Fantasy: I, The Ultimate Villain, The Number One Black Hand Of All Time

Fantasy: I, The Ultimate Villain, The Number One Black Hand Of All Time


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Transmigrated Protagonist
Break The Curse
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The Saint Child who transmigrated to become the Holy Land of Absolute Beginning turned out to be a villain. Will he become a stepping stone to the protagonist's success in the future?

Fortunately, the extremely powerful Goldfinger has been activated, so he can continue to become stronger while he is alive!

"You drank a cup of tea, and your water aura affinity +1."

"You fucked Son of Fortune, luck +1."

"You complete the conversation with Daughter of Destiny for the first time, Charisma +1."

I originally thought that I would go further and further on the road to becoming a tyrannical villain, but the plot seems to be completely different from what I imagined. Why do the heroines take the initiative to cast their roles?

Not only that, Su Mu also discovered something amazing——

Those female protagonists, all of them have their own systems?

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Chapter 1 Transmigrate Fantasy, The Genius Villain?8 months agoChapter 2 Heroine System Mission: Become A Follower Of Su Mu8 months agoChapter 3 Gu Chen, Please Respect Yourself!8 months agoChapter 4 Kill? Such A Waste8 months agoChapter 5 Divine Court Ninth Layer Heaven Is About To Knock On The Gate Of Heaven!8 months agoChapter 6 Zhuang Sheng Dreams Of A Butterfly, Who Is Zhuang Sheng And Who Is The Butterfly? Just One Hand To Control The Genius!8 months agoChapter 7 Cruel Gu Xiaosang? Rank Two Mission!8 months agoI Would Like To Ask If Anyone Is Watching...8 months agoChapter 8 Communication Between Master And Apprentice In Prison!8 months agoChapter 9 Conversation With Monster Immortal, The Woman In Red, Gu Chen’S Luck Has Fallen Again!8 months agoChapter 10: If You Rely On Your Own Hard Work To Gain Strength, Can That Be Called Cheating?8 months agoChapter 11: A Prodigy Of Swordsmanship Who Has Never Appeared In Thirty Thousand Years Of History!8 months agoChapter 12 The Beginning Saintess! Su Mu's Future Taoist Companion?8 months agoChapter 13: Killing Intent Is Like A Knife!8 months agoChapter 14: You Haven’T Even Become A Taoist Couple Yet, And You’Re Already Protecting Your Husband?8 months agoChapter 15: Beyond The Supreme, The One Who Ascends To The Throne Of Immortality!8 months agoChapter 16 Mission Reward: Sacred Land’S Lost Taoist Soldiers, Taichu Divine Furnace8 months agoChapter 17: Didn’T You Crush The Ants To Death? It Only Proves That The Step Is Not Hard Enough!8 months agoChapter 18 The Third Prince Of Dayan Invites His Royal Highness Saint Child To The Banquet8 months agoChapter 19: Tsk, Isn’T This A Prisoner From Our Holy Land Of Absolute Beginning?8 months agoChapter 20 Your Brain Surprises Me More Than Your Courage8 months agoChapter 21 My Young Master Has Supreme Qualifications?8 months agoChapter 22: Dominate The Ups And Downs Of The World In The Next Few Thousand Years8 months agoChapter 23 Spirit Root Sublimation! Is Spiritual Practice As Simple As Eating And Drinking?8 months agoChapter 24: Burning Sky Golden Yang Fire, The Request Of The Lord Of Great Yan!8 months agoChapter 25 The Half-Step Supreme Who Died Fifty Thousand Years Ago!8 months agoChapter 26: Yan Jun’S Eternal Plan, Tantai’S Unyielding Murderous Intention Tomorrow8 months agoChapter 27: Fusion, The Golden Crow Flame Of The Great Sun, The Body Of The Sun!8 months agoChapter 28: There Seems To Be Nothing Wrong With Being A Dog?8 months agoChapter 29 The Tomb Is Opened, And The Storm Is Gathering!8 months agoChapter 30 It’S Like Stepping Into The Ancient Wilderness Era8 months agoChapter 31 The Pattern Left By Supreme Before His Death8 months agoChapter 32: See The Immortal At The End Of The Road8 months agoChapter 33: God-Killing Flag8 months agoChapter 34 Gu Chen: Stealing My Opportunity And Making Me A Scapegoat?8 months agoChapter 35: As The Protagonist, It’S Normal To Have More Hardships, Right?8 months agoChapter 36 Sap, See Sap Again8 months agoChapter 37: Kill The Primordial Spirit With One Flag, Kill The Physical Body With One Flag8 months agoChapter 38 The Six Ancient Evil Paths, The Supreme Being Forgets His Love, Six Corpses Carrying The Coffin8 months agoChapter 39: The People Who Come To Kill You!8 months agoChapter 40: The Dignified Supreme Taoist Soldier, Do You Use It As A Stick To Hit People?8 months agoChapter 41 My Father... Taichu Supreme!8 months agoChapter 42 Yun Xi Talks About Ancient Events, Ninth Layer Is Buried In A Sky Coffin!8 months agoChapter 43 The Divine Furnace Of Absolute Beginning!8 months agoChapter 44: The Origin Of The Name Of The Immortal Burial Star8 months agoChapter 45: Deep In The Immortal Tomb, The Nantian Gate Suddenly Appears!8 months agoChapter 46: Lack Of Information Kills People8 months agoChapter 47: Heartless Supremevs Taikoo Dragon Turtle8 months agoChapter 48 Gu Chen: What Is More Terrifying Than Death? I Do Not Believe!8 months agoChapter 49: Monster Immortal, The Woman In Red, Returns Home, And Master And Apprentice Finally Break Up8 months agoChapter 50 Is The Wool Finally Pulled Out? A Shocking Guess!8 months agoChapter 51 Fairy And Ghost8 months agoChapter 52: The Image Of Supreme Collapsed In The Beginning, An Old Gangster Who Scolded The Streets?8 months agoChapter 53: Meet The Heavenly Emperor, Why Don’T You Worship?8 months agoChapter 54 Dreamy Flowers8 months agoChapter 55 Shaping The Physical Body? The Ruthless Supreme Is Now!8 months agoChapter 56 It Doesn't Matter...My Xi'er8 months agoChapter 57 Supreme Is Still Alive In The Beginning! ?8 months agoChapter 58 The True Identity Of The Female Monster Immortal In Red? Supreme Battle!8 months agoChapter 59 The End! On A Full Moon Night, The Wonderful Scene In The Central Palace8 months agoChapter 60: Nine Transformations Mysterious Technique! ? A Lost Mythical Civilization!8 months agoChapter 61 Yun Xi’S Identity Is Exposed, The Cancer Is Eliminated, And The Taichu Divine Furnace Transforms Into A Big Troll!8 months agoChapter 62: The Fire Of Civilization Reappears, Recording The News Of Supreme Yin True Scripture, The Descendants Of Luo Changge8 months agoChapter 63: A New Protagonist (Leek) Appears?8 months agoChapter 64: Accepting A Disciple? Murder And Heart-Wrenching, Angry Luoying8 months agoChapter 65 The Supreme From Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Ago Reappears, The Transcending Tribulation Divine Song Suppresses The Taoist Soldiers!8 months agoChapter 66: Stepping Back On The Ancient Road Of Supreme, I Have One Regret: I Haven’T Conquered The Dark Restricted Area!8 months agoChapter 67 The Hanging City That Never Falls! Su Mu: Are They A Bunch Of Fools?8 months agoChapter 68: Suppress The Feng Family! Invitation From Yaochi8 months agoChapter 69: Demon Lord In Red: Brother, Do You Want A Taoist Companion?8 months agoChapter 70: The New Leeks Are Growing Vigorously, Luo Ying Is Furious8 months agoChapter 71: On How Rumors Spread, The Feng Family Shows Up In Half A Step!8 months agoChapter 72: Invited By The Golden Emperor, The Woman Sleeping In The Yaochi8 months agoChapter 73: The Demon Lord Plans To Keep The Wealth From Going To Outsiders!8 months agoChapter 74: Cut Out A Nine-Day Divine Maiden!8 months agoChapter 75: They Are Actually Twin Sisters! ? Saint Child8 months agoChapter 76: Ascending The Throne Of Heavenly Emperor! A Spiritual World Adjacent To Interior Locations?8 months agoChapter 77: Sneak Into The Immortal Domain And Slaughter The Immortal King Like A Dog!8 months agoChapter 78: Have Mercy On Me, The Immortals, There Is An Emperor Descending From Heaven, The Supreme Sacred Venerable, To Save Me From The Disaster!8 months agoChapter 79: The Lord Of The Golden Grain Level Is The Demon Lord? A New Transmigrator Appears!8 months agoChapter 80: Immortal Venerable Gathers Together To See Jiuer Again8 months agoChapter 81: This Young Master Is Invited By The Golden Emperor!8 months agoChapter 82: Plastic Sisters, Fire-Proof, Theft-Proof And Best Friends8 months agoChapter 83 The Remnants Of Civilization Reappear! Old Man: It’S You Again…8 months agoChapter 84: A Shocking Scam Planned For The Ages! Yaochi Merges Into Heaven!8 months agoChapter 85: Return To The Mortal World, Talk To The Demon Lord, And Discover The Roots Of The Immortal Domain8 months agoChapter 86 Is There Any Reason To Put The Protagonist In Front Of The Villain?8 months agoChapter 87 Su Mu: Odd Changes To Even And Remains The Same8 months agoChapter 88 The Protagonist Who Dies The Fastest! Dreaming, The Truth About Transmigrate8 months agoChapter 89: Killing Immortals, Reactions From All Sides, Supreme Blocks The Door In Half A Step!8 months agoChapter 90 Destroy The Immortal Alliance! Meet The Jinhuang Twin Sisters Again8 months agoChapter 91 Heavenly Emperor And Empress8 months agoChapter 92 My Sister Is Not Normal8 months agoChapter 93 The Great Dream Pure Land, From Reality To Illusion!8 months agoChapter 94 The Demon Lord’S True Body!8 months agoChapter 95: The Origin Of Hei Jun, There Has Never Been Any Twin Sisters!8 months agoChapter 96 The Blind Fortune Teller And The Big White Dog8 months agoChapter 97: God And Demon Breeding Farm!8 months agoChapter 98 Madam, Are You Actually A Monster Sovereign?8 months agoChapter 99: The Demon Lord Establishes The Demon Cult, Monster Attracting Banner!8 months ago