I! Grand Line Creates Liyue!

I! Grand Line Creates Liyue!


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Su Bai traveled to the Grand Line and awakened the dimensional empire system.

Starting from scratch, building Liyue step by step!

The King of Rocks led the Immortals, Yakshas, ​​Seven Stars and Eight Gates to become the most powerful nation in the world.

The construction of Liyue is just the first step.

Liyue, Mondstadt, Daozhu, Xumi, Fontaine, Nata, Zhidong, the seven countries of Tevat continent!

The Eldia Empire, a country of giants based on the nine giants!

Holy Great Britain Empire, the Perfect King leads the Knights of the Round Table!

7 to the 3rd power alliance, the three major families of Vongola, Jesuo, and Kirio Nero!

Shihai, Grand Line, Shichibukai, Four Emperors, World government, Five Elders, Im? This is just the beginning!

The moon, the galaxy, the universe...

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Chapter 1: I Am Broke And You Want Me To Rub My Hands In Liyue On The Grand Line?4 months agoChapter 2: If One Person Doesn’T, Doesn’T That Mean Everyone Agrees? Newbie Gift Package, Activate!4 months agoChapter 3: Su Bai: What A Big Crane! That Woman? Presumptuous! Which Woman?4 months agoChapter 4: The Race Given By Xianyun, The Crane Clan? Xianyun Is Extremely Confident And Plans To Dominate The World!4 months agoChapter 5: Devil Fruit Is A Source Of Energy? Golden Lion Shiki! Targeting People From The Crane Clan?4 months agoChapter 6: Liuyun Jiefeng Zhenjun Vs Golden Lion! The Future Legend Who Almost Had His Head Ripped Open!4 months agoChapter 7: The Top Monster Of The Sea: Rocks D. Xebec: Brother, Can You Give Me A Face?4 months agoChapter 8: Second Summons, Tianquan Star Ningguang And His Secretary Team! 3,000 Qianyan Army!4 months agoChapter 9: The Amazing Qianyan Army! The Qianyan Army With Tens Of Thousands Of People Can Be Called Invincible! Hundreds Of Thousands Of Rock Masses Can Sweep Across The World!4 months agoChapter 10: Ning Guang’S Thoughts: Form A Business Group, Rebuild Liyue, Accept The People, And Rebuild The Country!4 months agoChapter 11: Where Did The First Population Come From? Then Go Buy It On The Black Market!4 months agoChapter 12: Set Sail! Black Market Island, Spend Money Like Water!4 months agoChapter 13: Unnamed Island? No! This Will Be Called Liyue Island From Now On! Liyue Will Be Established Again!4 months agoChapter 14: Pirates Attack! The Qianyan Army Was Easily Suppressed And Showed Its Strength For The First Time!4 months agoChapter 15: No Money! The Formation Of The Caravan Has Begun And Is Imminent!4 months agoChapter 16: Underground Emperor! Rather Than Forming Your Own, Why Not Replace It!4 months agoChapter 17: The Third In Command Of The Shipping King! The Cranes Are Chirping, But The People Have Disappeared Without A Trace!4 months agoChapter 18: The Rage Of Sea Transport King Umit! The World Government Seems To Have Lost Its Message!4 months agoChapter 19: Southern Cross Armed Fleet·Death Star! The Uncrowned Dragon King: Beidou! ! !4 months agoChapter 20: Beidou Kills Wumit! Please Be Honest With Me! Starting Today, Your Master Has Changed!4 months agoChapter 21: Ningguang Enters The Main Ship Island And Takes Over Everything In Umit! The New Shipping King!4 months agoChapter 22: Five Elders: Isn’T It Nice To Mention 30% To 40%? I Don’T Care Who Makes Money! A Banquet For All The Underground Emperors!4 months agoChapter 23: Su Bai And Rocks, Cooperation? Forget It For Now! However, It’S Okay To Invest!4 months agoChapter 24: The Underground Emperor Arrives! The Party Begins And The Troublemaker Arrives?4 months agoChapter 25: Three Ghost Pirates? The Top Pirate Group! Under The Wind, Everything Is Just Dust!4 months agoChapter 26: The Condensing Wind Is Light And The Clouds Are Light! The Terror Of The Underground Emperor! Kill The Chicken And Show It To The Monkey, And The Monkey Will Be Afraid!4 months agoChapter 27: In Two Months, Ningguang And Beidou Are Back!4 months agoChapter 28: Beidou’S Yearning! Go Out To Sea And Conquer This Magnificent And Glorious Sea!4 months agoChapter 29: Chongyun And Xingqiu, Come With The Entire Feiyun Chamber Of Commerce And The Exorcist Family!4 months agoChapter 30: Qunyu Pavilion? Can The System Still Summon Buildings?4 months agoChapter 31: Su Bai: One Day, It Will Stand On The Sky! Everywhere You Look Is My Territory!4 months agoChapter 32: What Do You Say About This Woman Ningguang! Hmm~~~Very Smooth! ! !4 months agoChapter 33: Rampage And Killing The Omen Star, The Uncrowned Dragon King Beidou!4 months agoChapter 34: Treasure Map? The Ultimate Sharp Knife? Su Bai: Beidou! If You Want It, Then Do It, I Will Always Support You!4 months agoChapter 35: Feiyun Chamber Of Commerce Returns From Its First Voyage! Brought Back Six Devil Fruits In One Go?4 months agoChapter 36: Hutao, Xiangling, Yun Jin And The 2,000-Strong Qianyan Army! ! !4 months agoChapter 37: Buy One Get One Free? The First Demon? Weak Version? The True King Of Gechenlang City, Aping!4 months agoChapter 38: Stable Liyue Island, Stable Feiyun Chamber Of Commerce, Stable Development4 months agoChapter 39: Beidou Arrives At The Isolated Island! The Next Moment, The Pirates Swarmed In!4 months agoChapter 40: Whitebeard: Edward Newgate! Silver Ax: Silver Ax!4 months agoChapter 41: Beidou Vs Silver Ax! The Two Immortals Secretly Watching The Excitement!4 months agoChapter 42: The Melee Was Forcibly Terminated! The Monster Equivalent To Rocks Enters, Thor! ! !4 months agoChapter 43: A Ping: Little Guy, What Do You Want To Do To Liyue’S Child?4 months agoChapter 44: Aping Vs Leith, Xianyun Vs Whitebeard, Beidou Vs Silver Ax! Liyue Island’S Strength Is Amazing!4 months agoChapter 45: The God Of Thunder Is Dead! Whitebeard Is Defeated! Hokuto And Silver Ax Both Suffer Losses! The Battle Is Over!4 months agoChapter 46: The Twelve Skills Of The Supreme Sharp Sword·Cong Yunqie: Beidou! A Ping Wants To Teach Beidou Herself!4 months agoChapter 47: Shocked World! Liyue Island Is Completely Famous All Over The World!4 months agoChapter 48: The Southern Cross Armed Fleet Returns! There Are Three Devil Fruits In The Treasure Cache? Harvest!4 months agoChapter 49: Nine Devil Fruits! Restore The Demon God Or Continue To Draw Cards? The Situation With Devil Fruit!4 months agoChapter 50: Jueyunjian! Xianyun Was Very Satisfied With The Building He Drew Out For The Second Time!4 months agoChapter 51: The Fifth Company Of Qianyan Army? Etc! Etc! Today's Almanac Is Wrong, So It's Not A Good Time To Draw Cards!4 months agoChapter 52: Beidou’S Miserable Life, The Combination Of Xianjia’S Mechanism Skills + Technology?4 months agoChapter 53: The Legend Brought By Jueyunjian! Liyue Island Has Treasures Comparable To Wanokuni?4 months agoChapter 54: Su Bai: Liyue Island Is Being Targeted? Then Give It A Try! Who Is The Giant Crocodile Of The Deep Sea?4 months agoChapter 55: Storm Is Coming! Recharge Your Batteries! The Lottery With Only Three Remaining Times Begins Again!4 months agoChapter 56: The Great Sage Of Conquering Demons, The Golden-Winged Peng King, And The Great Sage Of Protector Yaksha: Mandrill! The Second Ss-Level Yaksha!4 months agoChapter 57: The Confidence Brought By The Great Sage Of Conquering Demons! Busy Liyue Begins To Prepare For The War!4 months agoChapter 58: Hundreds Of Ships? Hundreds Of Thousands Of Troops? If It Were Just Like This, It Wouldn't Be Worth Mentioning At All!4 months agoChapter 59: The Fight Begins! The Qingfeng Crane, The Auspicious Beast Qilin... Everyone In Liyue Showed Their Magical Powers!4 months agoChapter 60: An Old Monster From Rocks’ Previous Generation? Mera-Mera Fruit Capable Person? It’S Good To Go, I Won’T Give It Away!4 months agoChapter 61: The War In Liyue Comes To An End! What The Clown Did Is Simply Not Worth Mentioning!4 months agoChapter 62: Victory In Liyue! Complete The Special Achievement: United As One! Unlock New Card Pools!4 months agoChapter 63: Hua Lin! A Dwarf Whose Ability Is Comparable To That Of Ning Guang! The New Liyue Seven Stars Kaiyang Star!4 months agoChapter 64: Liyue Is Booming! There Was A Massive Influx Of People, With The Population Exceeding 300,000 In Just Half A Month.4 months agoChapter 65: Liyue’S Next Development Direction! Jianguo Will Be The First Core!4 months agoChapter 66: Feiyun Chamber Of Commerce Is Doing Business Again! Power Can Indeed Make People Truly Fearful!4 months agoChapter 67: March Time! Liyue Island Has Undergone Great Changes, And Feiyun Chamber Of Commerce Has Returned With A Full Harvest!4 months agoChapter 68: Fifteen Devil Fruit! And The Whereabouts Of Mera-Mera Fruit, Liyue Is Determined To Get It!4 months agoChapter 69: Mera-Mera Fruit News Confirmed! Auctions? Su Bai Is Ready To Draw Cards Again!4 months agoChapter 70: What Is The Purpose Of The Auction? Qianyan Army Recruitment, Liyue Island Is Boiling!4 months agoChapter 71: Draw A Card! Draw A Card! If The Combat Power Is Enough, Then The Secretarial Team Will Explode!4 months agoChapter 72: The Amazing Abilities Displayed By The Secretariat Team! That’S Really Capable In All Aspects!4 months agoChapter 73: Jianguo Is Not Yet Jianguo! Hua Lin Started Thinking About Expanding Her Territory? Zhu Li Who Fainted From Exhaustion?4 months agoChapter 74: Beidou Sets Off! The Uncrowned Dragon King Steps Into The Sea Again, And The Invitation Is Delivered!4 months agoChapter 75: Having Fun Alone Is Not As Good As Having Fun Together, Let’S Set Off! Attend The Grand Auction!4 months agoChapter 76: Rocks’ Phone Bug! The Upcoming Rocks Pirate? The Stormy Sea!4 months agoChapter 77: Su Bai Leaves Liyue Island! Go To Sea And Participate In The World's First Auction On Black Market Island!4 months agoChapter 78: Rocks Opens The Era Of Chaos! Roger Ushered In The Era Of Great Pirates!4 months ago