Fish For Sparkling Fruits And Blind The School Belle Next Door

Fish For Sparkling Fruits And Blind The School Belle Next Door


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[Sparkling Fruit + Fishing System + Decisive Killing + Semi-Invincible]

The world has undergone tremendous changes, a mysterious resurgence has occurred, alien races are hiding outside the Great Wall of Starry Sky, and in the endless darkness, the situation of the Ancestral Star is severe and precarious!

Lin Du made a strong confession to the school beauty at the awakening ceremony!

"Zhao Xuanji, you are very good-looking, and I am attracted by it!"

"Give you a chance to find a way to fall in love with me!"

"I hope you are not ignorant of praise!"

【Ding! Confession is successful, reward: fishing pond in the sky! 】

[Fishing Pool of All Heavens]: Use your kill points to exchange fish hooks of different levels, and you can fish in all heavens and all realms!

[Successful fishing with gold fishhook: Obtain natural type·shining fruit! 】

[Successful fishing with a silver fishhook: Obtain Zanpakutō·Ryuenwakatsu! 】

[Successful fishing with diamond fishhook: Obtain...]

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1. The No. 1 High School Student In Tai’An City4 months ago2. The Eternal Night Is Extremely Icy, A Glimmer Of Light4 months ago3. Your Name Is Lin Du, Right?4 months ago4.Whether You Are Worthy Or Not, What Does It Have To Do With You?4 months ago5.Who Stole My Fruit?4 months ago6. Successful Fishing, Shiny Fruits4 months ago7. Healing Light And Judgment Light4 months ago8. Rules For Using Zhutian Fishing Pool4 months ago9. Candidates From The Imperial Capital4 months ago10. I Will Give It To You Tomorrow4 months agoNo. 11.9987 Low-Level Demon Spirit World4 months ago12. Cutting Down Trees Is The Last Word4 months ago13. Four Hundred Years Of Mandala Soul Ring4 months ago14. Silver Armored Scorpion Tiger Knight4 months ago15. Contract Challenge4 months ago16.He Is A Student Of First High School4 months ago17. The Big Blue-Armed Ape Demon, The Purple-Gold Ape Demon King4 months ago18. Want To Cut Off My Hu? You Are Still A Little Young4 months ago19. The Firefly Actually Wants To Compete With The Bright Moon4 months ago20. Brother Ape, Stop Chasing Me4 months ago21. After Suppressing It For So Long, It’S Time To Put It To Use4 months ago22.Run? Can You Run Away?4 months ago23. The Strongest God Of Death In Thousands Of Years4 months ago24. What Time Is It Now And No Food Has Been Delivered Yet?4 months ago25. Nightmare, Let’S Use The Second Plan.4 months ago26. In The World Of Libra, I Am The Master4 months ago27. If You Are Not Energetic, Can You Still Be Called A Young Person?4 months ago28. Zhao Xuanji, You Hide So Deeply4 months ago29. Da Qin Has Been Ranked First Since Ancient Times.4 months ago30. You Can Be Appropriately Proud4 months ago31. Disappear From My Eyes, I Don’T Want To See You4 months ago32. Hello, Junior, My Name Is Jian Nanxi4 months ago33. I Have Been Waiting For This Day For Too Long.4 months ago34. Grow Secretly And Then Surprise Everyone4 months ago35. If You Have Anything To Do In The Future, Mention My Name.4 months ago36. The Beating Should Not Be In Vain, You Should Spend Some Money4 months ago37. Sorry, I’M Not Here To Play.4 months ago38. Just Bet On A Bottle Of A-Grade Genetic Medicine4 months ago39. Tian Cong Yun Sword Vs Divine Soul Sword4 months ago40. The Meaning Of Life Is Only To Have Gray Hair With You4 months ago41. I Wish You Never Eat Instant Noodles Without Seasoning For The Rest Of Your Life.4 months ago42. Do I Still Need To Spend Money To Come Here?4 months ago43. The Four-Armed Monster, Success Or Failure Depends On This Move4 months ago44. The Terrifying Eight-Armed Demon Saint4 months ago45. Pick Up Leaks, Pick Up Leaks4 months ago46.Accidentally Wanted4 months ago47. The Resurrected Coffin Bearer Escaped From Death4 months ago48. Break Your Eggs And See If You Are Still Alive4 months ago49.Fallen Amethyst Knight4 months ago50. Xiao Yan: God Wants To Kill Me4 months ago51. The Last Level, The Mysterious Young Man4 months ago52. The Tang Palace Was Acting Like A Scoundrel4 months ago53. Fight To The End With One Fatal Blow4 months ago54. Four Items, A Difficult Choice4 months ago55. All Babies, I Want Them All4 months ago56. The First Person In The History Of Zuxing To Develop Crotch Acupoints4 months ago57. Twelve Zodiac Signs, Aquarius Appears4 months ago58. Move With The Wind And Do Whatever You Want4 months ago59. The Return Of The King, The Road To Invincibility Opens4 months ago60. Sixth Level Instant Kill, Full Display Of Dominance4 months ago61. Aquarius: Lin Du, You Old 64 months ago62.Death Is Your Final Destination4 months ago63. Do You Still Want To Stick To Your Original Choice?4 months ago64. She Was Killed By Herself4 months ago65. The Pain Of Losing A Wife Is A Life-And-Death Struggle.4 months ago66. One Emperor Through The Ages, A Terrifying Sense Of Oppression4 months ago67.You Are Not Worthy Now4 months ago68. In The Next Life, I Will Still Serve You4 months ago69. One Kick And A Supernova4 months ago70. He Is The Person Who Came To The Gym Last Time4 months ago71. I Can’T Hold You Down, My Name Is Written Backwards4 months ago72. You Made A Mistake, It Was Just An Appetizer.4 months ago73. Lin Du Didn’T Lose, Mu Zhengyang Did.4 months ago74. Have You Ever Felt The Speed Of Light?4 months ago75. Picked Up Two Girls In Tianwu, The Imperial Capital?4 months ago76. This Should Be Heaven On Earth, Right?4 months ago77. Invitation Letter From Canglong Hall4 months ago78. Want To Be Beaten? I Satisfy You4 months ago79.Have You Finally Stepped Up Your Game?4 months ago80. Three Series Of Sss-Level Superpowers, Jian Nanxi, You Are Floating4 months ago81.Jian Nanxi Who Gives Up On Herself4 months ago82. Escape From The Tiger’S Den And Enter The Wolf’S Den Again4 months ago83. Jian Nanxi’S Rapid Transformation4 months ago84. The Terrifying Shadow In The Lake Reappears4 months ago85. Draw Your Sword And Chop Me4 months ago86. Is There Any Difference Between Level 6 And Level 16 For Me?4 months ago87. Da Qin’S Last Line Of Defense4 months ago88. Red Knife Wine From Juxiong City4 months ago89. Who Can Do Anything To Me In This Giant City Now?4 months ago90. The Broken Knife That Has Been Raised For Eighteen Years4 months ago91. Boy, If It Hurts, Just Scream Out.4 months ago92. Kill The Old Woman, Beat The Young Master To Death If You Can4 months ago93. I’M Afraid That If I Open My Eyes, I’Ll Beat You To Death.4 months ago94. As Expected Of Someone With The Surname Lin, I Was Not Disappointed.4 months ago95.Shut Up And Let Lindo Speak4 months ago96. For Decades, You Are The Only Person Who Has Killed The Zodiac Signs4 months ago97. If You Don’T Kill Me, Then I Can Leave.4 months ago98. Don’T Leave In A Hurry, There Are More Exciting Things4 months ago99. What Is Worn On The Body Of The Widow Is The Dragon Robe4 months ago100.You Little Bastard, Your Face Changes Quite Quickly.4 months ago