Hokage: The Attributes Are Greatly Increased!

Hokage: The Attributes Are Greatly Increased!


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Transmigrated ProtagonistNaruto
Beginning Hokage
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Traveling back to the Hokage's Three War era, the country at the center of the war between Fire and Earth, Chiba felt a little desperate.

The country of *, with a population of less than a thousand, is surrounded by the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Fire, and is a must-win place for the Ninja World War.

How can we survive in this troubled world?

"Ding... you get [Attribute Explosion System]..."

Poor physical skills? The physical skills are great! Open Eight Gate directly!

Bad at illusion? The magic attributes are great! Come directly to Infinite Tsukuyomi!

No bloodline limit? Blood inheritance attributes add up! Direct blood trap!

No eye surgery? The attributes of pupil skills are great! Direct reincarnation of Sharingan!

Can’t Sage Body be repaired? Sage Body properties add add add add! Directly use the Three Immortals Technique!

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【1】Three Battles With Little Ninjas, Attribute Explosion System!3 months ago【2】Kill Someone, And Your Attributes Will Increase +++! !3 months ago【3】Rocket Promotion——Taijutsu ChūNin!3 months ago【4】You Are Too Weak!3 months ago【5】Hurry Up And Advance——Taijutsu JōNin! !3 months ago【6】Kill JōNin!3 months ago【7】Kill People, Get Extra Points For Madness3 months ago【8】Add Some Ninjutsu Level, Wind Style·Tornado Fist3 months ago【9】Time: Battle Of Kannabi Bridge3 months ago【10】Kingdom Of Grass【2】3 months ago【11】Rock Shinobi, Killed With One Punch【3】3 months ago【12】The Grass In Troubled Times【4】3 months ago【13】The Village Chief Kneels Down【1】3 months ago【14】Level Up To JōNin, Kannabi Bridge Quest【2】3 months ago【15】News About Black Zetsu【3】3 months ago【16】The Violent Kusa Chiba, Beat Them All To Death! 【4】3 months ago【17】Meet Namikaze Minato Class【5】3 months ago【18】Unconvinced Kakashi, Obito【1】3 months ago【19】 Rock Shinobi Appears【2】3 months ago【20】Kusa Chiba Of Violent Flow【3】3 months ago【21】Kill, Kill, Kill, All Attribute Points【4】3 months ago【22】Battle, Familiar Plot【1】3 months ago【23】More Rock Shinobi Is Coming【2】3 months ago【24】Ohnoki Is Here! 【3】3 months ago【25】Onoki’S Murderous Intention【4】3 months ago【26】A Tie? 【5】3 months ago【27】Sage Body, Crazy Points【1】3 months ago【28】Konoha’S Oppression, Konoha Sannin【2】3 months ago【29】Fight Against Jiraiya【3】3 months ago【30】Konoha Retreated, And All Senior Grass Ninjas Were Wiped Out【4】3 months ago【31】I Will Be The Village Chief! 【5】3 months ago【32】Kill, Kill, Kill! Earn Attribute Points【1】3 months ago【33】Kill Elite JōNin【2】3 months ago【34】Advanced Sage Body, Powerful! 【3】3 months ago【35】Like Entering A Deserted Land【4】3 months ago【36】Third Raikage, Ai! 【5】3 months ago【37】Hard Attack? Third Raikage【1】3 months ago【38】Isn't It A Bit Too Strong? 【2】3 months ago【39】Become The Village Chief And Upgrade The System【3】3 months ago【40】Add Attribute Points To Your Subordinates And Strengthen The Grass Ninja Village【4】3 months ago【41】 Arrival Of Rock Shinobi’S Army【5】3 months ago【42】New System Function, Great Harvest Of Attribute Points【1】3 months ago【43】 Rock Shinobi Is Coming3 months ago【44】Take The Lead【3】3 months ago【45】Large-Scale Rock Shinobi Sealing Technique【4】3 months ago【46】Counterattack, Rout 【5】3 months ago【47】Familiar Supporting Role Subordinates【1】3 months ago【48】Cultivate Your Subordinates And Add Some Sage Body【2】3 months ago【49】Future Direction, Unite Vertically And Horizontally【3】3 months ago【50】One Month, Changes In Kusanagi Village【4】3 months ago【51】Alliance To The Kingdom Of Wind, Chiyo And Ebizō Visit 【5】3 months ago【52】Bring Shukaku Over? 【1】3 months ago【53】 Uchiha Fugaku’S Raid【2】3 months ago【54】You Have A Stupid Village Chief【3】3 months ago【55】Castration Version Of Immortal Technique【4】3 months ago【56】Joint Attack Of Cloud Shinobi Village And Iwagakure【5】3 months ago【57】Crazy Points, Information On The Battle Of Platycodon Mountain【1】3 months ago【58】Play Before Attacking Kusanagi Village 【2】3 months ago【59】The Attack Begins, Fighting In Front Of The Village【3】3 months ago【60】The Secret Passage In The Back Mountain, Kill! 【4】3 months ago【61】Front On The Battlefield, Fight Bravely Forward【1】3 months ago【62】Big Kill, Countless Attribute Points【2】3 months ago【63】Victory At Kusanagi Village, Reactions From Various Countries【3】3 months ago【64】Add Points Like Crazy, 【Fire Style·Giant Fire Dragon Technique】【4】3 months ago【65】The Country Of Craftsmen, Snatch The Ultimate Ninja Tool【1】3 months ago【66】Coercion, Fire Style·Giant Fire Dragon Technique! 【2】3 months ago【67】Directly Snatched The Supplies Purchased By Konoha【3】3 months ago【68】The War Broke Out In Kusanagi Village, The Trap Of 1.5 Million Detonating Talismans【4】3 months ago【69】Fight Raikage3 months ago【70】Limited Stripping Technique Vs Giant God Fire Dragon Technique3 months ago【71】Battle Against Raikage And Tsuchikage, Danzo Is Also Here3 months ago【72】Danzo’S Threat3 months ago【73】Danzo, Come And Die!3 months ago【74】Kill Danzo And Upgrade To Kage-Level3 months ago【75】A Sensation In The Ninja World3 months ago【76】Arrived In The Kingdom Of Water And Came To Collect Debts3 months ago【77】Wuli Jinpachi, Die!3 months ago【78】 Mizukage, Tailed Beast Transformation Starts3 months ago【79】Resist Tailed Beast Bomb!3 months ago【80】Kill Mizukage3 months ago【81】 Terumi Mei, Lava Style3 months ago【82】Take Zabuza And Haku Away And Return To The Village3 months ago【83】Rain Shinobi Village’S Attention3 months ago【84】Hanzo Proposed, Multi-Kage Talks3 months ago【85】Arrived At Rain Shinobi Village, Akatsuki, Konan3 months ago【86】Laxiao Organization Joins The Gang?3 months ago【87】Third Hokage’S Attack3 months ago【88】Duel? Five On Five?3 months ago【89】The Duel Of Shadows3 months ago【90】Win, Next Game3 months ago【91】Nagato, Rinnegan3 months ago【92】Kusa Chiba Appears, Gamabunta Is Scared Away3 months ago【93】 Kusa Chibavs Namikaze Minato3 months ago【94】Tear Apart3 months ago【94】We Can’T Let Kusanagi Go Back Alive.3 months ago【95】A Familiar Scene, Hanzo, Konan, Nagato3 months ago【96】Come Again3 months ago【97】 Blood Transfusion Therapy3 months ago【98】Kidnapping Tsunade3 months ago【99】Assault On Grass Ninja Village3 months ago