I Chose Joyous Union Sect To Cultivate Immortality, Reba Is Actually My Taoist Companion

I Chose Joyous Union Sect To Cultivate Immortality, Reba Is Actually My Taoist Companion


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transmigrate the fantasy world, Ye Qiu has been practicing hard all his life, but his qualifications are limited and he has stopped at the Nascent Soul realm!

Just when he created the Joyous Union Sect and was about to enjoy the world of mortals, the Taoist Companion System came!

"Hey, congratulations to the host and Reba for becoming a Taoist couple and receiving the reward Innate Saint Body Dao Fetus!"

"Hey, congratulations to the host for becoming a Taoist couple with Yun Yun and receiving the reward Supreme Bone!"

"Hey, congratulations to the host for becoming a Taoist couple with the ruthless Great Emperor and receiving the reward of Pangu Essence and Blood!"

Listening to the reward in his mind, Ye Qiu couldn't help but look at the target of the Taoist companion!

Reba, Boss Yang, Wang Yuyan, Yun Yun, Medusa, the ruthless Great Emperor...

Looking at the approaching targets one by one, Ye Qiu couldn't help but smile!

In this rolling world of mortals, my way is getting stronger!

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Chapter 1 I Have Already Enjoyed The Endless World Of Mortals, Is The Taoist Companion System Coming? (Please Collect, Please Flowers, Please Evaluate!)8 months agoChapter 2: Accept Reba As A Disciple, Get A Hundredfold Reward! (Please Collect, Please Flowers, Please Evaluate!)8 months agoChapter 3 Reba: It’S Over, I Have Become A True Disciple Of Joyous Union Sect! (Please Collect, Please Flowers, Please Evaluate!)8 months agoChapter 4 Is This Cultivation Of Immortality? I Have No Hesitation!8 months agoChapter 5 Reba: Joining Joyous Union Sect Is So Delicious!8 months agoChapter 6: Send Spirit Weapon And Return Saint Weapon To Increase Your Goodwill!8 months agoChapter 7 Time Concept Enters Soul Formation, Trouble Comes To The Door! (Please Give Me Some Data!)8 months agoChapter 8 Sakura’S Backstab Suppressed The Entire Audience!8 months agoChapter 9: Kill Sakura With A Palm And Increase Your Favorability!8 months agoChapter 10 Studying Late At Night To Teach Reba The Method Of Dual Cultivation!8 months agoChapter 11 Ten Thousand Times Reward, Innate Saint Body Dao Fetus!8 months agoChapter 12 The New Taoist Companions, Boss Yang And Wang Yuyan, Have Arrived!8 months agoChapter 13 Miss Wang, Welcome To The Immortal Cultivation World!8 months agoChapter 14 You Want To Practice Immortality Skills, But I Want To Be A Thief!8 months agoChapter 15: Slander, I Don’T Have Dual Cultivation, I’M Just Discussing It!8 months agoChapter 16 Sister Yang, How About The Three Of Us Practice Dual Cultivation Together!8 months agoChapter 17 Murong Fu: For The Sake Of Hegemony, It’S Just A Gift, I’Ll Give It Away!8 months agoChapter 18 I’Ll Send My Sister To Stud, You Can Do Whatever You Want!8 months agoChapter 19 Boss Yang Came To Her Door And Took Her To Cultivate Immortality!8 months agoChapter 20: When Good People Are Bullied, Strong People Should Keep A High Profile!8 months agoChapter 21 Wang Yuyan: Master, Let’S Practice Together! (Please Give Me Some Data!)8 months agoChapter 22: Taking Action From A Distance, The Artistic Conception Suppresses The World!8 months agoChapter 23: Everyone Was Horrified, The Three Of Them Practiced Together!8 months agoChapter 24 Zhu Zhuqing, Qian Renxue And Terumi Mei Are Coming!8 months agoChapter 25 Uchiha Madara: My Dear Sage, How Dare You Fight Me!8 months agoChapter 26: Instantly Kill Uchiha Madara, Royal Sister And Lolita!8 months agoChapter 27: I Want Yuluo, And So Does Chuangchuangbo!8 months agoChapter 28: The Method Of Dual Cultivation? Is It Too Late To Withdraw From The Clan Now?8 months agoChapter 29 Boss Dai: It Can’T Be Repaired, I Don’T Want To Wear A Hat!8 months agoChapter 30: In Joyous Union Sect, If You Don’T Practice Dual Cultivation, You Can Only Lose Sight Of Everyone!8 months agoChapter 31 Qian Renxue: Is A Titled Douluo So Worthless?8 months agoChapter 32 Divine King? Floating, You Will Know How Big Kunpeng Is!8 months agoChapter 33: Teaching Zhu Zhuqing And Terumi Mei To Practice And Practice In Actual Combat!8 months agoChapter 34: Terrifying Taoist Companion Rewards, A Bumper Harvest!8 months agoChapter 35 Stepping Into Body Integration, The Soul Flags Disappear In All Directions!8 months agoChapter 36 The Five Elements Seal The Heaven And The Earth, Luo Yun Destroys The Soul And Refines It!8 months agoChapter 37: Kill The Peak Of The Body Integration Realm And Increase Your Training Intensity!8 months agoChapter 38 Bai Yuekui, Shao Siming, And Bibi Dong Are Coming! (Please Ask For Some Data)8 months agoChapter 39 Oscar: I Am A Dog-Licker, And I Have Nothing In The End!8 months agoChapter 40 Bibi Dong, Bai Yuekui And Others Are In Crisis!8 months agoChapter 41 Qian Renxue Suffered A Brutal Blow, Bibi Dong’S Disappointment!8 months agoChapter 42 Ning Rongrong: Zhuqing, When Will We Practice Dual Cultivation Together?8 months agoChapter 43 Tang San: If You Don’T Teach Me The Skills, You Will Have A Way To Die!8 months agoChapter 44: Want To Live Forever? Just Become An Immortal!8 months agoChapter 45: In The Pre-Qin Empire, Zhu Zhuqing Was Besieged By The Divine King?8 months agoChapter 46: Destroy The God Realm With A Flick Of Your Hand And Suppress A Continent!8 months agoChapter 47: The Two People Who Arrived Late At Night, Mother And Daughter Make Rice Bowl?8 months agoChapter 48: Training With Qian Renxue And Bibi Dong!8 months agoChapter 49 Bai Yuekui: I Understand, The Method Of Dual Cultivation Is The Key To Solving The Problem!8 months agoChapter 50: Sugar Three: In Order To Become Stronger, Joyous Union Sect Should Become A Stepping Stone!8 months agoChapter 51: Serving The Boss Gongbai Wholeheartedly, Eating Sweets Inside And Out!8 months agoChapter 52: Tang San: I Want You To See The Destruction Of Joyous Union Sect With Your Own Eyes!8 months agoChapter 53 Vermilion Bird Sect Attacks And Falls Into Crisis!8 months agoChapter 54: A Lackey Will Meet The Fate Of A Lackey, Trample Tang San To Death!8 months agoChapter 55: The Big Three Dao Weapon Suppressed The Crowd. Do You Dare To Come And Get It?8 months agoChapter 56 The Demonic Energy Destroys Mahayana, And The Vermilion Bird Sect Is Destroyed!8 months agoChapter 57 Snow Girl, Qiu Qiu, And Yun Yun Are Coming!8 months agoChapter 58: Marvel: How Can There Be Such A Thing As Xiu Te? Are There Really Immortals?8 months agoChapter 59: The Method Of Dual Cultivation To Become An Immortal? The Marvel World Is Stunned!8 months ago