Gao Wu: Rewarding During Live Broadcast Will Make You Stronger

Gao Wu: Rewarding During Live Broadcast Will Make You Stronger


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Martial Arts Era 12,000.

Classes are seriously solidified, making it difficult for ordinary people to stand up.

As a time traveler, Su Ming's start was not ideal. Her father was a miner and her mother died in childbirth.

Just when he was trying hard to break through the shackles and become stronger, the reward system to become stronger absorbed full energy and was successfully activated.

As long as you give gifts to the female anchor, you can redeem your strength.

One federal currency is exchanged for one card of blood or one spirit.

Su Ming was shocked.

This exchange ratio, he is not allowed to max out?

[Get 10,000 gifts]

[Qi and blood 10,000 cards]

【Get millions of gifts】

[One million calories of energy and blood

[Get 100 million gifts]

[Qi and blood 100 million calories]

While others were still working hard for resources, Su Ming had already used gifts wildly to win over all the beauties and become the strongest martial god in the martial arts era.

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Is It Reasonable To Give A Disciple One Hundred Thousand Pocket Money? (Second Update)7 months ago093. I Will Be The Best! Bribing The Protagonist? Very Good! (Third Update)7 months ago094.Breakthrough! The Realm Of Harmony Of Muscles And Bones! New World, The Power Of Rainbow Dragon! (Fourth Update)7 months ago095. Fifty Thousand Rainbows! Tianjiao Is Confused! Working In A Blood Crystal Mine? No Kickbacks Allowed? (First Update)7 months ago096. The Blood Concentrate Owner Thanks His Sword! Fear Of Insufficient Firepower, Brush Up! (Second Update)7 months ago097. Reward Master With 100,000 Galaxy Rockets! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Another Breakthrough! (Third Update)7 months ago098.Breakthrough! Endless State! Three Times The Combat Power! Bribe Me? I'm Very Greedy! (Fourth Update)7 months ago099. I Am Testing You, Not Making You Greedier Than Me! ! The Mine Owner Was Dumbfounded! (First Update)7 months ago0100. Gather Another 10,000 Blood Crystals! Is This Something That Humans Can Do? (Second Update)7 months ago