Fantasy: My Fiancee Is The Reincarnation Of An Empress

Fantasy: My Fiancee Is The Reincarnation Of An Empress


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Traveling to the Fantasy world, Bai Yi waited for seventeen years and finally activated a binding system! As long as the bound character's aptitude, luck, and charm are higher, the rewards will be richer.

After Bai Yi bound his fiancée, he discovered that his own fiancée turned out to be the reincarnation of the empress!

Bind your fiancée for one day, and you will be rewarded: The Immortal Book of the Holy Emperor!

Bind your fiancée for ten days, reward: Flying Sword!

Bind your fiancée for a hundred days, reward: Swallow the sky...

Lin Qingzhu: "I was a generation of empress in my previous life, and I will definitely be the emperor in this life! How can I marry an ordinary person?"

Lin Qingzhu: "Huh? Why is his Cultivation Base Realm so much taller than me?"

Lin Qingzhu: "Husband, can you lend me the magic jar?"

Lin Qingzhu: "Husband, please advise me for the rest of my life..."

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Chapter 1: The 100Th Day Of Binding! Reward: Heaven Swallowing Blood Gourd!10 months agoChapter Two: The Young Girl Lin Qingzhu, The Reincarnation Of Empress Xu Zhao!10 months agoChapter 3: Coincidence? The Second Meeting Of The Married Couple10 months agoChapter Four: The Empress Who Was Greatly Shocked10 months agoUpdate Guarantee! Add More Rules!10 months agoChapter 5: Fairy Artifact! Shocked Lin Qingzhu!10 months agoChapter Six: Lin Qingzhu's Master, Unreliable Alcoholic10 months agoChapter Seven: Xing Yinliu, True Disciple Of [Jiuxianfeng]10 months agoChapter Eight: On The First Day In The Holy Land, The FiancéE Worked So Hard!10 months agoChapter 9: Binding Reward On The 101St Day, Lin Qingzhu Who Almost Practiced10 months agoChapter 10: The Danxiang That Can Restrain The Demon Seed Is Actually Body Fragrance? !10 months agoChapter Eleven: The Son's Position! Unexpected Binding Task!10 months agoChapter Twelve: In My Life, Bai Yi, I Hate Scumbags The Most!10 months agoChapter Thirteen: Triple The Speed ​​Of Practice, Social Empress Of Death10 months agoChapter Fourteen: Ascending The Immortal Pagoda, The News Spread Like Wildfire10 months agoChapter Fifteen: He Is Lin Qingzhu's Fiancé? !10 months agoChapter Sixteen: No Pressure, Climb The Forty-Fifth Floor Of The Immortal Pagoda!10 months agoChapter Seventeen: [Climbing The Immortal Pagoda] The Fifty-Seventh Floor! The Shocked High-Level Officials Of The Holy Land!10 months agoChapter Eighteen: Shameless Old Guys, Xing Yinliu Who Protects The Calf10 months agoChapter Nineteen: Coax The Master Like A Child, Become Famous In The Holy Land10 months agoChapter 20: Girl, Aren't You Afraid Of Being Exposed?10 months agoChapter 21: Within One Year, Do Not Dissolve The Marriage Contract10 months agoChapter 22: The True Disciple From Wanbao Peak!10 months agoChapter Twenty-Three: Don’T Be Afraid Even If You Get Killed10 months agoChapter 24: The Confrontation With Dugutian, The Power Of The Immortal Weapon!10 months agoChapter Twenty-Five: I'm A Teacher So I Don't Get Drunk! Just A Little Fluttering...10 months agoChapter 26: Qing Zhu, Why Do You Smell Like Bai Yi? !10 months agoChapter 27: The Two Of You Must Have Some Kind Of Close Connection10 months agoChapter 28: The 113Th Day Of Binding, The Day Of Huading Third Stage!10 months agoChapter 29: The Patriarch's Ruins Is About To Open, You Two Seniors And Brothers Go Together!10 months agoChapter Thirty: Walking With Lin Qingzhu, Once Again Attracting Everyone's Attention10 months agoChapter Thirty-One: The Opening Of The Ruins! Lin Qingzhu Had A Bad Feeling!10 months agoChapter Thirty-Two: The Two Separated, The One Following Behind!10 months agoChapter Thirty-Three: Surprise Changes In The Ruins! Lianyi Demon Sect! ! !10 months agoChapter Thirty-Four: Meet Again! Lianyi Demon Sect's Infiltration Of Daoyan Holy Land!10 months agoChapter 35: Ultimate Magic Treasures, Chaos Cloud Mountain River Sword10 months agoChapter Thirty-Six: Your Magic Treasures Are Good, But Not As Good As Mine10 months agoChapter 37: [Excalibur Peak] Shu Jianxin! Lin Qingzhu's "Double Standards"10 months agoChapter Thirty-Eight: Is The Demon Sect Strong In Brainwashing? Or Is There Another Conspiracy?10 months agoChapter Thirty-Nine: The Real Purpose Of Lianyi Demon Sect! The "Stuff" Beneath The Ruins10 months agoChapter 40: Difficult Choice! Rapidly Expanding The Number Of People!10 months agoChapter 41: The Mutation Of The Ruins, Lin Qingzhu Who Sees Through Everything10 months agoChapter 42: The Crisis Is Imminent! Bai Yi: Need Help? !10 months agoChapter 43: The Girl's Hand, Bai Yi's Trump Card, The Shocked Lin Qingzhu!10 months agoChapter Forty-Four: [Xuantian Yuleizhu], Regretful Xing Yinliu10 months agoChapter 45: Out Of The Ruins! Xing Yinliu: Who Dares To Touch My [Jiuxianfeng] People?10 months agoChapter 46: Xing Yinliu: Don't You Guys Still Want To Grab Junior's Chance?10 months agoChapter 47: Thank You So Much!10 months agoChapter 48: You Have Many Secrets, But Qingzhu Has More10 months agoChapter 49: Xing Yinliu's Guilt For Losing An Important [Magic Treasures]10 months agoChapter 50: Xing Yinliu, Who Was Drunk And Drank Two Calabash10 months agoChapter 51: Lin Qingzhu: Did I Bother You?10 months agoList Testimonials! Please Subscribe! Ask For Support! !10 months agoChapter 52: Demon Incarnation! Lin Qingzhu Called "Husband" For The First Time! Bai Yi: Why Don't You Speak Louder?10 months agoChapter 53: Xing Yinliu Wants To Quit Drinking? Lin Qingzhu's [Great Sky Derivation Technique]!10 months agoChapter 54: Leaving Daoyan Holy Land, The Malice From Lian Yi Demon Sect!10 months agoChapter Fifty-Fifth: Lin Qingzhu: I Feel A Wave Of Malice For No Reason10 months agoChapter 56: Bai Yi: Then I Remember Now10 months agoChapter 57: Arriving At [Forbidden Land In The Beginning], Terrifying Beasts Attack!10 months agoChapter 58: If You Die, Then I Will Commit Suicide In Front Of Your Grave10 months agoChapter 59: The Connotation Of Bai Yi's Story10 months agoChapter 60: The Landing Of The Flying Boat, Shocked Xing Yinliu10 months agoChapter 61: [The Origin Of The Demon Gang], The Solution To The Demon Seeds10 months agoChapter 62 The Mine Veins In The Forbidden Area In The Early Days Turned Into Workers10 months agoChapter Sixty-Three Devilish Qi's Shapeshifting Monster, Xing Yinliu's Means10 months agoChapter 64 Encountering The Devilish Qi Formation, The Powerful Mind Of The Empress10 months agoChapter 65 Destroy The Great Formation! "You Still Blush!"10 months agoChapter 66 Refining Magical Item, Bai Yi's Amazing Talent 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 67 The Success Of The Original Magic Bead, The Discovery Before Leaving10 months agoChapter 68 The Great Formation Model, Bai Yi's Windfall10 months agoChapter 69: Scattered Flowers Are Gradually Becoming Charming, And They Are Actually An Ambush!10 months agoChapter 70 Fighting Against The Incarnation Of The Demon Seed, Blending The Tao Eighth Stage【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 71 Bai Yi's Plan, The Shocking Yuanyuan Pearl 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 72 On The Road Again, Lianyi Mozong's Awareness 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 73 The Second Elder Makes A Move, Today's Killing Spree! 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 74 Thunder's Killing, 2 Elder's Collapse 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 75 Two Elder's Escape, "It's Me This Time!" 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 76 Another Breakthrough, An Invitation From The Dagan Dynasty 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 77 The Special Treatment Of Dionysus Peak, The Peak Owner Is Depressed【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 78 The Large-Scale Real Fragrance Scene, Departing For The Imperial Capital【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 79 The Biggest Eight Trigrams, The Amazing Inside Story Of Xing Yinliu 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 80 Killing Two Birds With One Stone, Making Things Difficult For The Imperial Guard! 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 81 Bai Yi Makes A Move! A Sword Comes West To Shock The Imperial City 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 82: Young And Strong! I Met Su Jinyu For The First Time. 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 83 You Also Accepted Disciples? Dedicated To All Kinds Of Dissatisfaction 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 84 Fighting Between Disciples, I Am In The Atmosphere! 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 85 The Turmoil Subsides, The Two Masters Protect Their Weaknesses! 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 86 Tianjiao's Challenge, Fight For The Fiancee 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 87 Between Bai Yi's Hands, Tianjiao Kneels Down! 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 88 The Name Of The Holy Land Liwei, Bai Yi's Information 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 89 Congratulations Shenhe Baoginseng, Taobao Blood Spirit Scorpion Core 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 90 The Real Blood Spirit Scorpion Core, Crazy Bargaining 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 91 First Meeting Murong Luo, The Meeting Between The Two Great Saints10 months agoChapter 92 The First Time To Learn, The Golden Array Scattered Dragon Energy 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 93 Dreaming For Help And Absorbing The Core 【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 94 Unexpectedly, Lin Qingzhu's Decision Is Instant【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 95 Successfully Regained The Poison Of The Blood Spirit. 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 96 Misunderstanding, All This Is A Misunderstanding! 【Subscribe】10 months agoChapter 97 The Gift Begins, Longzun Daoyan Fights Openly And Secretly【Subscription】10 months agoChapter 98 The Hole Card Of Daoyan Holy Land, The Emperor's Lottery. 【Subscribe】10 months ago