Things Are Getting Bigger And Bigger, Even The Punishment Hall Has Been Defeated! (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 30: Chief Law Enforcement, Baiyiju!9 months agoChapter 31: If I Can Participate In The Sword Trial, I Will Definitely Come First!9 months agoChapter 32: Desperate Zhao Changfang, Three Billion Low-Grade Spiritual Stones, An Amazing Deal! (One Update9 months agoChapter 33: The True Disciple, Senior Sister Zi Bing, Condenses The Star Clones! (Second Update9 months agoChapter 34: The Grand Event Begins, Taiyi Holy Land, 100,000Th Anniversary Celebration (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 35: Holy Land Trials, Successive Victories! (One Update9 months agoChapter 36: Disciples Of The Original Holy Land! (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 37: Destroy The Ninth Level Of The Magical Realm With One Punch, Shocking The Original Holy Land! (Third Update9 months agoChapter 38: Taiyi Holy Land, Your Own Power! (Fourth Update)9 months agoShelf Announcement9 months agoChapter 39: Battle With Leng Qingyue (Fifth Update)9 months agoChapter 40: Fighting The Original True Biography! (Sixth Update)9 months agoChapter 41: Taiyi Holy Land! How Unfair! Starting Today! Disciple Ye Yi, Quit Taiyi! (Seventh Update)9 months agoChapter 42: Orphans From Stone Village, Nine Chapters Golden Pill, Sword Testing Conference, Ten Thousand Races Are Strong, Human Race Is Defeated! (Eight Updates)9 months agoChapter 43: Knowing The News, Ye Yi Sneered, The Holy Son Of Tiandu! I Hope You Won’T Regret It (Nine Updates)9 months agoChapter 44: If The Holy Son Hadn’T Been Unfair And Oppressed The Strongest In My Inner Sect, Would It Be Their Turn To Be Arrogant? (Nine Updates)9 months agoChapter 45: Tens Of Billions Of Disciples Kneel Down In The Hall Of Saints, The Son Of God Is Being Unfair! You Are Deceiving Me To Send Junjie! (Ten Updates!)9 months agoChapter 46: The Great Road Of Heaven, Ye Yi Advanced To The Imperial Body, Shocking Taiyi Holy Land! (Eleventh Update)9 months agoChapter 47: Ye Yi Is Not Just The Son Of The Emperor, With First-Class Meritorious Deeds, He Is A Hero Of The Human Race. Those Who Touch The Heroes Of The Human Race, Die! (First Update9 months agoChapter 48: Abolition Of The Original Holy Land, Tiandu! What Else Can You Say? (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 49: What Are The Rules And What Is The Human Heart (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 50: The Holy Son Defeats Heaven, Wields The Sword Of All Races (1St Update)9 months agoChapter 51: Fighting Against All Races In The World, Ye Shengzi Is Invincible! (Second Update)9 months agoChapter 52: Of All The Races In The World, Who Dares To Step Forward And Fight! (Third Update)9 months agoChapter 53: Shocking The World, Becoming Famous, Saint Child Peak Condenses The Second Ji Dao Immortal Body!9 months agoChapter 54: The Ultimate Immortal Body, The First Immortal Energy, The Ye Family Comes, An Ancient Artifact, The Great Star Empress Wakes Up!9 months agoChapter 55: Nanling Secret Realm, Bidding Farewell To Everyone, The Mysterious Kunpeng Girl Arrives At Nanling, The Fourth Level Of Magical Power!9 months agoChapter 56: Fame, Invitation From A Three-Person Team, Fake Map Incident9 months agoChapter 57: The Secret Realm Is Opened, And All Races Are Watching Eagerly.9 months agoChapter 58: The Mantis Stalks The Cicada And The Oriole Follows Behind, The Ancient Tomb Of The Saint Is Opened! A Blow From The Holy Spirit.9 months agoChapter 59 Obtaining The Inheritance Of A Saint! Thunder Holy Sword! Surrounded!9 months agoChapter 60: Combination Skills! Qing Yan Qilin! Everyone Shows Off His Or Her Abilities!9 months agoChapter 61 Behead! The Giant And The Strong Left With Broken Arms! Fairy Picture Of Mortal World!9 months agoChapter 62 A Strange Bouquet! Charming Mind! A Red Envelope For The Young Man Who Broke Off The Engagement! Reincarnation And Reincarnation Eye Technique!9 months agoChapter 63: Reincarnation Eye Technique Breaks The Illusion! Feng He And Three People Were Born! Langya Wonderland Appears!9 months agoChapter 64 The Auspicious Clouds Appear In The Fairyland! Half A Step To Extraordinary! Death To Trespassers!9 months agoChapter 65: Temporarily Join Forces! General Blazing Fire Shows Off His Power! Insight Into The Flaw!9 months agoChapter 66 Fire Cloud Puppet Perpetual Motion Machine! Heart-Breaking Provocation! Refa! Draw Thunder!9 months agoChapter 67: Defeat General Blazing Fire! The Entrance To Wonderland! The Weird Langya Village!9 months agoChapter 68 Cannibal Village! The Moon Blinked! Trapped!9 months agoChapter 69: Become Food! The Magic Weapon’S Own Space! The Man Behind The Scenes!9 months agoChapter 70 The Man Behind The Scenes Appears! Conflict! Underneath The Holy Vessel Are All Ants!9 months agoChapter 71 Thunderous Holy Strike! Behead! Advanced! Huge Banyan Tree!9 months agoChapter 72 Qimen Dunjia! Brilliant Palace! Ten Statues!9 months agoChapter 73 Combo Star! Come And Show Your Might! The Art Of The Five Elements!9 months agoChapter 74 Mortal Entry! Kill Evil And Avoid It!9 months agoChapter 75 Circular Maze! Push The Icon To Break The Formation! Everyone Is Trapped!9 months agoChapter 76 Huge Passage! One-Eyed Monster! Horrible Poisonous Fog!9 months agoChapter 77 Everyone Is United! Stop The One-Eyed Monster! Thunder Flash!9 months agoChapter 78 The Terrifying Regeneration Ability! Demon Knife, Evil Moon!9 months agoChapter 79 Escape From The Huge Passage! Stairs To The Sky! Blood Crows!9 months agoChapter 80 Combination Skills! Really, Blue Flame Unicorn!9 months agoChapter 81 Battle With Blood Crow, Sea Of ​​Fire, Falling Down The Stone Steps!9 months agoChapter 82: In The Medicinal Materials Square, The Star Yuan Zhi Appears, Guarding The Two-Headed Vicious Snake!9 months agoChapter 83: Get It, The Target Of Public Criticism, Collect Medicinal Materials!9 months agoChapter 84: The Tomb Of Weapons, The Battle For The Scroll Of Supernatural Power, The Improvement Of Demonic Energy, And The Half-Step To Transcendence!9 months agoChapter 85 Star Clones And Extreme Clones Appear, Creating An Illusion!9 months agoChapter 86: Fierce Battle, The Elements Of The Five Elements Are United Into One, The Five Elements Seal Palm!9 months agoChapter 87: The Competition Between Palm Power, Langya True Immortal, The Immortal Energy Enters The Body!9 months agoChapter 88 The Great Emperor Of The Kunpeng Tribe! The Dragon Beard Pen Shows Its Power!9 months agoChapter 89: Rumors Are Spreading, Yaochi Holy Land, Farewell To Everyone!9 months agoChapter 90 Farewell To Kunpeng Saint, The Supreme Immortal Body, The Third Clone!9 months agoChapter 91 The Immortal’S First Disciple Is Back, Saint Child Peak Gathers, And The Holy Lord Summons!9 months agoChapter 92 Various Explanations Are Still Invalid, The Holy Lord Of Yaochi Has Arrived!9 months agoChapter 93: Grab Some Medicinal Materials And Get A Wife As A Gift!9 months agoChapter 94 Devouring Star Yuanzhi, Advancing, The Great Star Empress Awakens, Long Xubi Guesses!9 months agoChapter 95: Monster Clan, Extraordinary Eighth-Level Warrior, Illusion!9 months agoChapter 96: Slaughter Blade Prison, The Great Star Empress Takes Action And Kills!9 months agoChapter 97 I Also Want To Stand Up, And The Holy Son Is My Role Model!9 months agoChapter 98 Anyone Who Offends Our Human Race Will Be Punished No Matter How Far Away!9 months agoChapter 99 The Holy Lord Is Surprised, The Taiyi Trial Ground Is Opened In Advance!9 months ago