Fantasy: Reverse Training Of Daozang, This Apprentice Is Super Strong

Fantasy: Reverse Training Of Daozang, This Apprentice Is Super Strong


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Follow the path of mortals, practice against it and become an immortal!

Zhao Ritian traveled to the ancient world and became a member of the Taoist sect, inspiring Golden Finger's heaven-defying understanding.

He practiced Taoism to the highest level, Tao Zang, and then embarked on the path of enlightenment and becoming an ancestor.

[You have studied the Taoist alchemy classic Yin Fu Jing, created the Heaven and Earth Furnace Dao Sutra, and offered sacrifices to the Dao Jindan]

[You refine your body with the true fire of Taiyin, comprehend the Taiyin Divine Curse Sutra, and cultivate your Taiyin body]

[You read the Sutra of Saving People, understand how to restrain spirits and dispatch generals, and serve the common people]

[You read the Taoist Nine-Character Mantra and understand the nine secrets of the great road that all those who face a battle line up in formation]

[You have a sense of Taoism, comprehend the Infinite Sutra that goes against your destiny, change your destiny against heaven, and gain great freedom]

Thousands of tribes from ancient times have killed and conquered to prove the truth.

The sky is filled with gods and Buddhas, but nothing more!

When you see Zhao Ritian, you should also respectfully call Daozu Anhao!

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Chapter 1: Go Against The Disciples And Come Up To The Jockey?4 months agoChapter 2 The Great Sutra Of Heaven And Earth Baking Furnace!4 months agoChapter 3: Too Old, The Master Is Sleeping With His Apprentice!4 months agoChapter 4: Taoist Secrets, Is The Taoist Ancestor Dead?4 months agoChapter 5: The Promise Sutra Of Defying Fate And Immortality!4 months agoChapter 6: The Treasure Of Runes, The Tower That Subdues Demons And Suppresses Demons!4 months agoChapter 7 Taoist Taoist Wei Wuji!4 months agoChapter 8: Master’S Letter, My Good Disciple Opens It Personally!4 months agoChapter 9 Qian Qiuxue Comes Out Of Seclusion!4 months agoChapter 11 A Fate-Defying Fate! [Additional Updates For Monthly Tickets]4 months agoChapter 12 The Mysterious Girl!4 months agoChapter 13 The Beautiful Girl Kannazuki!4 months agoChapter 14: Taoist Nine-Character Mantra And Mantra!4 months agoChapter 15: True And False, Both False And True!4 months agoChapter 16 The Good Doctor Who Saved The World Is In The Gambling House?4 months agoChapter 17 Abnormal Ability, Reverse Elixir Prescription!4 months agoChapter 18 Old Taoist Priest!4 months agoChapter 19 Challenge From King Dan!4 months agoChapter 20: Alchemy King Refines Alchemy!4 months agoChapter 21: Understanding The Way Of Elixir, The Best Elixir!4 months agoChapter 22: Overwhelm The Alchemy King4 months agoChapter 23 The Wealthy Couple’S Land!4 months agoChapter 24 Qin Tiannan, The Lord Of Qin Mansion!4 months agoChapter 25 The Living Evil Spirit!4 months agoChapter 26: Immortality Against Destiny, The World Is Born With One Thought, And The World Is Destroyed With One Thought!4 months agoChapter 27: Nine-Character Divine Spell To Subjugate Demons And Suppress Demons!4 months agoChapter 28: Understanding The Formation, The Terrifying Kannazuki4 months agoChapter 29: The True Scripture Of Gods And Ghosts Saving People To Rebirth4 months agoChapter 30 Join Forces To Fight Against The Enemy4 months agoChapter 31: The Demon-Suppressing Tower Appears, And Evil Spirits Take Possession Of The Body!4 months agoChapter 32: All Ghosts Are Reborn, A Ghost Town On Earth!4 months agoChapter 33 Crisis Or Opportunity? Dark Soul!4 months agoChapter 34: Achievements Against Destiny, Great Aspirations!4 months agoChapter 35: The Golden Light Rises From The Pure Sun, And The Demon Will Be Slain To Obtain The Wonderful Truth!4 months agoChapter 36: Achievements Against Destiny, Subduing Demons And Suppressing Demons!4 months agoChapter 37 Kannazuki’S First Friend!4 months agoChapter 38: Nine Marks Divine Pill, Beauty Pill!4 months agoChapter 39: The Tenth Level Of The Extreme Realm, The Foundation Of The Great Road!4 months agoChapter 40 The Ninth Level Of The Golden Elixir, Nascent Soul Is In Danger!4 months agoChapter 41: Pure Yang Blood, Fate-Defying Destiny!4 months agoChapter 42 The Heaven And Earth Furnace Cauldron Versus The Sky Cauldron!4 months agoChapter 43 The Day Of Departure Is Approaching!4 months agoChapter 44: The True Scripture Of The Great Furnace Of Heaven And Earth, The Furnace Realm!4 months agoChapter 45: Parting Is The Beginning Of Reunion!4 months agoChapter 46 Master, It’S Time For The Traveling Taoist Monks To Take On Their Responsibilities!4 months agoChapter 47 Taixuan's Situation, Li Sha Blocks The Way!4 months agoChapter 48: Yinfu Sword Sutra, Fierce And Evil!4 months agoChapter 49: Undercurrent Is Surging, The Demon Princess Is Missing!4 months agoChapter 50 The Origin Of Taoism, Kunlun Taixuan!4 months agoChapter 51 Wei Wuji’S Censure!4 months agoChapter 52: Stone Tablet Testing, Taoist Ancestors’ Teachings!4 months agoChapter 53: The Sutra Of Blessings And Infinite Future!4 months agoChapter 54: The Peerless Beauty Mu Qingsi, One Glance That Erodes Bones And One Glance That Enchants You!4 months agoChapter 55: Disciple Doesn’T Want It!4 months agoChapter 56: The Second Level Of The Infinite Sutra Of Defying Fate And Immortality, The Realm Of Gods And Demons!4 months agoChapter 57 The Heavenly Dao Tower Opens!4 months agoChapter 58 The Evil Spirit Reappears?4 months agoChapter 59 Zhao Ritian, I Will Kill You In The Tiandao Tower!4 months agoChapter 60: The Taoist Treasure, The Soul-Suppressing Bell! Capture All Ghosts And Stir The Souls With Divine Sounds!4 months agoChapter 61: Daozi Falls And The Storm Surges!4 months agoChapter 62: Sacrifice And Refining The Soul-Suppressing Bell, The Ghost’S Divine Voice, And The Ghost-Controlling Golden Thread!4 months agoChapter 63 The Conflict Caused By The Heaven And Earth Furnace!4 months agoChapter 64: Supreme Induction, Tie!4 months agoChapter 65: The Second Level Of The Scripture On How Gods And Ghosts Can Save People From Death, The State Of Divine Thoughts!4 months agoChapter 66: Qian Qiuxue’S Inheritance, Yin And Yang Lineage!4 months agoChapter 67: Heaven And Earth Furnace Cauldron, Gen Hai Cauldron!4 months agoChapter 68 Hope In Adversity!4 months agoChapter 69: The Baking Furnace Cave, The Prototype Of The World; The Great Origin Pearl, A Heaven-Defying Reward!4 months agoChapter 70: All That Is Seen In The World Is False; The Dao Yuan Shen Is The Beginning Of Practice!4 months agoChapter 71 Master, I Like You!4 months agoChapter 72 Zhao Ritian Shocked Everyone!4 months agoChapter 73 The Storm Is Rising!4 months agoChapter 74 The Body Of The Demon Vs The Body Of Xuanyin! [Additional Updates For 18577 Boss Monthly Tickets]4 months agoChapter 75 Love Poison! [Additional Updates For Qq164 Boss Monthly Ticket]4 months agoChapter 77: Enter The Sutra Pavilion And Comprehend The Three Thousand Classics Of Taoism!4 months agoChapter 78 Zhouyi Xiantian Bagua Sutra!4 months agoChapter 79: The River Map Plays The Role Of The Earth, And The Luo Book Looks At The Sky!4 months agoChapter 80: The Matter Is Exposed And Thrown Into The Prison Of The Wild World!4 months agoChapter 81: Get Your Stinky Feet Away, You Are Stepping On My Head!4 months agoChapter 82 The Ghost Tribe!4 months agoChapter 83: The Second Level Of The Sutra Of Infinite Blessings In The Future, The Vast Universe Realm!4 months agoChapter 84 Princess Moro, Jun Xuanyou!4 months agoChapter 85: The Ghosts Are Chasing Soldiers? Vulnerable!4 months agoChapter 86: Ten Levels Of Foundation Building, Black Peak Heavenly Prison!4 months agoChapter 87 The Phantom Of Gods And Demons, The Golden Elixir Of The Great Road!4 months ago