I Have Been Bound To The Forbidden Area For 500 Years, Why Are You Crying When I Become An Independent Cultivator?

I Have Been Bound To The Forbidden Area For 500 Years, Why Are You Crying When I Become An Independent Cultivator?


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[Cultivation of Immortality + Legend of Mystery + Invincibility + No System + Violence + Decisive Killing + Independent Cultivator ]

Five hundred years ago, Gu Xiu became a blessing to the sect and was bound to the forbidden land for five hundred years. His return should have been a glorious return to his hometown.

But I never thought that five hundred years have already changed the world.

The master abandoned him, the senior sisters hated him, and the new junior brother replaced him with everything he had.

Five hundred years of torture in the forbidden area were reduced to a joke.

Once Gu Xiu woke up, he abandoned the sect's spiritual contract and was sentenced to leave the sect, transforming into an Independent Cultivator to find the Great Dao.

Seize the opportunity to seize heaven and compete for immortal fate.

Draw the magic talisman and open the source of heaven.

We monks are supposed to stand up to the sky, stand on the ground, slay demons, and eliminate demons!

But when Gu Xiu was singing all the way to conquer Tianlu, his original master and senior sisters all regretted it and came crying to beg Gu Xiu to return to the sect.

To this, Gu Xiu had only one answer.

In the battle of Great Dao, those who stand in my way.

Kill without mercy!

As for regrets?

What does your regret have to do with me?

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Chapter 1: After A Glance For Thousands Of Years, I Suddenly Realized27 days agoChapter 2 You Can’T Take What I Won’T Give To You27 days agoChapter 3 Abandoning The Sect’S Spiritual Covenant! The Dragon Enters The Sea!27 days agoChapter 4 Innate Holy Rhyme! Supreme Taoist Bones!27 days agoChapter 5 Wordless Cheats! Fusion Of Skills!27 days agoChapter 6: The Two Are Separated As A Prison, And They Will No Longer Be Able To Break Up Their Relationship!27 days agoChapter 7 Master, He Is Also Your Personal Disciple!27 days agoChapter 8 Draw Bamboo As A Pole! Heavenly Book Talisman!27 days agoChapter 9 Wan Yun Worships! Mohan Tower Appears!27 days agoChapter 10 Another Journey, Spiritual Stone Powder27 days agoChapter 11 The Master Called His Disciple Back For This Reason?27 days agoChapter 12: People Leave And The Tea Cools Down, It’S Too Many Books To Write About27 days agoChapter 13 Earthly Evil Traps The Soul? This Is Martyrdom With The Soul!27 days agoChapter 14 Meeting Hong Ling Again, The Wild Goose Plucking Its Feathers27 days agoChapter 15: When Did This Monk Become So Easy To Kill?27 days agoChapter 16: Careful! He Once Destroyed Me!27 days agoChapter 17 The Art Of The Six Paths, Leading To The Destiny Of God And Dao!27 days agoChapter 18 Parting Ways And Being Alone27 days agoChapter 19 Godfiend’S Phalanges And Taoist Rhymes Are All In Tune!27 days agoChapter 20 Barefoot Wu Zui, It’S Too Late To Regret27 days agoChapter 21 The Praying Mantis And The Cicada, The Two Evils Of Spring And Autumn27 days agoChapter 22: Reincarnation, He May Be Dead27 days agoChapter 23: Spring Dies And Autumn Escapes, The Fisherman Gains Profit27 days agoChapter 24 The Foundation-Building Finger Is Broken, And Wanbao Punishes Him!27 days agoChapter 25 Autumn Frost And White Hair, All This Is Worth It!27 days agoChapter 26 The Carved Railings And Jade Bricks Should Still Be There, But Zhu Yan Has Changed27 days agoChapter 27 Who Told Me About An Old Friend? There Is No Need To Return In The Slanting Wind And Drizzle!27 days agoChapter 28 Is This Why You Isolated Gu Xiu?27 days agoChapter 29 The Hatred Of Breaking The Road, Binding Yourself!27 days agoChapter 30 Self-Destruction And Failure To Attract Gods27 days agoChapter 31 Zha Character! The Truth Is Revealed!27 days agoChapter 32 All Gu Xiu Did Was To Save You!27 days agoChapter 33 Li Daitao Is Stiff! Mo Is In Tears!27 days agoChapter 34: The Heart Is Like The Wind, And The Dantian Is Like The Sea!27 days agoChapter 35 A Gentle Breeze Can Blow Over The Hills, Or A Strong Wind Can Cause A Tsunami!27 days agoChapter 36 Jiang Xun: Someone Took Advantage Of My Opportunity!27 days agoChapter 37 Green Bamboo Traps The Dragon! Instant Youth!27 days agoChapter 38: Chop A Few Bamboos And Kill A Few People27 days agoChapter 39 Kill One Person In Ten Steps!27 days agoChapter 40: Will The Genius Also Die?27 days agoChapter 41 Undisputed! Competing For Gifts!27 days agoChapter 42 A Shocking Sword! Qingxuan Gathers!27 days agoChapter 43 Chixiao Sword Broken, Qiyao Thunder Tribulation!27 days agoChapter 44 Qiyao Blessed Tribulation? This Is A Punishment From God!27 days agoChapter 45 There Is Something Wrong With The Blessings Of Our Holy Land!27 days agoChapter 46 A Glimpse Of Immortal Weapon, Blessing Has Arrived!27 days agoChapter 47: Everyone Gets What They Need, And Everything Returns To Its Origin!27 days agoChapter 48 He May Be The Greatest Opportunity In Our Lives!27 days agoChapter 49 Five Hundred Years Later, You Still Don’T Dare To Take Action Against Me?27 days agoChapter 50 Immortal Supports The Top! Dongshan Soul Formation!27 days agoChapter 51: Concealing The Truth And Reaching The Sky!27 days agoChapter 52 I’M Thinking About How To Kill Gu Xiu!27 days agoChapter 53: Lightning Strikes To Pieces, Mysterious Taoist Magic!27 days agoChapter 54: The World Is Weak, People Are Evil, The Rain Comes And The Flowers Fall Easily At Dusk27 days agoChapter 55 Senior, You Must Have Recognized The Wrong Person27 days agoChapter 56 Asking Questions Day And Night, Wanbao Gift27 days agoChapter 57 Eight Grade Consecration, Preparation For Talisman Crafting27 days agoChapter 58 Has Qingxuan Really Been Abandoned By Heaven?27 days agoChapter 59 Qingxuan Is Terrified! Ten Thousand Talismans Are Coming!27 days agoChapter 60 Perfect Taoist Talisman! Jiang Xun Again?27 days agoChapter 61 The Three Buddhist Bodies, Supreme Takes Action!27 days agoChapter 62 The Treasure Is Gone? Mengyun’S Soul Is Broken!27 days agoChapter 63 Qingxuan Bitches, You All Deserve To Die!27 days agoChapter 64 The Talismans Are Out Of Stock, They Are All Taoist Talismans!27 days agoChapter 65: Darkness Becomes A Warehouse, Yunxiao Meets An Old Friend27 days agoChapter 66 Passing By, Feeling Sad Day And Night27 days agoChapter 67 Nian Chao Xi: I Am The Real Villain27 days ago