Five Natural Disasters: Starting From The Crazy Hoarding Of Hundreds Of Billions Of Supplies

Five Natural Disasters: Starting From The Crazy Hoarding Of Hundreds Of Billions Of Supplies


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The explosion of super sunspots triggered a chain reaction on the earth, and five natural disasters came one after another.

The first stage is extremely hot and high temperature, the second stage is flooded by sea water, the third stage is the outbreak of viruses, the fourth stage is the mutation of animal tides, and the fifth stage is the doomsday freeze. Human beings are beginning to face the judgment of nature.

Chen Mu was reborn three months before the apocalypse broke out.

Bring back an incomparably huge subspace with you.

So, Chen Mu decided to hoard supplies like crazy.

Supermarkets, factories, oil depots, granaries...

Steal as much as you can, rob as much as you can, and even suck up the water of three freshwater lakes.

When the doomsday disaster came again, Chen Mu stood in the top-floor room of the luxury hotel, drinking red wine, blowing on the air conditioner, looking at the chaotic world outside, feeling extremely calm.

In this life, I will not take anyone with me.

Human nature cannot stand the test.

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