I Can Hear The Voices Of The Reborn Tablemates

I Can Hear The Voices Of The Reborn Tablemates


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In 1995, Zhao Feng was dozing off in class when he suddenly heard his deskmate’s voice.

【Is it 1995 now? Am I reborn? 】

[There are so many opportunities in real estate, the Internet, and manufacturing. I must become the richest man in the world in my life! 】

[Although my deskmate is stupid, his father’s connections can be used! 】

After Zhao Feng, who was crawling on the table, heard what his deskmate was saying, he rolled his eyes nonchalantly and prepared to change his position and continue sleeping.

[However, the class beauty must be mine, and I must not let my deskmate get it again! 】


Zhao Feng woke up in an instant, squinted his eyes and looked at the male deskmate beside him, showing a kind smile.

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