Fantasy: The Opening Limit Is Saint! Push The World

Fantasy: The Opening Limit Is Saint! Push The World


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Transmigrated Protagonist
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[Combat power is incredible]+[Monster qualifications]+[Superb background]+[Extremely exciting]

The most important thing [no heroine]! !

Ye Xuan transmigrated into the fantasy world and became the ancestor of the immortal Ye family.

When he was young, he was known as the Teenage Heavenly Emperor!

He solved the rebellion within the clan with thunderous means, and even killed the ancient Saint of the same realm with one punch! Create an immortal legacy!


of course!

It must be pushed to the end!

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Chapter 001: Saint Is Dying At The Beginning! Seven Days Countdown To Life?3 months agoChapter 002: Publish Tasks To Gain Lifespan! The Unworthy Descendants Of The Ye Family Pay Homage To Their Ancestors3 months agoChapter 003: Someone In The Clan Is Secretly Colluding! Publish Tasks For Yourself3 months agoChapter 004: The Eldest Elder Of The Ye Family Escapes! Attack In The Great Power Realm3 months agoChapter 005: The Power Of Saint Is Vast! Turn Your Hands To Suppress The Powerful State3 months agoChapter 006: First Trial Of Life Point Blessing Cultivation! One Night Is Equivalent To A Hundred Days Of Hard Work3 months agoChapter 007: The Strong Man Of Saint Realm Comes With The Emperor Weapon! Attention Of The People! Is The Changsheng Ye Family Going To End?3 months agoChapter 008: One Blow Knocked Away The Emperor Weapon Saint! The Second Hit Caused Him To Cough Up Blood On The Spot! Shocking The Whole World3 months agoChapter 009: I Will Kill You Today! Suppress Tengshan Saint With One Punch3 months agoChapter 010: Who Is He? It Definitely Can’T Be That Saint Ye Xuan3 months agoChapter 011: It’S Actually The Young Heavenly Emperor From Thousands Of Years Ago! Break The Sky In Zhongzhou3 months agoChapter 012: The Mighty Emperor’S Power Is Shocking! The Immortal Forces Were Shocked3 months agoChapter 013: The Incredible Combat Power Caused A Sensation In The Eastern Desolate Continent!3 months agoChapter 014: I, Ye Xuan, Come To Visit! I Knock On The Door Forcefully And Ask You If You Are Afraid.3 months agoChapter 015: One Thought Suppresses The Immortal Holy Lord! Ancestor Teng Snake Gu Appears3 months agoChapter 016: In The Middle Stage Of Saint Realm, Patriarch Gu Shocked The Audience! You Think I'm Kidding3 months agoChapter 017: What About The Mid-Term Of Saint Realm?3 months agoChapter 018: Saint Realm's Mid-Term Collapse On The Spot? Defeat Shocked The Whole Audience3 months agoChapter 019: The Ancient Taboo God Appears! Soaring Snake Sacred Land Soft Serve3 months agoChapter 020: Half A Plant Of Immortal Divine Medicine And Five Plants Of Holy Medicine! Destroy The Vassal Soaring Snake And Destroy The Three Dynasties Of Sacred Land.3 months agoChapter 021: The Audience Is Confused And It’S Not Over Yet? Hiss! Are You Going To Launch A Second Immortal Inheritance?3 months agoChapter 022: Is It Possible To Use One Holy Medicine And Thirty Holy Medicines? One Punch Knocked Away All The Strong Men In Sacred Land.3 months agoChapter 023: Saint Realm Late Stage Daoyu Patriarch! Publish A Task For 1000 Health Points3 months agoChapter 024: God Forbidden Third Layer! One Punch Breaks Through All The Magic And Shatters The Saint-Destroying Formation! The Whole Audience Was Shocked3 months agoChapter 025: Saint Realm Late Stage Formation Dao Sect Master Also Had To Cough Up Blood! All The Powerful People In The Audience Are Going Crazy3 months agoChapter 026: The Supreme Combat Power That Scares The World! Daoyi Sacred Land Also Has To Accept It3 months agoChapter 027: Come To The Door One By One To Liquidate! Give In To The Situation! Get Countless Divine Treasures3 months agoChapter 028: Beidou Sentient Beings Are Shocked! Teenager Heavenly Emperor Stares At Bahuang3 months agoChapter 029: Ten Holy Medicine Plants Create Ten Semi-Saint Tribe Elders! Count The Harvest3 months agoChapter 030: The Foundation Against Heaven! Repair Road Damage3 months agoChapter 031: Profound Heavenly Emperor Fist! Strong Enough To Crush Saint Realm Late Stage3 months agoChapter 032: Immortal Ye Jiaguang Opening Heaven Gate! The Prosperous Age Begins3 months agoChapter 033: Three Great Sacred Lands Come Together To Congratulate! The Major Congratulations To The Powerful Were Shocked3 months agoChapter 034: The Whole World Is Shocked! Teenage Heavenly Emperor’S Terrifying Card! Dao Yi And Teng Snake Two The Great Sacred Land Is Furious3 months agoChapter 035: Ye Xuan Meets The Three Saints! Everyone Can’T See Clearly! They Will Regret It Endlessly In The Future3 months agoChapter 036: Is Saint Ye Xuan Going To The Restricted Area? Shocked The Whole World3 months agoChapter 037: Entering The Restricted Area With Force! Publish A Mission Of 600,000 Life Points3 months agoChapter 038: The Strange Holy Corpse Has Become Unknown! The Forbidden Ancient Battlefield Has The Aura Of Heavenly Emperor Fist3 months agoChapter 039: The Ultimate Terrifying Extradition To Hell! A Coffin Shaking In The River3 months agoChapter 040: Saint Realm Peak Physical Body! Lightning Strikes The Peach Tree3 months agoChapter 041: The Young Heavenly Emperor Returns From The Restricted Area! People Are Shocked3 months agoChapter 042: Five Drops Of Immortal Spring! Peach Tree Fairy Seedlings Taking Root3 months agoChapter 043: A Mighty Vision Shakes The Eastern Wilderness! Heavenly Emperor Level Divine Ability Tianlei Zhengfa3 months agoChapter 044: A First Look At Heavenly Emperor-Level Divine Ability At Three Moments? Xiantaoshu Was Shocked3 months agoChapter 045: Half-Day Introduction! Xiantaoshu Was Shocked And Numb3 months agoChapter 046: The Eve Of The Immortal Battle!3 months agoChapter 047: Two Powerful Men From The Great Sacred Land Gathered Together! Set Off To Shock The Eastern Wilderness3 months agoChapter 048: The Nine Saints Cross The Sky! All Sentient Beings Shocked3 months agoChapter 049: Show Up And Kill Saint Realm Late Stage With One Palm! The Invincible Power Shocked The Entire Audience3 months agoChapter 050: Overthrow The Eight Saints With One Palm! What Kind Of Incredible Fighting Power Is This?3 months agoChapter 051: The Great Saint Realm Appears! Zixiao Violet Palace Is Annoyed! Missed The Opportunity To Curry Favor With The Ye Family3 months agoChapter 052: Destroy Two More Saints With Two Punches3 months agoChapter 053: Purple Sky Divine Thunder Pendant! The Five Saints Are Destroyed! The Whole World Is Horrified3 months agoChapter 054: Shocking Words! Flatten The Great Sacred Land3 months agoChapter 055: Zixiao Violet Palace Sacred Land Is Filled With Regret! The Great Saint Was Frightened And Woke Up3 months agoChapter 056: Directly Fight Against The Great Saint? Everyone’S Scalp Is Numb! Crazy3 months agoChapter 057: Kill The Great Saint And The Whole World Is Silent! To What Extent Does He Want To Be A Monster?3 months agoChapter 058: Destroy The Soaring Snake Sacred Land! Daoyi Sacred Land Panicked3 months agoChapter 059: Dao Yisan And The Great Saints All Appeared In Shock! White Tiger Immortality Divine Medicine3 months agoChapter 060: Counting The Harvest! The Way Of Destruction: Sacred Land 200,000 Life Points3 months agoChapter 061: Competing To Make Friends! Entering The Ancestral Land Of Teng Snake3 months agoChapter 062: Weird! The Strong Men In The Self-Proclaimed Divine Source Are Also Lifeless3 months agoChapter 063: What A Shocking Secret It Is! Invite The Ancient Saint Ancestors For You3 months agoChapter 064: Blessed By The Fairy Peach Tree3 months agoChapter 065: Dao Yi And Three Great Saints Are Flying Across The Sky! Frighten All Sentient Beings3 months agoChapter 066: Three Great Saints Also Fight!3 months agoChapter 067: Divine Forbidden Third Layer Terrorizes All Living Beings3 months agoChapter 068: Left Hand Thunder Technique! The Right-Hand Imperial Fist Fights Three Great Saints3 months agoChapter 069: Crush Three Great Saints! Please Ask The Ancient Saints And Ancestors3 months agoChapter 070: Something Is Wrong With The Ancient Saint Ancestor Dao Yi! The Mysterious Ancient Saint Shocked The World3 months agoChapter 071: You Are Not From This World!3 months agoChapter 072: A Peach Leaf Destroys The Ancient Saint!3 months agoChapter 073: Dao Yi Sacred Land Is Destroyed3 months agoChapter 074: Collect White Tiger Immortality Divine Medicine3 months agoChapter 075: The Whole World Is Shocked! The Rise Of The Changsheng Ye Family3 months agoChapter 076: Perfectly Repair The Damage! Breakthrough On The Spot3 months agoChapter 077: Saint Realm Middle Stage3 months agoChapter 078: Heavenly Emperor Sacred Body Of The Younger Generation Of The Ye Family3 months agoChapter 079: Are You Willing To Be My Ye Family’S Divine Maiden?3 months agoChapter 080: The Celebration Ceremony Announces The Position Of Divine Maiden3 months agoChapter 081: Heavenly Emperor Sacred Body Ninth Layer Shackles3 months agoChapter 082: Break The Ninth Layer Shackles! Shocked The Entire Ye Family3 months agoChapter 083: Zixiao Divine Maiden Shi Yuyan!3 months agoChapter 084: Can You Take Me To See Your Master?3 months agoChapter 085: That’S The Past! Your Mother Liked Me3 months agoChapter 086: Kill Everyone In This World Prodigy3 months agoChapter 087: News About The Great Emperor’S Tomb3 months agoChapter 088: The Coming Tide3 months agoChapter 089: Ye Family Divine Maiden Ye Han3 months agoChapter 090: How Many Days Of Practice Have You Become So Perverted?3 months agoChapter 091: Defeat The Enemy With One Move In The Same Realm3 months agoChapter 092: Half-Step Immortal Platform Monster Appears3 months agoChapter 093: God’S Tribulation3 months agoChapter 094: Let’S Go Back To The Ancient Desolate Forbidden Zone3 months agoChapter 095: Quasi-Emperor God’S Thoughts3 months agoChapter 096: Eternal Secret! Jida Seal3 months agoChapter 097: Weird Sinkhole! Golden Seal Array3 months agoChapter 098: Quasi-Emperor Ancestor Of The Everlasting Ye Family3 months agoChapter 099: Several Evil Kings From Foreign Lands!3 months agoChapter 100: Heaven’S Heart Is Shattered! Can You Still Defy Heaven And Become A Saint?3 months ago