I Created The Holy Grail War And Shocked The World!

I Created The Holy Grail War And Shocked The World!


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After Luo Shu made an appointment with the girl who cosplayed General Thunder, he accidentally traveled to the comic book world. As long as he used fallacies to bend the world's perception, he could become infinitely stronger!

From then on, a sky curtain spanned the northern and southern hemispheres, and the magical transformation video was exposed, and the style of the entire comic book world gradually became more and more strange.

Yukinoshita Yukino: "Always standing on the top of the sword hill, drunk on victory alone... This body is made of infinite swords, Unlimited Blade Works!"

Little Bird Yurikka: "The kaleidoscope is invincible, an invisible boundary, and untouchable by all attacks. Come on, Saber, let's see whose Noble Phantasm is the real absolute defense!"

Shinomiya Kaguya: "Even if I carry the Lostbelt on my back and have to hold the Hall of Valor with one hand, I, Shinomiya Kaguya, am still invincible... Hayasaka, save me!"

Countless anime characters have acquired mythological heritage and shocked the world!

Under his deception, this world gradually ascended from a low-demon world to an eternal world!

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1. Travel Through The Comic Book World And Become The Youth Version Of God!4 months ago2. One Glance At The Master And You Are Identified As A Prophet!4 months ago3. A Little Attack To Shock The Yukinoshita Sisters!4 months ago4. Create A Mythical Element For The First Time, A Lucky Necklace!4 months ago5. Black Cavity Phenomenon, Evil Spirits Appear!4 months ago6. Agent Of The Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Bureau, Isayama Yomi!4 months ago7. The First Story, The Land Of Steel That Became The Death Star!4 months ago8. The Reviewer Was Confused. Is This Possible For Humans To Do?4 months ago9. The Uproar On Twitter, The Suffocating Apocalyptic World!4 months ago10. Advance Life And Create An Observer Network!4 months ago11. Make Fate/Stay Night Short Film, Holy Grail War!4 months ago12. Fuyuki City, The Battle Of Heroes Through The Ages, Yukino Is In Trouble!4 months ago13. The World Was Shaken By The Shock Of Kasumigaoka Shiyu!4 months ago14. The Partner Of Justice Is Revealed, The Popular Yukinoshita Yukino!4 months ago15. Miss Tokisaki Also Wants To Be A Partner Of Justice!4 months ago16. Strengthen The Red Dragon's Physique, Soar In Combat Power, And Kagome Is In Danger!4 months ago17. Recreate The Famous Scene, Always Take The Girl And Hug The Beauty Under The Moon!4 months ago18. The Jade Of Four Souls Can Kill Evil Spirits With A Magical Sword!4 months ago19. The Treasure Killing Stone, The Shock From Isayama Huangquan!4 months ago20. The Command Spell Resonance System, The Sky Appears, Shocking The World!4 months ago21. The Movements Of All Forces Will Be Greeted With Thunderous Applause At The Beginning!4 months ago22. The Plot Begins, The Son Of A Magic Family Summons The Heroic Spirit!4 months ago23. The Future Heroic Spirit Yukino, The Warrior Of Taira, The Real Yukino Is In Despair!4 months ago24. Miss Archer Wants Me To Bow Down, The Holy Grail Brain Battle Between Geniuses!4 months ago25. The Unfathomable Real World, The Shadow Of Future Yukino!4 months ago26. The Unparalleled Swordsman Appears, Hideyoshi’S Gender Is Hideyoshi!4 months ago27. Assassin Set With Excellent Compatibility, Luxurious Panel!4 months ago28. Kuran’S Fierce Dog, A Sharp Detective!4 months ago29. A Mysterious Commission From Ten Years Ago, Yukinoshita Harano, A Person From The Past!4 months ago30. The Most Evil Master Yet, The Gorgon Has Arrived!4 months ago31. The Magic Tyrant, The Terrible Purging King!4 months ago32. The Sinful Yono, The 4A Panel Shocked The World, Hercules!4 months ago33. With The Movements Of All Parties, The Curtain Rises On The Crazy Matou Makoto!4 months ago34. The Mythical Battle Comes Here, With Swords And Swords And Shadows, And The Fear Of Big Monsters!4 months ago35. Projection Magic, Riding Hero's Reins, Yukinoshita Yukino Is About To Die!4 months ago36. Hirano Is Sad, The World Line Is Infinitely Closed, And The Service Department Disappears!4 months ago37. Medusa’S Retaliatory Spear, Sa Yiji Skillfully Took The Seat!4 months ago38. Avalon, Left Behind In The World, Is The Beginning Of Famous Lunar Paintings!4 months ago39. The Magnificent Chapter Is Immortal And The King Of Beauty Comes In Compliance With The Call!4 months ago40. The World Is Shocked, And Netizens From All Over The World Are Talking Enthusiastically!4 months ago41. Right Partners And Righteous Partners! (Can Be Skipped)4 months ago42. Pseudo Spiral Sword (CaladbolgⅡ), Stopping The Enemy, Mysterious Figure!4 months ago43. With The Movements Of All Parties, A Caster (Magician) Class Servant Has Surfaced!4 months ago44. Arrive At The Highest City In The World, Chiba Prefecture!4 months ago45. Sins From The Parallel World, An Yilun Also Fell Into Despair!4 months ago46. ​​The Eighth Heroic Spirit, The Hero King Gilgamesh!4 months ago47. At The End Of It All, An Yilun, A Little Expert In Committing Suicide!4 months ago48. Anyi Brand Human Bone And Spinal Cord Wand, Everyone Says It’S Good After Using It!4 months ago49. Yukino's Affection For Sister Kaguya Has Increased Sharply, And The Sky Has Come To An End!4 months ago50. Shiina Mashiro’S Masterpiece, Northern Ireland Is Fighting For Independence!4 months ago51. Various Speculations About Merlin, The New Work Coral Of The Moon!4 months ago52. The Second Final Outcome Of Mankind, The Sadness Of Kasumigaoka Shiu!4 months ago53. Subsequent Impact, The Use Of Millions Of Divine Power Jade!4 months ago54. King Arthur's Template, The Holy Sword Shocked The World, And The British Were Confused!4 months ago55. Merlin, The Magician Of Flowers, Makes A Shocking Appearance!4 months ago56. Ghosts And Gods Died Violently, Rose Into The Sky And Turned Into The Moon, And The Whole World Fell Silent! !4 months ago57. The Sword In The Stone Pierces The Sky, People From All Over The World Are Paralyzed, Is Merlin Making Things Difficult For Them? !4 months ago58. The Evil Eye Of Death, The Sword That Kills Hercules! 【Reset】!4 months ago59. The Mystery Of Shinomiya Kaguya, The Berserker Wearing The "Dragon's Blood Armor"! !4 months ago60. The Wind King Roared, The Mountains Collapsed, And The Whole World Was Shocked!4 months ago61. In The Battle Of Life And Death, The Magic Spear Shines In The Sky, And Cu Chulainn, The Son Of Light, Rushes To Help!4 months ago62. The Liberation Of The Noble Phantasm, The Bloody Thunder That Tears The Sky Apart!4 months ago63. The Collapse Of The Illusion Of Cutting The Dawn Sky Is Shocking! !4 months ago64. Twelve Trials, The Myth Of Invincibility! !4 months ago65. Manifested In Reality, The Evil Eye That Kills Gods! !4 months ago66. World Audience: What? The Archers Jumped And Wanted To Kill Yukinoshita?4 months ago67. Yukino: I Have Never Seen Myself So Shameless!4 months ago68. The Identity Of The Heroic Spirit Yukino Was Exposed, Shocking The World!4 months ago69. Medusa Attacks, A Fun-Filled Magic Plot~4 months ago70. The Clash Of Mythical Noble Phantasms That Attracts Everyone’S Attention! !4 months ago71. The Invincible Sword That Penetrates The Sky, Mr. Jin Sends Warmth!4 months ago72. The Magician Of The Gods Was Shocked, And The Light Rain Flooded The Sky!4 months ago73. Yukino Midori: Tsubame...Saber, How Can I Live Without You!4 months ago74. Even Gods Cannot Escape The Locks Of Heaven, The Oldest And Strongest Hero King!4 months ago75. Reality Frenzy, How Many Pillars Are Needed To Destroy The Heroic Spirit?4 months ago76. The Entire Internet Is Discussing That The Big Star Yukino And The Young Man In White Have Been Exposed!4 months ago77. The Big Demon Comes To The World, And The Blood Moon Fills The Sky!4 months ago78. Luo Shu Suppressed The Monster With One Finger, And The World... Became Quiet!4 months ago79. The Whole Internet Was Amazed: What Is A Crown Magician!4 months ago80. The Target Cathedral, The Battle To Recapture Saber!4 months ago81. The Goddess Of Warcraft Appeared, And The Audience Was Confused, What The Hell Is Fuyuki!4 months ago82. The God Who Came Out Of The Center Of The Nuclear Explosion Made Fuyuki City Tremble!4 months ago83. Hideyoshi Was Beheaded And Summoned...The Ninth Pillar Heroic Spirit!4 months ago84. The Whole Cavalry Shines, Trump Cards Are Revealed One After Another, Suppressing The Magnificent Snake God!4 months ago85. Global Audience: Damn It, Can A Concept Be Killed?4 months ago86. At The Right End, Kill Yourself!4 months ago87. Audience: Conquer The Heroic Spirits? Isn’T It Time For Modern Idiots To Die?4 months ago88. Famous Scene: Commit Suicide, Yukinoshita Yukino!4 months ago89. The Evil Dragon Roars, The Black Holy Grail Swallows Saber, And The Projection Begins!4 months ago90. "Yukoshita Yukino, Drown Yourself In Your Ideals!"4 months ago91. The Whole Internet Is Confused: Damn It, Can You Really Project A Curry Stick?4 months ago92. Global Audience: Don’T You Have The Respect Of Heroic Spirits And The Restraint Of Job Agencies?4 months ago93. Glass, You Died So Miserably!4 months ago94. Fuyuki Citizen: I Won’T Play Anymore With You!4 months ago95. The Whole Internet Is Confused: Are They All Dead? Shield, Aren't You The Boss?4 months ago96. Auntie Plaza Stopped Dancing And Practiced Magic Instead?4 months ago97. The Reality Master Mutual Aid Association Is Established! ! !4 months ago98. Natsuki Subaru: Kazuma, Where Did You Agree To Be A Waste Together?4 months ago99. The Daily Life Of The Master: Drinking Tea, Practicing Magic, And Being Frightened~.4 months ago100. Saber, The Phantom God Of Civil War, Has Turned Black And Is Invincible!4 months ago