Gao Wu: On The First Day Of Joining The Army, You Will Be Rewarded With The Blood Of The Ancient God.

Gao Wu: On The First Day Of Joining The Army, You Will Be Rewarded With The Blood Of The Ancient God.


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The Flowers Fall And People Are Heartbroken
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[High-level martial arts, refreshing writing, white armor and spear, decisive killing, system, partial group portrait]

The gate of heaven descends, the myriad races revive, and the fierce beasts wreak havoc.

The young man Nan Cheng travels through the world of high-level martial arts and accidentally embarks on an extremely dangerous military career, resisting fierce beasts and myriad races, and narrowly escapes death.

However, on the way to the Iron Wolf Army, he awakens the Supreme Military God System.

‘Ding, on the first day of joining the army, the ancient god bloodline is rewarded! ’

‘Ding, on the second day of joining the army, the Huangquan spear intention is rewarded! ’

‘Ding, on the third day of joining the army, the Taotie blood armor is rewarded! ’

Looking at the rewards obtained in succession, Nan Cheng knows that it won’t take long for him to be invincible on Blue Star.

Not only that, every time he kills a fierce beast, he can get killing points.

Using killing points can increase the level and strengthen skills.

‘Killing points - 10,000, the level is increased to the second-level warrior! ’

‘Killing points - 100,000, the ancient god bloodline evolves, Pangu-level bloodline! ’

Thus, many legends about Nan Cheng were left on the Blue Star.

Tianjiao: “Since Nan Cheng came out of nowhere, I always feel that I am an insult to the word Tianjiao.”

Military boss: “He can no longer be described as a genius, but a monster.”

Saint-level beast: “The human race is weak, and there is still a glimmer of hope if we surrender... No, that fighting madman is here, retreat quickly!”

Many years later, the barrier of Tianmen collapsed, the myriad races invaded in large numbers, and China was in chaos!

The invincible Nan Cheng stood in front of millions of people, his white robe fluttering, his spear cold, his back to the myriad lives:

“Gentlemen, listen to the dragon’s roar!”

I saw a little cold light first, and then the spear came out like a dragon!

[High-burning and high-explosive military high-level martial arts, if you don’t look good, you will eat shit! ! ]

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