I! Host Kushina Nine Tails, Host Kushina

I! Host Kushina Nine Tails, Host Kushina


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Reborn Hokage, Nine Tails, Host Kushina!

Madara: I never thought that my Rinnegan would be crushed by Nine Tails.

Hashirama: Things have changed. I used to play Nine Tails, and now Nine Tails plays me.

Uchiha Mikoto: Kushina, I didn’t expect you to have such a good thing in your body.

Uzumaki Kushina: Each of the nine tails of Nine Tails gives me a different feeling.

At this moment, Nine Tails stood up on behalf of the tailed beasts.

Orcs will never be slaves!

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Nine Tails: I Won’T Feel Sleepy After Taking A Bath In The Hot Spring.7 months ago22. That Man Has Red Hair7 months ago23. Seal Of The Gods7 months ago24. The Story That Has To Be Told Between Minato And Fugaku (Please Ask For Flowers And Rating Votes)7 months ago25. The Second Ninja War7 months ago26. B-Level Mission: Star Ninja Village, The Legendary Meteorite!7 months ago27. Peacock Magic7 months ago28. This Is A Man Of God7 months ago29. Konoha Vs Rain Shinobi, The Strength Of The Three Main Forces7 months ago30. Hemophobia7 months ago31. I Want To Be A Hokage Woman7 months ago32. Nine-Tails Chakra Mode7 months ago33. Konoha’S Twelve Little Strongmen7 months ago34. ChūNin Exam7 months ago35. I Wanted To Get Along As Nine Tails, But Now I Have A Showdown.7 months ago36. My Orc Identity Was Discovered By Kushina7 months ago37. Sand Shinobi’S Plan7 months ago38. One Tails Nine Tails7 months ago39. Fusion One Tail (Please Ask For Flowers And Comments)7 months ago40. Angry Third Kazekage7 months ago41. The Frustrated Third Hokage7 months ago42. Mikoto’S Mangekyō Sharingan7 months ago43. The Man Of Slaughter, Uchiha Itachi!7 months ago44. Uchiha Mikoto, Who Controls The Future (Please Give Flowers And Comments)7 months ago45. Mangekyō Eye Technique: Tianjin God, God Royal!7 months ago46. ​​Clan Leader? You Do Not Deserve! (Please Ask For Flowers And Evaluation Votes)7 months ago47. Uchiha Gave Birth To A Female Devil7 months ago48. Is It Difficult To Learn Flying Thunder God?7 months ago49. You, Minato, Are The Only Ones Called A Genius?7 months ago50. Fusion Uchiha Mikoto7 months ago51. Nine Tails: My Orc Identity Was Exposed By Kushina7 months ago52. Reason7 months ago53. The Calm Before The Storm7 months ago54. Mangekyō’S Third Eye Technique7 months ago55. The War Hasn’T Started Yet, But The Civil Strife Has Started?7 months ago56. Kushina’S Golden Body Mode Shows Kamui7 months ago57. Kushina: Haven’T You Realized The Gap In Strength?7 months ago58. Hyuga Clan: Third Generation, You Have Changed!7 months ago59. Hyuga Should Be Pronounced The Other Way Around.7 months ago60. The Battle Between The Clan Leaders (With Comments Attached)7 months ago61. Princess White Eyes (Please Subscribe)7 months ago62. The Third Ninja War Broke Out In Advance (Please Subscribe)7 months ago63. Targeted Uchiha (Please Customize, Please Subscribe)7 months ago64. The Newly Emerging Abby Group (Please Subscribe)7 months ago65. We Agreed To Do It In Broad Daylight, Why Did You Come At Night?7 months ago66. Ai: Don’T I Want To Lose Face? (Please Subscribe)7 months ago67. Uchiha Is Too Difficult (Please Subscribe)7 months ago68. Mangekyō Sharinganvs Lightning Style Ai7 months ago69. Eye Technique Tianjin God Is A Bug (Please Subscribe)7 months ago70. Eight Tails? It’S Just A Younger Brother, Your Ninth Brother Is Here To See You! (Please Subscribe)7 months ago71. 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The Thirty Thousand Rock Shinobi Army Was Surrounded By Two People (Please Subscribe)7 months ago84. Don’T Be Famous As A Scholar (Please Subscribe)7 months ago85. Will Konoha Win? (Please Subscribe)7 months ago86. Cloud Shinobi Surrendered, And The Third Hokage Floated Away (Please Subscribe)7 months ago87. Three Women Gather Together, And The Third Ninja War Is Coming To An End (Please Subscribe)7 months ago88. Sand Shinobi: I Am Poor, But I Am Fierce (Please Subscribe)7 months ago89. The Power Of Shukaku (Please Subscribe)7 months ago90. Magnet Style* Rasengan (Please Subscribe)7 months ago91. Extorting Confessions Through Torture, Destroying Flowers With Ruthless Hands? (Please Subscribe)7 months ago92. Conquest By Force, The Power Of "Nuclear Weapons" (Please Subscribe)7 months ago93. Sarutobi Hiruzen: I Will Become The Greatest Hokage (Please Subscribe)7 months ago94. With Danzo’S Methods, You Are The Only One Mist Shinobi Who Is Arrogant? (Please Subscribe)7 months ago95. Will Sarutobi Really Be Finished? (Please Subscribe)7 months ago96. Mist Shinobi’S Plan, The Seven Ninja Swordsmen (Please Subscribe)7 months ago97. The Coup Begins (Please Subscribe)7 months ago98. The Konoha Army Suffered Heavy Casualties (Please Subscribe)7 months ago99. The Death Of Ding Zao, The Angry Nara Shikaku (Please Subscribe)7 months ago100. The Hell Is Stabbing, And The Blood Red Pepper Is Also Scary (Please Subscribe)7 months ago