Gao Wu: You Stole My Quota And You Still Expect Me To Be Generous?

Gao Wu: You Stole My Quota And You Still Expect Me To Be Generous?


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Xu Feng traveled through time and came to a brilliant world of martial arts.

But what upset him was that.

The quota for a super martial arts academy that his original parents had exchanged for their lives was secretly replaced by someone else.

No one cared about the feelings of a small person like him.

Fortunately, Xu Feng awakened his attribute panel. As long as he worked hard, he would definitely gain something.

In the martial arts academy assessment, Xu Feng made a stunning debut after a month of hard training.

Until this time, the mastermind behind the scenes finally panicked.

The other party came to apologize overnight, wanting Xu Feng to stop caring about the previous things.

The people who came with him also advised him: "People should be generous, leave a line for others, so that we can meet again in the future!"'

There was even a martial arts senior who said: "Genius has never been worth money. How many geniuses have fallen on the road of growth?"

Xu Feng sneered:

"When you took away my quota, why didn't you think of 'leaving a line for others'?

Now you are in trouble and want to persuade me to be generous. It seems that all good things should fall on your heads?

As for whether I will be valuable in the future, you mediocre people don't need to worry about it!"

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